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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Decarisimo, Feb 7, 2019.

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    That guy has every right to not buy the game if he doesn't like the roster as it stands, but to say the game should be sent straight to hell? I hate to sound negative, but some folks just can't be satisfied. I mean, you have 25 base characters, and you despise each and every one of them enough that you're disgusted with the game?

    When you have a limited roster size, there's going to be some winners and some losers. You really can't please everyone by giving everyone their 'main'. Then you'd have a roster approaching 60-70 characters, and I fear such a roster size would ultimately result in either A). Ridiculous development time and/or B). A lack of quality in all the fighters due to time constraints.

    I guess I'm a lucky one because it looks like Jade and Frost are making it in. Which I'm grateful for. But, had it been the other way around, and neither were revealed (assuming the leak is 100% accurate), I'd have been disappointed for sure, but I also would still buy the game and find some different fighters to enjoy. I mean, it's Mortal Kombat. It's clear a lot of attention to detail has gone into this iteration, a lot of work, a lot care. To dismiss it just because Liu Kang, or Rain, or Jade isn't in it...seems petty, sadly. :/
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    Frost, Jacqui, Cassie MK New Gen Charlies Angels mission in story mode.
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  3. Chuckyscookie

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    Apparantly, Johnny has also been mentioned by another NRS employee in an interview, as explained in this thread:

    Rhonda Rousey also namedropped him at the event... I think he's just as likely as the leaked characters. The reason we consider these in is that there are fatalities with them. What do we see Johnny do? Perform a fatality :D And I completely agree, 2 out of 3 Cages would have been enough for me.

    Regarding the roster size, sure, having it expanded would be a dream. I'm always down for that :D Without wanting to be too pessimistic again, one spot could always be just the random select though.
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  4. Spinky


    This roster is SOOOOOO much better than MKX's and y'all are still bitching.
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    If that happens I might just wait for a used copy of the GotY edition, if I get it at all.
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    Better ? In what way ?
    It's the same reharsh characters from X with only Jade, Baraka, Skarlet, Kabal and Frost coming back.
    And I can't imagine a Mortal Kombat with the overused Scorpion and Sub as the only 2 ninjas, even 3 would be quite low.

    And of course I'm not asking for them to bring back the Klassic from X, but the requested long overdue like: Rain, Noob, Smoke, Shang, Sindel, Fujin, even Nightwolf, Stryker and some other 3D era characters would be better...
    I even think some Klassics like Sonya, Kano or Kung Lao could miss the boat for one game, JUST ONE GAME.

    I'm starting to believe they just brought back all those MKX newcomers because it was easier for them to programm.
    So they are selling a garbage roster, and keep the most requested ones behind a pay wall.
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  7. Thracian_Priest

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    In every possible way. No Mileena, no Ermac...

    And no Ferra/Torr is always a plus.
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    I wouldn't underestimate them; they are the same people that brought you Kreate-A-Fatality.
  9. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    I've been thinking about this some more. I don't have the highest hope for Rain at the moment. At the same time, I can't really imagine them leaving him out.

    First, it should be him on the icon. The design is his. Unless they make a new character with a ponytail, all purple clothing and the prince like outfit with the gold, which would also be a weird move. Plus, the whole picture is kinda drenched in his signature colour purple.

    It can be seen as a plus that all the others from menu pics are in (Kano, Cassie, Kitana most likely). Still, him being in the menu is no direct confirmation. But why would they put him there, if he's not in the game? Just thinking about the thought process for that possible decision, what would be the reasoning? Why would you put a character in the menu that's ultimately not in the game? Instead of one that is? It would be a strange decision to make.
    On top of that, they got a pretty big backlash when Rain wasn't playable in MKX. Having him fightable with a somewhat functioning moveset, but not playable, didn't sit well with fans. Boon even acknoledged that and said, they wouldn't do something like that again.

    So with that backstory of people getting upset about him not being in MKX, WHY ON EARTH would you tease this character being in the game by putting him on a menu icon, only to not have him as playable again. None of this is confirmation that he is in, but I have a hard time coming up with an explanation why they would do this if he wasn't. There's simply no good reason to not just put a character in this place that IS in the game.
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    Of course I agree with all of that, and I'm 100% sure this is Rain on that picture.

    But there is something I REALLY don't like to think of if he is not playable.
    Basically, every time we will boot up the game EVERY TIME we will have Rain right in front of our faces, and YET he is not playable (the only one not playable on that menu being on the MAIN tab).

