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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Decarisimo, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    No. Where'd you get that idea from? MKX and INJ 2 both had 60+ on launch
  2. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    remember when people didn't wanna believe the email leak
  3. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U
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    I didn't cause the box art still freakin sucks
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  4. BecomingDeath13

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    Back on 360 they were limited to 50 max or 12 max for indie games.

    Guess that's gone up since the live service bullshit but I've never really paid attention to the totals. I just assumed they were always around 50 pre dlc
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  5. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    What is this? I hope it is real. For the sake of Shang, Rain and Mileena, three of my ultimate favorite characters.

    The guy claims that Sindel, Fujin, Havik, and two guests are also DLC, Michael Myers and Spawn.
  6. Woudn't bet on it. The description is overly elaborate and reeks of fan fiction. Usually inside information comes in the form of brief details. Also I'm not convinced about secret characters (even with Paulo's comment) because it's bad for e-sports. If true, however, wew I think the MK9 roster has a new challenger for the belt.
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  7. Rezk

    Rezk The nomad

    I remember the beginning of February, a guy just said: Kollector is a new character and looks like a goblin with multiple arms.
    Everybody: "The description is overly elaborate".
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  8. You're kidding me if you don't see the ocean of difference between that and a paragraph going into unnecessary detail about the names of Krypt subregions.
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  9. Rezk

    Rezk The nomad

    I'm not kidding you sir. You just said exactly what everybody said about the Kollector first "unbeliveable" leak. You are not wrong, is your right to believe or not, but there's a thing we can agree: overly elaborate descriptions were made before, and they are the truth now. About comparing the two: You're kidding me saying the first description of Kollector was not overly elaborate too. Was a very detailed description, about shokans, cyborgs, goblins... A lot of them being unnecessary, but anyway, a truth.
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  10. Any Kollector descriptions I read seemed fairly straightforward. I'm not sure I saw the one you're referring to, but if I did I wasn't one of the people brushing it off based on how the info was worded (not that I can't be wrong like them). But we'll see soon enough if we get a peek at the Krypt, and again I'll stress that I'd love the info to be true, but I'm diametrically opposed to believing news so holy to help keep my expectations in check.
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  11. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    Minor update on the Steam Database:

    They've added trophy-ID046 inching us closer to those 90 Achievements on launch. Which is absolutely mad. It's awesome though.

    I'm excited to see what all they're going to pack into this game! I'm also kinda confident/hoping that there will be 10 DLC. 6 in KP1 and 4 in KP2. So we can hopefully cap the achievements off at an even 100. But that's just me needing it to be an even number and 100 would just be perfect lmao.

    What are the chances of these unlockable characters we've been hearing so much about being hidden away in there now that the numbers seem so high? (coughcoughMileenacoughcoughShangcoughcoughRaincoughcoughPLEASE)

    Now we're just waiting for them to add trophy-ID002 and trophy-ID003 to give us the full 90. After that, we can only wait and see if they add more or if that's that for launch. (It makes sense for achievements to be getting finished off now that the game should be close to going gold.)
  12. God every time I read this stuff my hope/excitement goes right back up! Hope this is true, game will be awesome even without those three but that would definitely sweeten the pot.

    Here's to hoping for my boy Smoke as DLC!
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  13. FoughtDragon01

    FoughtDragon01 Yolo Ball Roll will live on .

    It gets harder and harder to keep my excitement in check, but I suppose a quick peek into the Krypt on launch day will quickly tell us if this holds water or not. I'm still staying cautiously optimistic. Even a leak that gets 90% right still gets 10% wrong.

    And if it is true that those three are locked behind the Krypt, we can only hope that it won't be another EA-esque 'pride and accomplishment' fiasco. We had the option to blow $20 to unlock everything in the Krypt right off the bat in MKX, maybe we'll get something similar here. Still shitty, but it beats lootboxes.
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  14. Blizer

    Blizer Noob

    @Cassie Cyrus The Leak aint real, sry

    Guy backtracked when question and said the email automatically deleted itself

    Truly a feelsbad.
  15. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    Regarding the Krypt, I hope this time they keep their ludopathy in check and DO NOT put a slot machine like the Shrine.
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  16. stokedAF

    stokedAF Noob

    Sounds believable to me. I was wondering why the krypt was under the konquest tab and not next to the kollection stuff. 4 levels of some kind of battle. It could be like mobile where you go through the different regions but that would suck. I bet it’s shaolin monk style, 4 levels, beating a level gets you a boss unlock. Mileena, rain, Shang and Shao makes sense for unlockable bosses. Well maybe not rain but the other 3 do.
  17. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    I'm in the same damn boat man lmao. I spent over a week stressed out over whether or not Mileena is in. I deadass was going through the 7 stages of grief.

