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  1. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    One of them could also be a strong selling point for DLC. Rain would be least likely because he was DLC for 9.

    We could think about would make most sense for the story.
    Shang could have a role anywhere when time travel is involved, plus there's the Liu Kang skull-fireball from the story trailer. Very likely imo.
    Noob was last kicked into a Soulnado. Could have survived and come back anywhere. Maybe for a new conflict with Scorpion since he and the younger Sub made peace?
    Rain was allied with Mileena in MKX and a good portion of that faction died in that game. Could maybe find new allies in Outworld, potentially even side with Kotal Kahn? I don't see him play a huge role in time travel events, he didn't have that big of a role storywise before.

    So storywise, Shang Tsung very likely. Between the other two, Noob has more intrigue to him imo due to his uncertain fate after MK9. I personally don't really know where Rain would fit in. Any thoughts?
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  2. RothVI

    RothVI d2 Spammer

    I noticed people think that Noob will probably get in and Smoke will stay out. Nobody's considering this option...
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  3. SenSx

    SenSx Noob

    On the contrary, I think we need to know the next step in Rain's plans.
    Why did he betray Mileena ? I don't remember exactly, but there is definitly a purpose behind it, maybe taking her army for something else...
    If the story continue where it ended in MKX, he might need to come back.
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  4. I did think of that but that'd be hard to do with the character customization thing...
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  5. I could see them maybe doing like Noon as an option with Smoke assists on combos/special moves/fatalities or vice versa but I wouldn't think you can switch between the two like in previous games
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  6. Metin

    Metin Noob

    I wouldn't say no but i guess the community wants to see them as Bi-Han and Enenra again and with their own personality and story for sure.
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  7. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    I think so as well. Even when Noob-Smoke became a thing for the first time, some fans didn't like the idea because they wanted more individual developement for each character. There was also a fairly large group that disliked Triborg because they would have preferred each Cyborg individually. Generally, it often doesn't sit well with fans if characters are merged. It's often perceived as a foul compromise, not properly representing the individual characters. NRS did some not so clever things in the past, but I don't think this is too likely with the hype about Noob in particular.
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  8. stokedAF

    stokedAF Noob

    I don’t like noob smoke. They need to be their own characters. If it was noob smoke I wouldn’t be upset or anything but I just prefer them as individuals.
  9. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    Ed made a few tweets about leaks:

    This along with other devs retweeting things about leaks pretty much means it's legit at this point. I mean maybe they are pulling a huge troll, but judging by how they are acting I don't think so.

    Just want to remind people who are freaking out that Rain and Noob or whoever isn't present, that the achievement list STILL isn't complete and there are characters we know for sure at in the game who aren't on the list. Not to mention characters that can be seen on menus or whatnot. Posting this again, here's the list of characters from this leak, plus the confirmed characters, plus the soft-confirmed characters on menus and stuff:
    1. Scorpion
    2. Sub-Zero
    3. Raiden
    4. Liu Kang
    5. Johnny Cage
    6. Sonya Blade
    7. Kano
    8. Kung Lao
    9. Kitana
    10. Baraka
    11. Kabal
    12. Jade
    13. Noob Saibot
    14. Rain
    15. Frost
    16. Skarlet
    17. Cassie Cage
    18. Jacqui Briggs
    19. D'Vorah
    20. Kotal Kahn
    21. Erron Black
    22. Geras
    23. New (codename KOL)
    24. New (codename CET)
    25. New (codename TER)
    26. Shao Kahn
    Some things to note:
    • This still may not be everyone, there could be one or two surprise characters or something, but don't get your hopes up.
    • The "new" characters could actually end up being classic characters but with a codename for some reason. The other characters don't seem to use coverup names, but they could be trying to hide important characters for some reason. Most likely new, though.
    • DLC achievements always come out later in NRS games, so these are unlikely to include any characters in the Kombat Pack. While Terminator and others could make it in later, it's unlikely that "TER" is referring to any DLC so this probably isn't him.
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  10. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    Thanks for the update! I can't imagine them going to such lengths only for trolling purposes. They would piss off those fans that really want to see the characters mentioned. This roster got mixed reactions at best, but "hahaha gotcha, Erron Black is not in the game" wouldn't sit well either. So I guess with Boon tweeting in this way, rather than denying the leak's credibility as he did with others, it's legit.

