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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Decarisimo, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Kratilim

    Kratilim Noob

    That Kyrpt description/leak sounds great if its true. And I hope for all those Mileena, Rain and Shang fans its true. Time will tell, the only way to know if its real is to wait until they unveil the krypt. Did they show anything on MKX's krypt before launch?
  2. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    What is this Conquest (with Rain on it) anywayz? Is it like the crypt? Or is it still unknown?
  3. I think it's the klassic towers/time towers section.
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  4. BlunderGod

    BlunderGod Noob

    @Cassie Cyrus I think it leads to a Sub-menu where you can access Story mode, Towers of Time, Klassic towers and a mystery option labelled "????". I remember seeing a screenshot of it but I wouldn't know where to find it.
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  5. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Thanks, that ??? Makes me happy, it could be the crypt with Rain in it :-p

    Damn if this is true (Mileena, Havik, Rain, Shang, Fujin, Sindel) then this roster will be the best EVER.)
  6. vapid

    vapid cyber warlord

    Come on, let's not pretend a leak that good is going to be true.
  7. Blizer

    Blizer Noob

    I dont believe it tbh, but NRS is def doing something major in the krypt, and i wouldnt be surprised if its where we unlock the hidden characters.
  8. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Like the X-files, I want to believe!
  9. Ptehu

    Ptehu Noob

    me too, but something is holding me back. Just don't want to be disappointed AGAIN
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  10. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    It seems too good to be true :-(
  11. Rezk

    Rezk The nomad

    Shang, Mileena and Rain not being playable in this game is a disappointment itself imo. :(
    NRS, don’t break my little heart.
  12. Ptehu

    Ptehu Noob

    I mean, I can accept Mileena being out due to her really shocking death in MKX. If she is in now it would mean her death doesn't have any impact and it was unnecessary in the story. And don't get me wrong... I LOVE Mileena and she is my fav chick from MK but I already convinced myself that she is out.
    But lack of heavily-teased here and there Rain and lack of Shang after the whole mess with Cary Tagawa? Will not make any sense AT ALL.
    Inb4 water power passed to Cetrion and new sorcerer is Kollector (shit still hope it's just a codename).

    All 3 are in = best case scenario and i'm dancing and singing from joy
    Rain & Shang in = acceptable
    Mileena & Rain in = I'm so happy for Rain, so it's cool for me, but only if Kollector is crazy badass
    Mileena & Shang = quite OK, but still lack of Rain will make me angry as hell
    Only Rain = weird decision, but I'm totally happy that my boy made it, eventhough, understand other people hate
    Only Shang = dissapointed still. Damn, I just want Rain so much!
    Only Mileena = super weird
    Lack of all 3 = huuuuuuge disappointment.
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  13. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Mileena would be a great bonus, I didn't expect her at all, but then again I didn't expect Jax as well...

    Shang Tsung is just such a great player to have around in a time-traveling story, especially if that Ermac ending is true. I do hope Ermac survived that though, but with only one or two souls in there.

    Rain being out again, is not me not liking Ed Boon much better, all these teases and leaving a great character out AGAIN while he is one of the most asked for characters is just bullshit.
  14. pure.Wasted

    pure.Wasted 'ello baby, did you miss me?

    Mileena has better reason to come back than any other dead character, though. She's a clone. And we know Shang made other clone's as well.

    Her ability to come back in every game is built right into her premise.
  15. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too



    Also, let's not forget. FREAKING TIME TRAVEL!!! Every dead character has a chance to return because of time travel.
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  16. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    And Shinnok should be a central character again
  17. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous Talk to the hand.
    Premium Supporter

    oh, man, that's it ..... she has much more possibilities than Baraka and Noob, that were dead and are coming back without no drama.

    Mileena is not in this game only if NRS does a dick move in order to make we, fans of the crazy bitch, get all fucked up with this decision !! :mad:
  18. Zev

    Zev Cages_Shades from MKO

    The ??? is the krypt, seen at 4:45
  19. Crimea

    Crimea Noob

    Yeah I'm pretty sure we will have two Kitanas in this game and we already saw two Jades from past and present. One Mileena from the past would make sense not even counting the whole clones thing
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  20. pure.Wasted

    pure.Wasted 'ello baby, did you miss me?

    You know... I'm not against giving Shinnok another chance to shine in the new timeline... but I think that if he were to come back to full strength, he'd just take over the Netherrealm faction by default and make it boring. Netherrealm is a lot more fun and unpredictable with Liu Kang and Kitana at the helm.

    The best thing Shinnok can do for the story right now, IMO, is be a spiteful head stuck in Liu Kang's wall, cursing everyone and giving Liu Kang advice which may or may not be deliberately terrible.
  21. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    Exactly. I just feel like there's a lot they can do with Mileena and Kitana when it comes to time travel whether it be flashbacks or past Mileena being one of the people who 'disdain the current course of history' that Kronika brings from the past to fight for her. I mean, Shao Kahn's there, why not his favorite daughter too?
  22. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    I really don't give a fuck about Shinnok, and I really want almost any character in over him, spare for Li Mei, Dairou, Darrius, Shujinko, Meat, Blaze, Jerk, Spameleon, Bo Rai Cow and Mocrap.
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  23. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous Talk to the hand.
    Premium Supporter

    omg .... this is an awesome idea ! NRS , please , make this come true in MK11 story mode ! :D
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  24. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    Shinnok better be in! At least two of his followers are still around, and I mean D'Vorah and Noob Saibot.
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  25. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Uhm, the only part of the netherealm we are probably gonna see is in the first chapter, after Liu Kang, Jade and Kabal are beaten by Mary Sue Cassie and the tower explodes we probably don't go back there but the rest will play in outworld and Earthrealm. So that doesn't leave much room for Shinnoks head giving advice to Liu Kang and Kitana at all...

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