    I finally reached Acceptance but that only lasted about a day and the cycle has now started right back over. I'm hovering somewhere between Denial and Depression so we'll see where we sit in a couple days lmfao

    I don't mind them being locked behind the krypt. It'd finally give me a reason to go through and unlock everything and not just completely avoid it. I'm sure they'll give you the option to pay and unlock it all though.

    It makes sense though especially Shao Kahn being an unlockable in Krypt as well to people who don't preorder. Preordering just gets you him quicker. I'd like that to be the case. It could make sense too since he's in the story and everything and not just tacked on.

    Suddenly the thing I wanna see the most is the Krypt.....
  18. Blizer

    Blizer Noob

    The Krypt is Def something i want to see

    NRS is hyping it up alot more, which makes me think that there is def something big about

    Steam leaks also support it.
  19. I read somewhere else that the potential Krypt unlockable characters are obtained by unlocking character-specific items - kinda like the items you had to get in MKX to progress through that Krypt . So maybe it's not unlocking all of coffins, etc per section (which they will probably make purchasable again to make more money), but instead turn it into a quest type sub-game
  20. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    I wouldn't mind that at all. The only thing I've heard is that it's in 3rd person and that there are cameos in the krypt, but I don't think I believe that tbh.

    The only legit Krypt info we have to go off of is that one of the achievements says:

    So it's gotta be fairly big, and another says:

    Although, what's a location that has a lot of hanging bodies.....? THE LIVING FOREST. I'M JUST SAYING. Where's Mileena supposed to be unlocked? THE LIVING FOREST. I'M JUST SAYING.

    I feel like they might be saving game modes for last so we may not see Krypt for a while if at all before the game releases.

    I wouldn't mind a mini-Konquest style Krypt tbh with a few characters showing up and talking to you and giving you stuff. Would be cool and a neat way to progress through it. Make the Krypt a bit more linear I guess.
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  21. Yeah a conquest Krypt wouls definitely give the game more of a complete feel . Like in MK9, I loved the idea of the challenge tower because it was kinda different than just fight, repeat, fight, repeat .
  22. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    Exactly. MKX's Krypt was neat, but it was just collecting stuff and walking around. Which I get the point of the Krypt is to unlock stuff, but there can be more flavor there. It doesn't just have to be a walking simulator with jumpscares. Add some spice to it. Toss in some characters and have them say a line or two and that's that. Something to keep an eye out for and something to keep folks interested. Have there be a "You need to get this item to this place" fetch quest type of thing. Use it to guide players through the Krypt.

    Also, Imagine how fcking dope it would be to be walking through the Living Forest and when you unlock Mileena...she's a jumpscare. She drops down on top of you with her teeth in your face. It'd be a neat callback to her MK9 win animation and would be the only jumpscare I would ever approve of lol.
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  23. ShepherdOfFire

    ShepherdOfFire Ask me about my Nemesis agenda

    Now they use proper trophy IDs rather than "TROPHY_PERFORM_TWO_FATALITIES_WITH", it does confirm that the steamDb leak was intentional, even if we already knew that since the beginning.


    Unlocking Shao Kahn through the Krypt ? I don't believe it, sorry. But I do hope that we'll be able to unlock Mileena and Shang Tsung.

    But I think the leak is right on Shinnok being unplayable.
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  24. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U
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    It doesn't confirm that at all. That's how many devs do cheevs. The steamDB leak happened because just like the 500000 million other steamdb leaks across a billion other games, people never take steamDB into account when updating builds.
  25. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    At one thing I believe the leak I posted, on another I don't believe it.

    If he would have kept Shao Kahn out of that leak, it would be more believable... I don't believe they give us Shao Kahn if he's pre-order bonus at ALL.

    Anyway, the conquest mode = the crypt? Then Rain makes sense to be on there. Also it is a very cool system to unlock characters this way, and the Edenian, Living Forest and Shang Tsungs island maps make sense to me, also the characters they unlock.

    But again, it is too good to be true.

    BUT, didn't Ed Boon tease something about them releasing awesome new stuff after the game's release? Maybe Rain, Mileena, and Shang + the crypt modus are just that? Releasing after the big release?

    I really want this to be true :-( Never seen a better leak myself, Mileena, Havik, Sindel, Rain, Fujin and Shang, all my favorites.

    Maybe Noob Saibot = unlocked in a Netherrealm like Crypt map? Instead of Shao Khan?

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