The Super SFIV Super Thread (4-27-2010)

Discussion in 'Street Fighter' started by Juggs, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Capcom has unleashed two new gameplay trailers, over a dozen new screenshots and some new details about for its upcoming Super Street Fighter IV all for your consuming pleasure. If you hadn’t heard, SSFIV includes all the characters and features of Street Fighter IV plus new characters and retooled gameplay. One of the most notable additions is the new female character Juri, who is the first character in Street Fighter franchise history to use the Tae Kwon Do fighting style. Here are some more details to intrigue and delight you:

    Enhanced online play featuring new modes:

    • Team Battles: Up to eight players can participate in 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, or 4 vs. 4 team elimination battles.
    • Endless Battle: Up to eight players can participate in an endless elimination online match where the winner stays on and plays Replay
    • Channel: Players can view recorded matches and discuss the match while watching replays of great matches from players around the world.
    • Tournament Mode coming as DLC after launch.

    Bonus Stages available in arcade and challenge modes:

    • Car stage: Annihilate the car with regular and special moves before the time runs out.
    • Barrel stage:Players are given 20 barrels and must destroy as many as they can within the time limit.
    • Gameplay has been rebalanced to provide challenges for both newcomers as well as the most seasoned Street Fighter pro




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    (taken from

    Two scans from Famitsu magazine in Japan have popped up on the internet showing Guy, Cody and Adon in Super Street Fighter 4. These characters look very close to their Street Fighter Alpha counterparts with Cody still sporting a jail outfit, handcuffs and a knife.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ibuki confirmed?: Niga Bridges pointed out that in the first image in the top right corner, Guy is hitting back a kunai (dagger) and a translation of the text by Benichon also confirms this is what's happening. A kunai is the weapon Ibuki uses, which is a strong hint that she will be in the game.

    So far, the majority of the rumored characters have been officially confirmed by Capcom, but there's still a few things on the list that are questionable and aren't likely to come to pass now considering what we've heard since that rumor list was originally written.
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    I nearly shat myself when I saw that going to check Shoryuken.

    Capcom is on fiyah!
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    (taken from

    Responding to a question via Twitter, a Capcom staff member confirmed that there will be new alternative costumes in Super Street Fighter 4 and that the old alt. outfits will also be compatible with the new game.

    Plus there's something else on this subject in the works as well. Here's the text.

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    Hopefully this won't be Super Fail Fighter 4.

    For those of you who don't know, I HATED Street Fighter 4 to the point that I sold it less than 36 hours after buying both versions and I have NEVER played it since. I am a very old school SF player and the game is TERRIBLE. Anyone who disagrees, just remember, this is the only SF ever to include "shortcut" commands so that all the crying 9 year olds can do dragon punches too.

    For reference, every time I say SF Lite, I mean SF4. SF Lite, it's Diet Street Fighter... all the characters, none of the fun!
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    I can't wait for this game. Will they have like a place or something where you can buy it early?

    Edit: like 2 or 1 day before it's released?
  9.'re saying you hate the game because there are command shortcuts? thats not a very valid excuse for not liking a game. its not like DP commands were rocket science in the first place.

    adapt your game if you cant beat 9 year olds that spam SRK?
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    I can name a lot of games worse than SFIV...the game ain't exactly terrible.
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    No, I'm saying that this game is a sellout to the SF series in general.

    SF has never been about shortcuts or about being easy. I'm not sure of people's age in here, but I'm I'm one of the few who actually remembers what an arcade looks like and remembers putting 50 cents up to play SF2 in the arcade. I'm among the group of players who paved the way for SF to evolve, not one of the crybabies who gets to sit at home with practice mode. My time, money, energy, and effort went into learning SF in the arcade against other people where there was no margin for error, where there was only "on the job training" if you will.

    But since you want a rundown...

    1. Shortcut commands
    2. Ultra system rewards lower level/underskilled players
    3. Meatys all but negated
    4. Supers all but negated by ultra/FA system
    5. Ultra/FA system far from original(ever play an SNK game with a desperation move? FA system is nothing more than the EX Guard Crush, and Guard Cancel system)
    6. Clumsy, clunky character movement
    7. Moves are like canned animations now, they are no longer based on spacial relationship(ever see Ken's Ultra hit from BEHIND?)
    8. Special to super and Special to Ultra combos no longer need precision(try using your SF4 "precision" to play 3s or SFA3)
    9. Street Fighter EX 4 anyone?

    If you don't agree, or don't know what I'm talking about, you simply haven't played enough Super Turbo or SFA2/SFA3.

