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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Gerchap, Feb 9, 2019.

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    There is no link between vaccines and autism. That notion has been thoroughly debunked. There is no rabbit hole to go down.
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    Agree to disagree. Like I said, if you're really interested, look at countering views to yours on this issue. I've read those "debunked" articles as well. They don't convince me. Anyways though, this is probably not the place to debate this and we're getting off topic. Peace, have a good day.
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    Christ first we have someone claiming that humans need zero carbs and now we have an anti-vaxxer.

    Anyone else have some crazy ideas they want to air out? Any young earth creationists in here? How about intelligent design proponents?

    I would just agree to disagree, but anti-vaxxers are creating a global health crisis.
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    The queen of England functions like a queen ant and gives birth to all the workers and soldiers of England
  5. General M2Dave

    This thread blew up like a tier list. LOL.

    @Sothpaw , thank you for sharing your perspective. I have no criticism of your post per se, but I would like to make a comment on men who only lift weights. I have found that lots of weight lifters are not athletic whatsoever. Yes, they may have a lean body, but the muscles are just a mirage. They have no endurance and cannot play any sport that requires running like basketball or soccer.

    Take a look at this guy, who may be an extreme example.

    So @ 2:17 he walks on the treadmill for like 10-15 minutes and is completely out of breath. If I had watched the video with my eyes closes, I would have thought the video is about a smoker trying to run half a mile. Why would any man aspire to have such a lifestyle?
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    His arm is a glorified version of my theigh
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    Oh yeah I know about the not eating enough, I forgot to mention I don't eat the few meals to try to get leaner or expose muscles where I have them but just do to my job lol. Not that I eat huge amounts anyway, I'm more of a nipper. I eat smaller portions(I've always been like that) for example if I go to subway with friends, they may get 2 footlongs, me I would get one footlong, eat one six inch for one meal then the rest later or the next day lol. I just can't eat a large amount or I feel sick, bloated. But do you know is tuna good for gaining any kind of muscle? There's protein right? I'm not so much a meat eater, I mean once in a blue I'll have chicken nuggets or chicken( I am not a huge fan of meats, here and there I'll have something and I pretty much never eat red meat) Closest is a burger literally once in a blue as in once every few years if I'm in the mood typically cheeseburger or on occasion a pepperoni pizza lol, something but I don't eat them often. I'm more of a starch guy, bread, potatoes, some veggies, fruits and pasta. I admit though I LOVE pizza, lol I try to get more sauce now days and less cheese if I can help it and love subway's tuna sandwiches. My doc told me my cholesterol is maintained when I eat tuna sandwiches with veggies. Tha

    I noticed at GMC they have all these protein shakes, supplements etc but if I can I prefer natural foods. I also read that doing platts I think they're called works and tightens your abs, core too. Yeah, I hear ya thanks though. My biggest problem is finding the time to work out, days of work I never do and days I'm off I tend to run errands and sleep in lol. I know it's a bad habit, though I admit I am way more active in the spring and summer vs. the winter for some reason.
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    Crazy life style, calories at their best
  9. SaSSolino

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    Isn't that why people work out though? To get abs to pick up chicks?
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    THIS /\
  11. Its not a debate because its false. The only proof you need is the uptick in diseases that were basically eradicated have now made a comeback. Parents who don't vaccinate their kids because of choice should be arrested.
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  12. I used to lift somewhat seriously a year or so ago but then I got a second job and had to change my habits. I gained twenty in that time and tried a strict CICO intermittent fasting diet but I didnt lose a whole lot. Now I'm just doing a bro split at Planet cuz it's what I can afford. I also do pro wrestling training once a week for cardio and to improve my skills in ring. I should really be working on my cardio a lot more but I hate it so much
  13. If you are looking for some advice in training and nutrition, ask for a professional.
    What works for me, would not work for you and vice versa.
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  14. General M2Dave

    I think chicks care more about the size of your wallet than your abs, or lack thereof. LOL.

    Besides, I am not eating 8,000 calories a day, or however many calories Evan was stuffing in his face in that video, only to have big arms and abs. How is such a diet even natural for human beings? I personally work out to feel good physically and mentally. All the other advantages (i.e., appearance, confidence, energy level, etc.) are just a bonus.
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    Bro that ain’t natural. To be that big yo have had some type of help “roid cycles” the only difference that these people know how to do It and I would recommend you to increase a bit on your carbs “good carbs” if you want gains. A lot of people think that more and more protein would make them big but it’s not true. You would get toned but not big
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    This is one of the reasons I prefer calisthenics as opposed to lifting weights. Lifting weights isolates the muscles used and is an anaerobic workout, whereas calisthenics uses multiple muscles per exercise (for most, anyway) and is inherently aerobic. I don't need to worry about doing cardio as much, it's part of my workout.
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    It depends on the individual goals calisthenics is more to either keep the size and mantain it or to cut down body fat, for example my goal has always been to bulk gain gain and then cut down. Doing calisthenics is great for endurance and your heart should appreciate it because the heart rate spikes during those exercises. I think the most important thing is discipline and it doesn’t matter what kind of workout you do
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    Curveball, so I have a VR headset. And I've discovered a few games that actually serve as a really good cardio session and usually do like an hour-hour and a half a day while doing some minor lifting. Anyone curious, Beatsaber and Knockout League are my go-tos, but Superhot is also a good option. Kind of limited on PS4, but if you have an Oculus/Vive, it's worth looking into.

    I tend to stick with something more if I am more "engaged" with it. Like, I can't do 20 minutes on a treadmill staring at nothing, but this can get you moving at a high pace while working towards a goal (score chasing, trophies, whatever)
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    Did you lose interest in this thread as quick as I did? Lol Baseball is not America's favorite pastime....

    .....arguing is.
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    Idk but I’ll beat any of you in arm wrestling.
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    This is why I like jumping rope for cardio so much, I have fun doing it and there is a very real skill curve that, along with your fitness, allows you to do different things with the rope.
  22. I'm a professional. Been doing personal training 9 years this April. To keep it simple. Gram of protein per pound of lean body weight. Carbs low works best for most. Do compound movements in the gym. Cardio is good to accelerate the fat loss, but it's all diet in the end.
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  23. Nice, man! Very good advice. I am professional too. MS Dietician and Physiologist since 2005. There are some general rules that could be applied for most of people, of course. But keep in mind there are genetics, physics and metabolic variables that could interfere in a training/diet program.
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    Depends on the chick, I don't care about money, here's my checklist:
    1. Doesn't smoke
    2. Games (like real games, not candy crush)
    3. Has a fair bit of muscle (because I got a lotta and I don't want to be the one with the big biceps in the relationship)
    4. Has a sense of humor
    5. Doesn't drive a BMW (there's a special place in hell for those people)
    See, chicks can be simple too :p

    And, Great idea for a thread. Can we post recipes? Ima do it anyway.
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    Bring it on baby. Haven’t tried one of those in so many years, in LA there are competitions two categories up to 185 pounds and 185+ But haven’t thought about it. I should tho just because
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