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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by 9.95, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. 9.95

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    In order to avoid making the moderators have to clean up 20 threads on "XYZ Sucks in MKAK" let's keep it to one single thread. Please post your suggestions for fixing/patching/updating MKAK in this thread only.

    1. Online play - Lets face it, these days, older games garner interest because they're easy to pick up and play online. This is why we've seen games such as SSF2THDR and more recently 3sOE see released with particular emphasis on good online play. With so many new people experiencing MK for the first time with MK9, they may just buy MKAK on hype alone, hoping to find one or more of the included games fun and playable. This would be great but the online play is just awful. The games are laggy, slow, and delayed. This is NOT representative of what these games are played like on a competitive level.

    2.UMK3 Kombat Kodes in online VS. Screen - Can't enter Kombat Kodes, and it seems like all buttons are disabled during the vs. screen. This makes entering the H.Smoke code impossible on round 1 in online matches.

    3. Various Random Freezes in online mode - More than once, MKAK has completely frozen on me to the point where I needed to quit the game during online matchmaking. This needs to be fixed.
  2. Tim Static

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    When configuring buttons for Mk1 & MK2, you still must have a button dedicated to Run. Their is no run button in MK1 or MK2. And mapping multiple buttons to 1 command should be allowed.
  3. Juggs

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    - You can't map multiple buttons to one command. So, you can't put L1/L2 as run, you have to pick only one.

    - The menu font online is very hard to read. It's really small and white which blends in with the background. I'm surprised people can navigate through it on anything but a big HD tv.

    - You can't adjust the screen ratio. In the stand alone version of UMK3 on XBLA, you could stretch your screen to however you wanted. You can't in the MKAK, which for me makes it full screen and cuts some stuff off on the edges.

    - There's no penalty for quitting. Not only do you not receive anything when someone quits on you, they also don't get penalized. This is ridiculous and encourages foul play.

    - It's been said but the connection obviously needs fixing. It's really bad and unplayable in UMK3 and MK2 at least, MK1 seems to be fine most of the time... at least in comparison.
  4. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Online play is unplayable for both PSN and XBL.

    People should NOT be allowed to back out of ranked matches after they see who they are playing!

    Probably due to people who quit the match early. They should also lose rank / wins for this while the person that stayed to play earns them for someone forfeiting the match.

    Ranked Matchmaking:
    When you search for a match it puts you in your own room as if you are the one hosting. But the cursor is set on "EXIT" instead of "READY". Not a big deal but it doesn't make sense to have to go move the cursor 4 positions to the most obvious choice. If someone chooses to back out you have to go up 4 spots again until someone wants to play you. Players will do this A LOT when they play ranked so it does turn into a problem after a while.

    Should always be displayed, especially on the character select screen. You have to tinker around until you know which side you are on right now.

    Spectator Mode:
    Doesn't exist, it is only 1v1 for every online mode. Half the fun is watching great players and learning from them.
  5. Pooty Mack

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    Wow, had a choice between 3SO and MKAK. Glad I chose 3SO.
  6. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    - In ranked mode for UMK3, if it makes you host if you can't join anyone, if no one joins you after awhile your name will disappear. Not sure if someone can still join you after that, I just back out because no one has joined me when it does that.
  7. Talyn

    Talyn The Mad_Hattr
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    I knew I shouldn't have had high hopes for online gameplay for MKAK. Good job NRS....again :/
  8. BustaUppa

    BustaUppa Westbury Nathan's 4 Life

    If this was identical to the 2006 XBLA version of UMK3, I'd buy it on principle just to show my support. But if they've somehow managed to make this choke compared to a five year old port, then I won't bother. What a shame!

    If they manage to fix some important things I'll be all aboard though. I really hope they pull something off because it'll be tragic if this horribly botched version is the only UMK3 that new players can buy. :rant:
  9. 9.95

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    Offline, the versions seem to be arcade perfect so far... online, however, they are horrible. If you get this, it's only for the ability to play offline.
  10. MKK hanzo

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    Game speed on MK I and II on ps3 MKAK
  11. 9.95

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    While reading over on TRMK about MKAK, it seems that they have encountered a few problems/glitches.

    Can anyone please test/confirm these? I'm at work now and can't do anything to test them right now....


    -If you pull up the moves list to look up a fatality, etc...when you unpause your character is unable to move for 2-3 seconds.


    - The music on Goro's lair stops playing after about 5 seconds
    - The clapping on the courtyard sounds different than the original arcade.
    - Connected uppercut sound is more like a tap than the original arcade.
    - Thud on the ground sound after an uppercut or a jump kick is different than the original arcade.
    - The blood hitting the ground sound comes in and out at times, but it sounds different than original arcade.


