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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by 9.95, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I've seen it in this video of someone playing MK2 on Kaillera...
  2. angel

    angel Noob was absolutely instant, i was just ducking while he flew over me without any this just this port or every version?

    [edit] just seen video - ah, well thats a new one on me. wow
  3. FatalTragedy

    FatalTragedy Jesus Fucking Christ

    I'm not sure that's a glitch, at least not exclusive to this port. I'm not an MK2 player but I know you can do that on UMK3. Konqrr (I think) showed me that a while back.
  4. MKB

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    Multi bicycle kick is not a glitch. It's doable, same with Jax MGP and Mileena sai spam.
  5. FatalTragedy

    FatalTragedy Jesus Fucking Christ

    That's what I thought.

  6. was this the collection? Noticed the screen stretched.

    Ok guess it's dedicated MK2. They really need to let the screen stretch in the Kollection.
  7. jamessmk

    jamessmk I am your god

    The game is an absolute rush job. They did no even use the best roms to emulate. For what reason would they do this other than to get a quick buck. This was supposed to be a 20yr blowup. Instead it aint worth a blow job. Whoever rates this game above a 4.0 is on the take from WB for advertising money or just a clueless baboo who should seek employment maybe a a cheap hooker..

    For Boon and company to even let this go out the door, they should be ashamed. Where is online play, some MK goodies of the past, some fluff and all the stuff that make the games great. Dam I would have bought a disk for 30.00

    Well it don't matter, because even if they patch stuff it is not enough, they still dropped the ball AGAIN!! As an X-employee of Acclaim.... I knew a lot about dropping the ball on titles. It was always a corporate decision to let crap go out the door.

    But, hey I am sure WB made a couple of dollars. Fix the game you crooks!!!!

    PS. I will not run down a list of the 10,000 things wrong with the game, I am not in the developement side no longer, nor could they pay my salary. That is why they hire people to make sure the game is GOOD/RIGHT. Fire them
  8. Its Kaillera--- which is Mame :)
  9. This guy isn't using the glitch, he's using turbo settings. MBK does not come out like that. I also know who's using Kang in this video. An ADMIN in WW who's a giant turd.
  10. Mimeblade

    Mimeblade Noob

    A re-perfected version of MK Trilogy would also be nice (no slow music)
  11. jamessmk

    jamessmk I am your god

    Just make 3 best they can. It an anniversary edition, not a mk4eva edition. Maybe it 25 yr they can do a best of.
  12. TeeJayKay

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    hopefully the devs read this thread and patch it, im still holding on my 800 points until then
  13. ssub-zzero

    ssub-zzero MortalKombatEU

    mk2 with the xbox i beat khan twice with liu kang, no Gamerscore , i tried a third time with baraka, and i get it, on ps3 all throphies works fine.

    another mk ak player told me that he has the same problem but he uses kitana twice, no Gamerscore on xbox.
  14. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    I'm not looking to beat a dead horse, but after reading this article

    I feel the need to bring this to light. I have said it before and I'm going to say this again. The biggest reason that I'm disappointed in MKAK is because, in my opinion, it's such a wasted opportunity to do so much more with the classic games than they did.

    Let me point out a specific quote that really hit home in the above article to make my point clearer:

    Floe(a very well known high level SF player and 3s player) spent 4-5 months helping to ensure the accuracy of 3sOE plus provide ideas for additional content to make it even better. That's absolute dedication from Capcom toward its fans. 3sOE is really such a great fan-service game, in that, it's more than just a straight port of the game. Trials, tutorials, different modes, specific attention given to outstanding netplay via GGPO, etc. were all added to make 3sOE worth every penny for the consumer, and to say thank you to the fans for their appreciation. Total reciprocation from Capcom to their fans.

    The reason MKAK is such a wasted opportunity because it comes as such a barebones package, with the games being less than arcade perfect, glitchy/buggy menus, and seemingly no real attention or care given to ensure that the online would be nothing less than an outstanding experience.

    NRS/Other Ocean, if/when you read this and before you patch the game, please consider the following:

    -Please test/debug the menu system and make it function properly.

    -If the games are emulated, please tweak the emulation so that there is no frame skip/drop and the games play and function properly

    -If the games are NOT emulated, please make sure the ports are tested properly for accuracy.

    -Please consider asking members of the MK Community to help with Quality Assurance before this game is patched. Below are the best(to my knowledge) community members who are experts at specific games.
    --Ask Shock, Lex, and Moe to test UMK3
    --Ask Zaq, Konqrr, and Summoning to test MK2
    --Ask The Soultaker, Dreadish, and JamessMK to test MK1

    -Please add additional content to the game; There is room for so much more than just a barebones package, as we see with the 3sOE game.
    --Talk to the above mentioned players to come up with tutorials, trials, combo trials, etc. so that new players and older players have a chance to learn the game and try some of the more advanced tactics and combos in a trial modes for each game.
    --Look into some of the existing archived footage from tournaments and re-create combo scenarios to let the player experience those moments for themselves.

