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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by 9.95, Aug 31, 2011.

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    oh its no problem. :)

    no patch tho :(
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  5. #205
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    Apparently, some of the EU people got an unpatched version of the game. From what I've read, it may even say you have the correct version (v1.02) and still not actually have it.

    When you play online, can you enter kombat kodes, see your opponents GamerTag while you're playing, etc?
  8. I didn't get that far. I tried one online game but it froze...

    But after I ran it for the first time, it downloaded the update patch and installed it. I guess this must be the v1.02 patch...

    What else I noticed: I thought the buttonmapping was strange. When I tried to reconfigure this, I noticed that I could not select all the commands. When pressing down in the buttonconfigmenu, it went from the topmost option to the third, after that to the fifth. Anyone else got that?
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    Well, a lot of people still have the unpatched version. So if you match up with them online, the game will just freeze or you'll get stuck in a black screen. My advice is to just wait for online play until the patch comes out worldwide.
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    Haha Im not alone then. I got that "glitch" too but it was using a Madcatz hacked pad
  11. I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere but they have to fix the issue of idle people in the ranked match pool. Many times you will seek a ranked match and get matched with someone who obviously isn't there. If you go back to the pool and seek another match, you often get matched with them again. There needs to be some kind of idle timeout where if a player doesn't select "ready" within 1 minute of being matched they are kicked back to menu and blocked from seeking another ranked match for 1 minute (or whenever they return).
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    Although the game has since been patched, two things need to happen for me to ever start playing MKAK ranked online again.

    1. Reset the rankings. This includes both ELO ratings and winning streaks. The top 10 for each game on both consoles are filled with cheaters.
    2. Punish people who pull from ranked games even more-so than already being done. People need to be docked a full 25 points per infraction or otherwise be banned from ranked play for a specified period of time. People are pulling, post-patch, and STILL not getting docked any points from time to time.
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    The PC version suffers from people pulling out of ranked matches too. But there's an even larger problem that should be fixed first. You'll get into a ranked match with someone that has a sh*t graphic card and who's only running the game at about quarter speed (which literally feels like a 1-2 second delay) and by the character selection screen you already know you have no chance of winning, since even basic moves/combos will now be impossible or close to it.

    The solution, embed a frames per second (fps) counter in the game, it doesn't have to be visible unless the user wants it to be, and in a ranked match, if someone isn't running the game at full speed or close to it, they will be auto forfeited.

    Another minor bug, at the VS screen where you enter kombat codes, when you hold "Up" + either LP, BL, or LK, it doesn't count as if you hit the button 9 times, like in the arcade game.
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    These idiots need to fix the constant freezing on PSN MKAK. I have to retstart my PS3 afteralmost every series in MKAK....and i have to risk shutting off my PS3 manually to stop the freeze. if my PS3 breaks because of some idiot developer's game and its their fault, someone's gonna pay and it won't be me.

    Fix the ranked matches too so when people Fat-drop they lose their points or worse DOUBLE....

    this game is a kick in the is wrong w/ these people and why can't they be bothered to do anything right? 2o fucking years developing Mortal Kombat and they STILL can't even re-create a game that already existed? Assholes man....just straight up ASSHOLES.

    And this too....there is the WORST delay in select even carries over to Home Menu and lags that too. U guys down at NRS need to get on this shit man, aren't you tired of pissing people off yet?
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    Sadly, at this point I doubt NRS is going to bother touching this collection again with a 10-foot pole. They've already proven how much they (don't) care about the classics and are more concerned about their future titles.
  16. I've noticed two glitches that coincide with each other involving ranked matches in UMK3 on MKAK. There have been times in which I've accepted an invite to friendly matches from another player and it would only allow us to play one match and immediately boot both players. It seems that if a player is invited to friendly matches while playing ranked and that player accepts, only one match can be played, the friendly match counts as a ranked match, both are booted from the match afterward, and the ranks are affected by the win or loss. If the same player invites again and both play again, the same thing happens even if the the other player was not playing ranked and just idling in the menus.

    The next time I played ranked after these glitches, I noticed that my points had dropped down to the 1950's when I had well over 2000 points after my last ranked match. The booting glitch sorta makes sense because if the game recognizes the match as a "ranked" match then you're not supposed to be able to play the same player back to back. Both players get a message saying the other player has left the match when neither player tried to exit.

    The booting happened to me and another player several times in MK2 as well, but I didn't check the rankings. It most likely happens in MK1 too.

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