    - The sound for a blocked hit plays when you land from a jump
    - Ending song is glitched.
    - Sound effect for Sub-Zero's ice ball stutters instead of playing cleanly.
    -Sub-Zero Freeze-ball sound loops if the other opponent ducks it, or even if it makes contact freezing them.


    - Some of screams are cut short
    - Scorp/H.Smoke's "Get Over Here!" sometimes gets cut to just "Get..."

    Also, more bugs, glitches, and problems were listed in this article:

    Some of the quote above are just him not being aware of things like MK1 having endurance rounds, but some of his points are very valid.
  12. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Kombat Kodes... I want Ermac :(
  13. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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  14. interloko

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  15. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    For many people, they haven't played these games in ages, so they may not even know they're not meeting specific requirements to do babalities and friendships. To us, it's second nature.

    They really need to address the flaws in this thread though...
  16. Okay so after playing it a bit heres my list of problems. I know this is kinda a budget title since they are putting out all 3 games for $10 (whereas if they went the 3rd strike route they'd be putting out each game for $15) and with 3rd strike just coming out it makes this collection look kinda bad.

    - Screen Tearing like a mother
    - When you unpause the game your inputs aren't read immediately
    - No custom screen stretching
    - Online is nearly unplayable 99% of the time
    - Scan lines should be a separate option from Filters
    - Move list text is too small and looks like it was made for 4:3 and then stretched to 16:9. Also, for colour blind people (like myself) its hard to distinguish between the A and Y button, the A's green should be darker.
    - Music for UMK3 seems to be lower than other games? Should have separate sound sliders for each game IMO. Also main menu music should also have it's own slider.
    - No option to randomly pick which game you are playing for Ranked match
    - Gamertags don't appear while fighting online
    - Scorpion/Smoke's "Get Over Here"/"Come Here" get cut off in UMK3
    - Finish Him music keeps playing sometimes when you pause the game (sounds dumb because its clashing with the menu music)
    - Kombat Kodes don't work in UMK3 online
    - I could be wrong but I think the start button may not be functional during the games (which is required for MK2 Smoke fight and certain fatality easter eggs). Someone could correct me but I tried down+start when I was uppercut into the spikes and didn't fall down
    - Apparently you can't turn into Human Smoke in the first round of a fight in UMK3
    - TerryMasters discovered a bug in the online menu:
    - I also think the filters could be a little bit better. The filter is okay but seems to lack a bit of smoothing, its as if theres a little bit of aliasing built into it. When I use HQ2xS in Mame I don't see that aliasing at all. (yes this is a nitpicky thing and more of a want than a need)
    - Wheres the lobby match option? UMK3 and MK9 both have versions of this. This should have had it
    - theres a tip when the game is first loading which says you can unlock Ermac, Sub-Zero and Mileena from the versus screen which is clearly wrong

    If they could fix that stuff, then this would be a really really great package. Honestly, there needs to be a little bit of quality control from NRS. This isn't the first time they dropped the ball on a project like this. At my work if we drop the ball on something, right away we start putting a new process in place which avoids it from happening again. NRS needs to do this for future "port" projects.

    Also, I still think they could've done the HD Kollection treatment without refliming. This is kinda my wet dream for one in the future given they fix the above... and I'd happily pay $20-30 for it (spoiler tagged so it doesn't clutter up the thread)

  17. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    In the end, there is simply no excuse to not use GGPO for a 2d fighting game in this day and age. The players who wanted this so badly would have ponied up the extra cash to cover the money that would have been spent to get GGPO support for this kollection.
  18. Soyelmejor

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    Also for mk2 2nd player can't random select and sound glitches have followed me well into the end of the next ranked match very annoying.
  19. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    The music in UMK3 keeps cutting out for me when I go on the menu. Occasionally the sound goes out all together.
  20. MagicMan357

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    why you guys even hoped for good online is beyond me, ill just stick to arcade modes until further notice
  21. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    I think, regarding online play, it's more disbelief than anything. As I stated before, in this day and age, there is no excuse to use anything other than GGPO for 2d fighters.
  22. Eternal

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    Online is unplayable...FIX THIS!!!
    Game freezes all the time..I've had it freeze on the game save loading screen!!..It froze while trying to host, while playing online etc
    Sometimes I cant ready up
    People can exit out of ranked with no penalty
  23. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Not good online, but at least playable like the 2006 UMK3 XBLA stand alone version. The MKAK online isn't playable, there's not only lag and delay, but it's like auto slow motion for every online match.
  24. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    well, no one was hoping for terrible netplay bro lol
  25. Creepy00

    Creepy00 Target rich environment

    I dont know about this but on ladder mode of umk3, if u play with Reptile till the end, For some reason you cant do forceballs against Shao kahn at all. like the move disappears completely :/

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