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  1. It's tough because NRS need to stay true to the story but also pay some service to the fans. Personally, I'd choose Shang/Mileena/Shinnok over Rain, whose character and moveset never excited me. I expect we'll see him again at some point soonas DLC or a secret character. If NRS released new characters for the DLC, I'd commend them on their sheer guts.
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    Given how much screaming and taunting he was doing pre-beheading, I can only assume Raiden took that from him too in the process.
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  3. Pizza

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    Yeah, I think Rain should be DLC.

    Now we have the opportunity to have Shao Kahn, Shinnok and Shang Tsung in the same game with an already fantastic roster.
  4. pure.Wasted

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    Literally the first shot of the trailer is Kronika rebuilding Liu Kang's palace.

    Rumors of the Netherrealm's defeat have been greatly exaggerated.

    Battle For The Realms with bitchy vindictive Shinnok, angry grumpy Shao Kahn, and urbane bastard Shang Tsung. I'm all for it.
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  7. xKhaoTik

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    This real?
  8. Slymind

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    By the way, like "Ter" which was Geras(Terminas), Kol and Cet could be placeholders or not final names.

    Maybe Nim and Hyd are them.
  9. RothVI

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    It's supposed to be Nimbus Terrafaux and Hydro. It's a joke.
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  10. Slymind

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    Oh well...
  11. Pizza

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    lol yes, sorry. I thought it was too strange that guy asking for Hydro, so I was like, how'd it look if both Nimbus and Hydro are leaked? It's weird!
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    They added icon for the game 2 hours ago! Here it is:


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  14. xXRagingFlameXx

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    Okay, so, in a major fit of super-boredom I decided to break down the achievements since the game is close to going Gold (if not Gold already). This is basically the achievements we know and then my own speculations. (I definitely think the large number of achievements confirms Shinnok, Rain, Mileena, and Shang Tsung's inclusion giving us a 29 character base roster. (I say Rain cause I really don't think Kronika is playable and personally think she'd do well as a pre-order bonus for MK12 if she does well this game and if the end of the story plays out how the story leak said. #NoStorySpoilersSis)

    Also in terms of the Steam Database page, they haven't added anything as of posting this. So, I definitely think we're close to Gold and we're in somewhat of a dry spell.

    There are also two achievements still missing from the Steam Database. Both hidden. trophy-ID002, and trophy-ID003. However, I'm sure they're going to update the database with them eventually as they did with trophy-ID021 and trophy-ID046

    The point of this is to figure out what these achievements are. How many of them do we know, what could they be? Basically subtracting all the achievements as we know them to determine if it's possible that these characters are in it....if that makes sense? So, as we go through each section of achievements we'll see how many are left after.........

    Total Number of Achievements: 90

    Known Character Fatality Achievements:

    TROPHY_ID_PERFORM_2_DIFFERENT_FATALITIES_WITH_TER (Geras - Formerly Known as Terminus)

    These, as they imply, are clearly achievements you get for doing 2 different fatalities with each character. Whether or not you'll have to unlock a fatality or maybe even both, idk. These are straighfoward.

    Achievements Left: 70
    (This making sense yet?)

    Known Characters That Don't Have Fatality Achievements Visible:
    Shao Kahn
    Noob Saibot
    Johnny Cage

    These are characters that we know are in, but weren't included in the Steam Database leak.

    Achievements Left: 65

    Rumored Characters That Don't Have Fatality Achievements Visible:
    Shang Tsung

    I mean, it's safe to say that these characters are in at this point. With a roster of 29 and so many achievements to unlock it just makes sense. They're still rumored, but I'm considering them in.

    Achievements Left: 61

    Gameplay Achievements:

    These are all fairly self-explanatory. The only one that really intrigues me is:


    I'm not surprised there are achievements like TROPHY_ID_DEFEAT_OPPONENT_WHILE_DVORAH_BUG, as there were plenty like that in both MKX and Injustice 2 (we'll count the possibility for those further down) but Mercy is something completely new. I know it was something in an older game, but we don't know if it will be the same as it was then. They completely changed up Brutalities so it could be something completely fun and fresh. I wouldn't mind something like 'Friendships', however, I've heard that it could be, like the old games, something you can do to give your opponents more health at the end of a match so they can keep going. Although, idk how I'd feel about that tbh. It could be neat, but we'll have to wait and see when they reveal it!

