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Discussion in 'Supergirl' started by Juggs, May 15, 2017.

  1. KarmaKILL

    KarmaKILL Noob

    I’m the same way, lately I’ve been using them specifically to end her midscreen mb b21+3 combos just to pump up that damage.
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  2. Mr_BAMFito

    Mr_BAMFito Noob

    just me or the timing on a lot of things has changed?
    can't seen to be able to hold ice breath.
    seems like I have to commit to the MB
  3. myri

    myri Time Warrior

    Nope, stills play the exact same as before pretty much. Just better frames and damage.
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  4. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    There's pretty much no difference between ending a combo in MB trait and nailing somebody with a few lasers.

    Her zoning is a form of extended footsies and helps to control the opponent's movement. It also helps open up players who are turtling. Also important for trying to even up a life lead without committing to something risky.

    I think it's good to mix it up for maximum effect.
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  5. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    oh yeah they're definitely useful. Im just of the opinion the MB is better thats all
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  6. hatyr

    hatyr tease out the impurities

    I like a mix of both for sure. I'll usually dump the MB on them if I'm on my way to cornering them and won't need it for a bit or to close out a round/match (which I think is the typical consensus). Very playstyle dependent imo -- I hate being stuck in neutral with an empty trait bar. Once my confidence with her goes up, I'll be a lot more liberal with the MB probably. The damage, even chip, is so good.
  7. Lex Luthor II

    Lex Luthor II Lord of Lightning

    I love when I jump in the air, ready to shoot an laser to the ground, and instead just sit there like an idiot, cuz my trait is empty, and before I realize it I float back down to the ground doing nothing and get smacked.
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  8. hatyr

    hatyr tease out the impurities

    Ha. The struggle is real. My favorite is not being mindful of the combo's gravity and dumping the whole bar right over the top of them as they fall face-first on the ground.
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  9. KarmaKILL

    KarmaKILL Noob

    Haha I have done that plenty of times as well.
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  10. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    Yeah imo at a higher level, Supergirl is about using regular lasers to bait people into movement patterns, and then using d1, b1, and airdash to abuse those movement patterns.

    At a lower level it's less important and you can hold trait -- but against better players you need to get them to move, so that you can open them up during the movement.
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  11. ShArp

    ShArp Dedicated Broly main

    Anyone managed to find out whats the block advantage after MB breath from up-close? The far one on block has really good + frames - you can do instant air dash (not even instant, depends on the distance) after you do MB breath and you will still jail them with J1/J2 into whatever, once they block MB breath.

    Been labing against supes with MB breath on block - from up close (b12, 112 etc) on block I still trade/beat 6f pokes...

    It's certainly not -6 NRS.
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  12. Lordrak

    Lordrak Noob

    I forgot to post it
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  13. Here's a Supergirl Interactable combo video I made. I hope it helps!
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  14. Swag COMEBACK
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  15. SG combos + setups
  16. Cat Woman MU
  17. SG vs Robin
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  18. Supergirl vs Swamp Thing NEW PATCH!
  19. BlackStormBr_ (Super Girl) vs VX|KillerXinok (Flash)
  20. Pierce

    Pierce Noob

    Here’s some tech I found guys.

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  21. What is the gear you use for the S?

    It looks really awesome!

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