The Super SFIV Super Thread (4-27-2010)

Discussion in 'Street Fighter' started by Juggs, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. yeah, it is pretty lame, and personally I dont even like the whole ultra system to be honest.
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    I have finally figured it out... I now know why I don't like SF4 and the upcoming SSF4...



    Holy crap... were they seperated at birth?
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    Hadn't seen it mentioned, but in one of the vids of SSFIV I've seen, throws are techable knockdowns.

    I'm curious as to how this will affect command throws. I can imagine SPD not being viable for starting Gief's wakeup stuff.
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    That eclipse looks dope, I don't think I have seen that done in any game that I can think of.

    Pretty hard to make a unique stage these days.
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    (taken from



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    Can't wait to use the new characters!
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    Computer and Video Games has an interesting preview of Super Street Fighter 4.

    Parts of the interview seem to hint at things that they've heard directly from Capcom or another reputable source, while some seem to be taken from the rumor list and other things that have been posted.

    Here's a bulleted run down of the notable things they had to say:

    • The game is 'feature-complete' and ready for certification, which means the final feature list has been locked down.

    • Some problems are still being fixed like slowdown on the new stages, animation and lighting glitches.

    • The team is still working on unfinished moves for some of the new cast members.

    • The existing 25 characters apparently haven't been rebalanced yet, they don't have their new moves, damage changes, etc. Also, some existing moves will be tweaked, which was previously confirmed by Ono-san.

    • The article states Sagat will be a little weaker and Vega (Claw) and Guile will be stronger.

    • They mention that there will be selectable Ultra moves, just like in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

    • CVG hints at the game shipping in three months (March), but we know from a previous announcement the game will not ship until at least April.

    • The article states the character count in this title will be 35, which is inline with the rumor list, but debunks the "Shadow" character rumor that popped up awhile back.

    • There will be 70 all new cutscenes in Super Street Fighter 4, replacing the old animated sequences.
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    (taken from

    Capcom has unleashed some new images on the unsuspecting public. The first one shows off a new design for the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick, sporting the Super Street Fighter 4 logo and artwork.


    Also, Capcom's suite at the CES 2010 show, with a better view of the new Mad Catz sticks, plus you get another look at the infamous character select screen with the empty slots.


    These two pictures are of the keychain version of the TE FightStick. The keychain comes with a hex screwdriver so you can violate your warranty of your full-sized stick.


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    Like everybodys second ultra has been spoiled now.

    Akuma's is the sickness.
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    BIG Announcment coming next Tuesday!!!


    Juri custom combo vid:

    Seth's #2 Ultra (its lame):
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    Don't remind me about Seth's 2nd Ultra.

    I've done a lot of soul searching and figured the only way it's gonna be useful is if it has the same juggle level as head stomps. In other words you could do:

    AA LP Shoryu > Ultra,
    Shoryu xx FADC > Ultra,
    AA j.MP > Ultra, or
    POSSIBLY, Lightning Legs in the corner > Ultra

    I guess you could do anti air headstomp to it too...

    If I'm wrong, I have no idea how the new ultra is any better than his old one...
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    Seth's Ultra = Tomoki Tower!?

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    On April 27 2010, Wonder_Chef will Tomoki Tower.
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    After 11 months of ignoring SF4's existence due to it being an absurdly bad game(which I was able to come to that conclusion within 36 hours after purchasing it, upon which I returned both copies and YELLED at the gamestop employee, "GET THIS CRAP OUT OF MY HOUSE!"), in an attempt to be able to just mingle and play some casuals with friends who were playing, I have come to this conclusion... SF4 is even worse than I had already decided it was. I didn't think a company could screw up so badly, but wow, did Capcom ever pull a Midway with the SF series.

    More and more, this game has proven to be Street Fighter EX4. Again, I can't comlpain ENOUGH about SF4 and how bad of a Street Fighter game it really is.

    I have to add some more to some stuff I don't like:

    10. Playing for the homerun - The ultra is even worse than I initially thought. No such thing as small ball here... play for the loss just to use your ultra to win. I guess this is technically innovative as all other fighting games want you to try to play for the win.
    11. Controlling space/flow of a match = pointless. - Again, the ultra is the culprit here. Why bother to control the flow of a match with tactics or the gamespace with footsies only to have that all negated with a single move?

    I'm sure I'll have more to add to this list...

    After a little more research, I am still correct... for those who thought the Focus Attack/Focus Cancel was "innovative"

    (make sure you note the irony of the song that is playing)

    And also... LOL.. to those who want to laugh about Seth's 2nd Ultra even more(and the fact that it's so far and away NOT innovative)

    about 40 seconds in:
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    Then don't play it...
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    Believe me, I won't be that stupid again.
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    My question've posted your opinion about the game in another thread here, plus i personally know you dont like it from our IM sessions, etc, but this these 2 posts plus the 3 replies to the 3 ECT2 threads (@ UMK, CMK & MKE).....We know how you feel about the game, but why?? You know I love ya bro :)nohomo:) but these 5 posts were not needed at all....

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