    -PLEASE consider using some version of rollback netplay. This has become standard these days. GGPO uses it to really create outstanding connections between players and gives the best online experience, and is the best way to get close to an offline connection as possible

    -Please penalize rage quitters with loss of rank points.

    There may be more that I'd like to add to this, but this is where I will leave it for now. There is so much room to improve here and make MKAK the definitive kollection we have all waited for.
  15. Tim Static

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    FLoE is a cool dude. always plays MK when its there too. Mad respect. COME ON NRS!!
  16. I don't know... at this point I just would call MKAK a write off (at the very least patch online play) and then just hope they deliver a complete MK Kollection retail release with MK1-4+Mythologies which includes tons of bonuses like all of the arcade revisions ever released in an arcade perfect format, plus a new revision created for each game which fixes small glitches left over from the arcade versions, adds some small additions from home versions (like Rain/Noob in UMK3, 4v4 mode from MK2 SNES, MKG characters, etc), and gives the option to enable/disable HD graphics & remasted audio. Also would like to see lobby matches & quick tournaments; and perhaps an online "Arcade" mode where you start playing single player and random people can come and challenge you to games. And I'd also like to see a Krypt packed to the brim with extras that we haven't seen before plus anything pertaining to MK1-4 that was previously included in previous games' Krypts.

    And they should do a similar MK 5-8+Shaolin Monks kollection. But I know Boon doesn't really care about older games so theres a fat chance of this happening unless someone who is really passionate about MK starts working at NRS and is able to sell the higher ups on a project like this.

    By the way, one audio glitch I was able to confirm today is that theres music gaps in the MKAK version of MK2 (basically the parts where the music is "stitched together"/looped) whereas in MAME theres absolutely no gaps.
  17. aj1701

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    Xbox of PS3? I haven't noticed anything like that on the PS3.
  18. Xbox 360 version but I would be surprised if its not in the PS3 version. Its something thats immediately obvious but once you hear it, you can't unhear it. Just use some headphones and sit at the select screen or start a 2 player game on mame and then compare it to MKAK and you should notice that theres breaks in the music. Small breaks, but there are there and any audiophile would notice it.
  19. NinjaGrinder

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    They're not going to just go and copycat 3s OE, come on...

    They just have to show some respect to the players, and make the game arcade perfect in every sense and implement good online experience.

    And I think Paulo would/could test UMK3 fairly good, since he was a top player himself back in the day. And he works there!! what does this teach us? he and several others weren't involved much in this so-called collection. They just delegated this important work (to recreate the loved classic games properly) to the wrong people. Yeah, MK9 this, MK9 that, you're all so busy patching and teaking MK9 but, come on now, we deserved better.
  20. To me thats a massive mistake. If they are passionate about this project, they should be doing it in house. And guys like Paulo should be demanding quality from it. They need to be the keepers of this franchise.
  21. shano

    shano Noob

    Any news on the patch?

    Still waiting for them to fix the game so i can buy it lol.
  22. jamessmk

    jamessmk I am your god

    Unfortunately, big conglomerate companies like WB are not as concerned for quality as the smaller NRS studio is. While it is certainly an issue they are addressing, from my experience do not expect the heavens to part and birds to sing with the new patch. It will more likely address issues deemed as major bugs IE:Net play and crashes, offline lags. It is what it is
  23. I'm not expecting the patch too do much, but going forward NRS should tell WB that they want to keep all MK development internal including mobile versions of games (UMK3 iPhone was atrocious). I've gotta think if Boon tells WB that he wants this, they'd listen. From the outside looking in I just think Boon doesn't care about preserving these games. Hes just too close to the development of them that he can't see that they are so widely loved and that people want high quality ports of the old games.
  24. ZAQ

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    Some online stuff that I'm not really a fan of.
    It is descriptive enough to say that someone is playing the Kollection "Liu vs Raiden" or something of the like. But when you are playing it just says, so and so is playing "Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection". If you are invited to a game, you aren't invited to play MK1, MK2 or UMK3, you are invited to play "MKAK". It's not a big deal if you know almost of the players and play all of the games but I can't imagine most people are going to want to go from playing MK1 and be invited to UMK3 or vice versa.
  25. CrashLand

    CrashLand Ready for Freddy

    Unless they patch in GGPO and the old sound effects, no sale for me. This stupid thing killed off any chance of a decent MK1-3 release until probably the next generation of consoles, at the soonest... it's almost worse than nothing.

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