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May 14, 2017
Sep 8, 2006
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MKK hanzo

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May 14, 2017
    1. haketh
      Yo you guys have a scene for UMKII down there?
      1. MKK hanzo
        MKK hanzo
        Hi man, sadly no. We dont play much on PC, just on consoles and if lucky on the original cab.
        Aug 1, 2014
    2. haketh
      Anyone still playing UMK3 on PC with MKAK?
    3. Trukuu777
      Hey man I was wondering if you might want to battle in UMK3 on Ds my friend code is 472873872760. Thanks
    4. gerterd
      please what are the characters of mkt n64 who have infinities?
      and is true that mkt n64 is more faster than mkt ps ( i don't talk about loading) ?
    5. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Hey, just to make sure im remembering correctly...I saw a video of your NightWolf do 10 Axes in a combo from auto-launcher, no kodes or cheats, totally 100% legit, right? I know people do it w/ infinite run, but YOU do it normal iirc and CD was 2nd most Axes w/ 5 on Jax. that's insane man
      1. AREZ God of War
        AREZ God of War
        Hey, you never answered my question, bro
        May 5, 2012
    6. reptilechef
      Bro , if ur on the ps3 can u share the arcade collection with me?
    7. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      2 things.....Hanzo is suck....AREZ is good :P lmao
    8. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      U wanna try playing UMK3 on P2P Bro? i might even be able to connect to a South American server or some shit if i still got them in my recent list...i can connect to like any server within 5,000 miles, bascially.
    9. jamessmk
      I will be making my way to Ecuador the 10th of February, I believe. If I can make something happen I certainly will and let you know
    10. jamessmk
      Kinda hoped to attend your tournament, down there. I am off to Ecuador in Feb, hopefully I will find reminants of a MK scene
    11. jamessmk
      No problem, brother. Admire your MK3 style
    12. DetroitBalln
    13. wpgames
      Hey man.. Can I get you msn? I have the best news possible...
      [email protected]
    14. DetroitBalln
      Thanks a lot Hanzo! Its been a long tome man, how have you been?
    15. NoDoubt
      hanZO lemme kno when u wanna test p2p again missed u in the shoutbox. Are u using november p2p client? just need ur IP and lemme kno wat time ill meet u in here
    16. STORMS
      Can you get on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) quick? Bone and I would like to talk to you about something. My AIM name is VLADsuperior
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    Lex : iuno i havent seen anyone use invis real well really cept hanzo/vzla vids
    Xbox Live: MKKhanzohasashi