    I mean being NPC in MKX was one thing, you play story mode once and thats it, but this will drive me mad...
    This is like stabbing fans in the back each time you start the game, as a reminder of MKX.
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  11. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    Exactly! That's exactly my point, WHY would they do that? After all the salt they received for the NPC thing, they have to know this would make fans angry. Unless they actively want to troll their fanbase, I don't see why they would put him there if he's not playable.
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  12. Ger187

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    I hope this is all a big troll and we get some better characters
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  13. villainous monk

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    Have any one of you even considered that MAYBE the roster size could be a PLACE HOLDER?

    Just like when MKX was in development! You know they DID increase it!!! Just a thought.

    Also... Maybe... In all the modes that haven't been told to us yet... Maybe... Even in STORY MODES... Or VARIOUS TOWERS... There could be... Just might be... SECRET CHARACTERS!!!

    Cause you know. This is mortal Kombat and that's just what they do.

    Also QLOC is responsible for the PC side & they've trolled us before so I would seriously take ANY LEAK with a grain of sand.
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  14. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    Did they though? MK11 is relatively far in the development, we had a reveal event and I've seen several people stating that the MKX roster size at the respective reveal was final. I can't confirm, does anyone have visual proof for either side?

    Secret characters were teased by a dev though, I'm really hoping for these.
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  15. SenSx

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    I have checked, and at E3 MKX was indeed missing one slot (Goro's).
    It was still missing in Kombat Kast 1, and added in the second (although the placement looked weird because it was not aligned yet since they did not have the random case at the time).
    So yea they just added that one, and fairly early during the pre-release promoting period.

    I red somewhere they said there would be secret characters for MK11, and the select screen looks fishy to me at the moment (they usually do squares or rectangles for easy navigation) so there is that.

    But could they really afford to make more than 25-26 characters ?
    It seems like their limit in their games, although I2 had 28 on base roster if I'm correct.
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  16. Injustice 2 had 28 base roster and 38 characters in the end.

    If MK11 is starting off with 25 (Make it 26 with Shao Kahn) then when the final 6 DLC come out it'll be at 32. Which is one character more than MKXL, but 6 less than I2 in the end. So, either there are gonna be some secret characters to unlock that they aren't telling us about, there's gonna be a Kombat Pack 2, or they decided to shorten the roster as a whole for some reason.
  17. Sothpaw

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    Surely they wouldn't put in Jacqui, Cassie and Frost to the exclusion of Rain, Nightwolf, Havik, etc? That strikes me as absurd.
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  18. villainous monk

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    Yes. They did. Go check it out. From the very first Kombat kast in 2014 October or November till release in 2015.

    Then remember the steady progressing of dlc charaters and secret characters as well as unlockable charaters.

    It wasn't that long ago. Look at I2. It's the same standard.
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  19. Rezk

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    Just Goro addition:


    Post launch
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  20. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    Mh okay. So hope for Shao Kahn being an extra slot, but not much more.

    I dug up the interview where Paulo Garcia from the dev team talked about secret characters again. Direct quote:

    GC: Are there any secret characters that you'll be able to unlock?

    PG: There will be secret characters, sure.

    So that's actually pretty straightforward. He says there is something. Not sure if it's necessarily extra characters not on the roster yet though.

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  21. Yes, surely they'd advertise a smaller roster than there actually is. That makes sense! Secret characters are a possibility, but no we're not going to see more roster slots pop up from now until release unless it's an extra spot for Press X to Purchase Shao Kahn. People say this every time and it never happens..
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  22. DoDaMuSiC

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    He’s probably referencing to story mode unlocks like quan chi/cyber sub, shinnok, and brainiac
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  23. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    Probably yeah. At least I try to not hope for more :D
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  24. DoDaMuSiC

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    Yeah me too, since none of my favorite characters are in i gotta keep my hopes up for these unlockables
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  25. villainous monk

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    What am I supposed to be looking at?

    Goro was launch dlc.
    Shinnok was unlocked through story mode.
    Then there was all the dlc and cyber Sub-Zero was a hidden charater in Triborg.

    In MK9 it was the samething.

    Injustice 1& 2 as well.

    MK vs DC and so on.

    Really now. Y'all need to chill. Why do you want to ruin the surprise? Ain't gonna make a difference. You'll still buy the game.

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