    So we're in for some tension until these final spots are revealed. Johnny is more or less confirmed, I think.
    Besides Rain and Noob, Shang Tsung is another possibility, with several endings, the skull fireball in the trailer and a stage named after him.
    The one I'm hoping for most, and am puzzled for most, is Rain. The menu icon is a strong pro, but there's also the towers' modifiers that are a hint towards him not making it. So we'll have to wait.
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  11. Law Hero

    Law Hero I. Hear. A. Sound.

    Schrodinger's Rain is the biggest mystery of MK11.
  12. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Stay Frosty!
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    I think Rain has a higher chance than the others since there is a very tiny chance he would be dlc twice in a row.
  13. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    That's why I'm hoping for him the most. His DLC chances aren't good. Sadly, there's also the chance that he's not there in any way at all, so maybe that doesn't help him much :D
  14. Swindle

    Swindle Philanthropist & Asshole

    Because it stinks.
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  15. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    lmao everyone hated that
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  16. Raider

    Raider Noob

    No Sindel sucks. :(
    I wanted her more than any other female, that are still not confirmed. Hopefully she is the DLC.
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  17. Kroaken

    Kroaken Life is a block string with no gaps.

    Honestly though... It'd be poetic justice. That's what they get for reading leaks :p If ya can't stop the leaks, make it so you can't trust anything lol.
  18. I would be okay with this roster.

    I suspect that one of the codenames "KOL", "CET" and "TER" to be a WIP name/Misleading hint (from the trophy "leak") for one of the very requested characters. I'd say Sareena, and I think she's the one they were talking about in the last Kombat Kast.
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  19. vapid

    vapid cyber warlord

    Sareena would be a great inclusion. I hope she's in.

    But we need Fujin! :O
  20. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    I'm still not sold on Rain being confirmed. Otherwise yeah, this looks like the 26 spot roster, with the possibility of Rain spot going to other rumored character like Shang Tsung.

    I still think the final number might be closer to 30 though, as some characters like Fujin, Rain and Shang Tsung make a lot of sense, while others like Takeda and Kenshi are hinted to have their own sub plot (though that could be covered by DLC or MK12 I guess). Then you have highly requested characters like Enenra Smoke, Sareena or Sindel.
  21. BecomingDeath13

    BecomingDeath13 Frozen Wasteland
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  22. Ger187

    Ger187 Noob

    If i were a developer a would make a poll then the whole world could choose and then i would pick the 30 most wanted and there most of the people were pleased :DOGE
  23. Raider

    Raider Noob


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  24. SinkFla

    SinkFla Noob

    What I've learned/heard from a few different people*:

    Kollector is a real character. Friend was apprehensive about saying much more than that but he did let one thing slip that I don't wanna just flippantly throw out there (he's a cool guy and I respect him enough not to). I'll just say he's somewhat of a twist on a certain *type* of character that debuted in MK3.

    CET (full name unknown, ends in N?) is a brand new female monsterish (non human) character. Through my own dumbass investigating and acknowledgement that Boon and co love taking mythologies of different cultures, I believe her name and possible visual style has something to do with Ceto of Greek Mythology. Considering Geras and Kronika are both names based in GM it makes sense to me. Release the Kraken!!(

    Frost has been completely revamped. What that means I don't know.

    Noob is in and sauce's sauce is pretty positive that he is base roster and not DLC, and that NRS are incredibly proud of his new design. Hype.

    ST is in but they're going to keep him under wraps until launch because his inclusion is supposed to be a big fucking deal.

    No other info on Rain but don't give up hope. Even with steamdb leak there's still a few slots.

    No mentions of Smoke.

    Base roster/DLC supposedly isn't finalized yet but I don't believe that personally. Waaay too close to release for it not to be IMO.

    Bear in mind this could ALL be horseshit but don't give up hope on whatever character you want to be in.

    *I have not personally seen deets. This is all from either someone relaying what THEIR source has told them, or even more removed and from a source of a source of a source lmfao. Don't shoot the messenger!
  25. StormGoddess

    StormGoddess Your mind tricks won't harm me!!!

    you can end or restart alot of debate here...did you hear anything about Jacqui's redesign(if any) positive or negative
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  26. SinkFla

    SinkFla Noob

    Unfortunately I've heard absolutely nothing about her. :( I think people who know things are/were too preoccupied with what that status of our resident ninjas are lmao.
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