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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by ForeverKing, Feb 8, 2019.

By ForeverKing on Feb 8, 2019 at 9:08 PM
  1. Hey what's up everybody! ForeverKing here

    For anybody interested in:

    - Playing sets against me online

    - Wanting me to take you under my wing & teach you everything I know about NRS games through online training mode

    - Participate in online tournaments that I will be hosting for PSN cards

    - Just get to know me better and chill online & play games

    Check out this page

    Already 17 different people signed up and they're all loving it, nothing but positive responses

    I'm going to host an online tournament soon, sign up soon if you want to be apart of it :D
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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by ForeverKing, Feb 8, 2019.

    1. igotAhalo
      damn I wish you were on xbox...
    2. ForeverKing
      I am hosting an MKX tournament this Friday at 4PM EST on PSN, all patrons of any tier are allowed to enter.

      Double Elimination
      All sets 3/5

      1st place: PSN card and extra FT10's with me

      2nd place: extra FT10's with me

      3rd place: extra FT10's with me

      This is the first tournament I've ever hosted, so it's almost like a test run. I do plan on streaming the whole tournament and most likely posting it to YouTube. I'll be commentating every match, and I've never commentated before so I know I'm going to be bad at it lol. Bare with me.

      If the tournament goes well I plan on hosting more tournaments in the future for MKX, Injustice 2 and MK11, with bigger/better prizes.
    3. ForeverKing
      I am on Xbox One now!
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    4. ForeverKing
      I am on Xbox now!
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    5. igotAhalo
      DAAAANG I'm signing up next payday, count me in. I 100 percent always wanted something like this, cool that it's coming from the man himself!
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    6. igotAhalo
      One thing I'll ask, are you pushing your patreon more now? I seen that it was up for a while; I probably would have supported a while ago had i known it was up. Are you letting people know of this other places? I'm sure a ton of people would love to do this, they just dont know
    7. ForeverKing
      Yeah I'm pushing it more now, I'm going to post about the tournament on Twitter tomorrow
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    8. Under_The_Mayo
      Cool idea king. Any chance you'll get the PC version?
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    9. ForeverKing
      I'm more so a console to be honest, maybe one day I'll get on PC

      Thanks tho!
    10. Inzzane_79
      So we can sign up on xbox for this now?

      Another question, US only? (I´m from Germany)
    11. Marlow
      Great to hear! I'm going to have to seriously look into this once MK11 comes out. Thanks!
    12. Under_The_Mayo
      Me too but I'm just so into PC these days and only use controllers for fighters. I don't even turn on the PS4 anymore. I got MK11 preordered on steam but i may have to get a Ps4 copy just for online. Do any characters have your attention? I know you'll play a lot of them but who looks like your primary?
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    13. ForeverKing
      Yes you can sign up on Xbox, and no I train anyone from anywhere!

      I currently have patrons from United Kingdom and Scotland
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    14. ForeverKing
      Shao Kahn and Kung Lao

      Maybe Rain if he makes it
    15. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      I just wanna say this is why King has always been one of my favorite pro players (along with guys like pig and tom). But King is still on the sites with us, talking to us plebs, and he's now offering to help us level up.

      More pros need to try to help elevate the scene. Higher skilled players overall = more hype tournaments and streams.
    16. Inzzane_79
      Great! Signed up, looking forward to get bodied lol
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    17. ForeverKing
      I sent you a few private messages on Patreon!
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    18. Crashtag
      What's production looking like? Trying to support any game out of Localhost Philadelphia.
    19. ForeverKing

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