    Achievements Left: 47

    Likely Achievements:

    Completing Advanced Tutorials
    Half-Way Through Story Mode
    Completing Story Mode
    Complete Story Mode After Doing All Alternate Paths (An achievement from Injustice 2. Seems likely if alternate endings are a thing in MK11)
    View All Character Endings

    These are speculations, as are the rest below. But, they are very likely considering there were similar achievements in Injustice 2 and MKX.

    Achievements Left: 42

    If EVERY character has a specific achievement in terms of gameplay or ending a match, example: TROPHY_ID_DEFEAT_OPPONENT_WHILE_DVORAH_BUG Then there will be--

    13 Achievements Left
    (This is including Mileena, Shang, Rain, and Shinnok)

    That's just if EVERY character has one achievement for that. I'm pretty sure every character had one in Injustice 2, although there were a couple Batman specific one. So, it could vary.

    Obviously, there'll be a handful of online achievements involving King of the Hill, Ranked, Player Matches etc. Then, depending on what this new single player mode they're kinda hyping up is there's possibly some achievements revolving around it. There might even be an achievement for unlocking everything in the Krypt or an achievement for unlocking the unlockable characters.

    There were only 6 achievements involving online play for Injustice 2. So, if that happens to be the case for MK11 then we'd be at 7 Achievements. Then, as I said, there could be any number of things that could be those other 7 achievements. More online, various gameplay achievements, Krypt, single-player modes, who knows?

    The main point of this was to kinda more or less confirm Mileena, Shang, Shinnok, and Rain's inclusion into the game. There are a LOT of achievements yo, they gotta be for something. Right? Just thinking of other achievements I was getting stuck with what they could possibly be. There's just SO many and it's gonna be hype to unlock them all. (minus online ones of course cause I'm a big noob.)

    What are your thoughts on this? Does this confirm Mileena, Shang, Shinnok, and Rain? What other achievements would you like to see?

    Was this all a waste of time?


    Yes it was.

    I'm sorry please don't hate me I'm just so fucking bored. This could all be wrong but idk I just needed to type haha

  15. RothVI

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    It's hard to say if every character will have one of these since it was said that a lot of effort was put into D'Vorah compared to other characters. However, it would make sense if there is an achievement like this if you beat the opponent with Cassie's drone via remote control.
  16. xXRagingFlameXx

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    That's true, but we don't know the context of it. Every character in Injustice 2 had an achievement like this. This might not be related to what they've done with D'Vorah that's super special. I mean, it could be, but that doesn't mean it's restrictive to just her. Like I said, every character in Injustice 2 had achievements like this.

    I could see "As Scorpion, defeat Sub-Zero with blahblahblah" and so on. Or "Defeat the opponent with Jade's run move" (I forget the name of it.) stuff like that.
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  17. Cassie Cyrus

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    IF Mileena is in, do you guys think the line that J.Cage said to Skarlet about the Maneater goes to her instead? It suits Mileena much better than Skarlet, or maybe Johnny says it to both characters? I mean, that has happened before.
  18. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    Maybe, but we haven't heard any reused dialogue in this game so far. It all seems very specific.

    Although I will admit:

    "I'm guessing you wanna chew me up."
    "And spit out your bones, cage"
    "Watch out, she's a maneater!"

    suits Mileena way better. But I don't think they'll just toss dialogue like that. I'm sure Mileena will have her own unique dialogue with Cage. But, we also haven't seen all the dialogue in this game with all the characters. So there might be reused dialogue. It just feels like all the dialogue is very....specific....idk. I'm sure we'll see.
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  19. Evil Canadian

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  20. xXRagingFlameXx

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    Kenshi konfirmed.
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  21. STB Sgt Reed

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    Yoooo, wtf!!

    MK vs SF confirmed???
  22. Evil Canadian

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    im faking im a dirty faker I did this to be a big man

  23. xXRagingFlameXx

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    Made a slight mistake in my achievements list breakdown post!

    I counted D'Vorah's TROPHY_ID_DEFEAT_OPPONENT_WHILE_DVORAH_BUG achievement twice for both Gameplay Achievements as well as the speculation of everyone having an achievement like that one. So, there's one more achievement that could be whatever. So we actually have 8 achievements open at the end of all my speculation. Not 7!
  24. Has Skarlet effectively replaced Mileena in this game? Mileena, an evil Kitana, seems wasted in a game where Kitana is...evil. Yet I can't imagine NRS not having Mileena in the game.
  25. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    I mean, they made it work in MKX. Unless Mileena's more serious like she was in MKX then she and Skarlet can coexist. (Cause Skarlet's kinda the serious crazy lady.). I have a feeling they're gonna make Mileena more playful/childish like her MK9 personality.
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