    Also, no need to adapt my game for a game I don't/won't play. If you want to play ST/HDR/3s, you just let me know.
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    Oh, I agree. I can too...

    Shaq Fu
    Superman 64
    Aquaman Battle for Atlantis

    However... in terms of Street Fighter, SF4 is terrible. This is my point.. while it may not be a bad game overall, it's a terrible SF game. When was the last time you played SF The Movie or SF EX?
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    These are what destroyed it for me.
    That, plus online play, plus 360 controller = shit.

    I don't want to hear any lame ass "buy a stick" comments. They knew they were making a port of the game for online play, the systems they were making it for. If they were going to dumb down moves, why not do it so it worked with the system.
    Answer: They wanted you to buy several generations of pads and overpriced sticks.

    At least they are attempting to fix a lot of online play issues in SSFIV, but I as far as I know I haven't seen any info on changing character movement.

    If they go with super/ultra selection like 3s it will be a great improvement.
    There is no reason to have that much trash in a game, when the fight system needs to be tweaked.
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    To fix the Ultra/FA sytems, and how they negate the supers, there are some things they could do.

    1. Ultras available to the WINNING player as a reward for doing well.
    2. FA's use ULTRA meter, not super meter.
    3. EX moves use ULTRA meter, not super meter.

    If they intend on the EX moves taking from super meter, then there should be leveled super meter, like the super arts in 3s. The only exception being any Raging Demon(which is a desperation move in theory anyway) style move.

    They are obviously going with leveled Ultras instead, so if they did the 3 things I mentioned it would go a great way to fixing the Ultra/FA/EX systems.
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    ...Buy a stick...

    No really, if the 360 controller's so bad...why not just buy the FightPad or something...?

    9, you forget Street Fighter The :headbang:
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    When SFIV first dropped, I was in favor of this too, but then I talked to more and more players and I've came to a realization that it would be even more stupid to reward the player who is dominating. How fun would or how good would it be to absolutely destroy the other player with no chance to get out of the hole?? Its fine the way it is for SFIV....this is just another series inside the series....just like Alpha, Vs, SF3, etc.

    I do agree ST/HDr & 3s are superior, and SFIV is alot of fun, even tho its not even close to being the best SF out there.

    But SFIV sure is a million times better than most of the sorry ass, terrible series such as *COUGH* Tekken, SC, GG, BB, etc. (yea i said it)
  18. THTB

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    Aside from got the list right, Tim. :)

    And darn my lack of reading every last sentence, lol. Skimming ftl. :(
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    Well I play MVC2 with you and Lars once every month or so (and probably not any time soon) and it works fine for T6.

    If Capcom would have had fightpads available when I wanted one, I would have bought one.

    Plus I just don't want more game hardware. I have more controllers in my closet than Lady Gaga has Aids.

    (National Aids Awareness Day, had to squeeze it in somewhere)
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    BTW, 9, I'm down for HDR whenever. Lol, I love that game...but I have no actual friends that will play with me aside from the Cleveland game sessions crew...
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    Sweet, hopefully really soon then.
  24. sorry, didnt see the post until just now.

    you're right on key points. ill give you that.

    1. I dont mind the shortcut commands, I dont use them personally but its not exactly game breaking

    2. THIS is where i completely agree with you, in fact in my opinion, if ultras did as much as supers in the game, and supers did as much as ultras, I think the game would be better just by doing that.

    3. I also do not like this aspect of the game, but I am content with just footsies as well.

    4. read #2 for my opinion on supers and ultras. also, I think that it would bring more depth in the game because to use supers you have to use all your meter, and to use ex moves you have to use a bar.

    5. I dont mind this aspect of the game.

    6. I disagree, it does take some getting used to compared to 3s, ill admit, but I dont think its "clunky".

    7. true, but again I dont believe this is game breaking.

    8. haha, I also agree with this, you can just mash out inputs and get what you want, thats pretty lame and a shortcut for retards, but again, not necessarily game breaking. The best still rise above the lower level players.

    9. LOL nty
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    The problem for me is that when you take all these things and add them up, they all break the game for me. Alot of little mistakes can ruin something, and that's the problem with SFL(Street Fighter Lite).

    If there were only 1 or 2 things, I could have dealt with it. When there are that many problems, it's just not worth my time.

    Also, with regards to "7", the canned animations are a big one for me. In classic SF games(including 3s), moves actually had to connect with a players hit box and they had to be in the proper position to do it. It's like you don't even have to be in front to do an Ultra, just has to connect from the back and it teleports the opponent to the front of you and you still connect it. That's some broken poo right there, LOL.

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