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Guide Staves, Tights, and Finger Stripes! -A Nightwing Guide


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This is the place where you discuss tech and strategies at large. If you want some important game-play strategies and info go here and stuff. More specific inquiries go in their specific places. This place is less about asking about information and more on compiling everything here.

Yep expect this to be filled with information about Nightwing gameplay and strategies once the game is released.

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I Break Hearts, Not Combos
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NW corner shenanigans utilizing the "reversed corner jump" glitch.
Discovered by: HighOnPCP / @7r17r1

By utilizing the "reversed corner jump" in which your character tries to jump in a direction but is stopped by an invisible "wall", you can create some extremely ambiguous crossovers. Neutral jumping can give you the same setups in theory, but visually is easier to spot and identify.

NW safe jump set ups
Discovered by: raisedbyfinches
Safe jumps, prevalent in games like KoF, essentially as the name implies, gives you a safe jump in.

NW 50+% corner chip
Discovered by DoctrineDark
Utilizing the extreme advantage and forced stand of the enhanced staff spin on block (+18), you can squeeze in another staff spin and enhance it, creating massive chip damage and meter build.
You can use 1f1 into enhanced staff spin if the opponent isn't using armored options or mashing out their super. 1f1 into enhanced staff spin has small gaps because of the slight pushblock. Staff spin repetitions are guaranteed though and cannot be armored nor interrupted.

NW crossover combo finisher
Discovered by EGP Wonder_Chef / NightwingDayZero
When ending a combo juggle midscreen with f213xx4xxstaffspinxx4 , immediately dash forward into jump in 2. It crosses over and beats some wakeups.

NW Ghetto corner Reset
Discovered by GuamoKun
In staff stance in the corner end your preffered combo with enhanced ground burst. Some wakups are stuffed and if it connects, the opponent is launched for full combo. If they block, you are at extreme advantage.


I Break Hearts, Not Combos
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NW Escrima Corner "Infinite"
Discovered by STB TakeAChance
112 gives you enough advantage to perform his u3 (overhead) or u3,d3 (overhead feint into low) string which gives you enough advantage to do his 112 string. See where this leads? the gap between the 112 and the subsequent followup has a 4-5 frame gap which can armored through but can not be beaten by any normals if you plan on doing the 112 first.. Also hits high so keep in mind hit box detection and character specific hitbox sizes. Chip damage is minimal in this game sans special moves but this is a great strtegy to open up your opponent. if the u3 followup hits, it forces stand block since its an overhead but if you just want to hit them then go for the low or just throw them.

NW's "Doomsday" setup.
Discovered by GuamoKun
d12 gives +8 advantage, which isnt enough for a jump in, but is decent. Follow it up with a semi delayed j3 which can be hard to anti air and then follow that up with d12. This is similar to the habit that all Doomsday's have of "j d+3 33 repeat ad nauseum". if the j3 hits, and you're mindlessly mashing out the d12, you have time to hitconfirm it into df2, creating small combo opportunities. Its gimmicky as hell but hey, if Doomsday players get away with this so can we


I Break Hearts, Not Combos
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zaf thank you for dat correction :)
Derptile look at any Nightwing comic.

and please keep this thread to be more or less gameplay related and stuff.


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So after spending some time on other characters like YOLO Lantern & Barbara (check out my combo vids for those on my channel if you like) I went into ranked with my Dick and played some matches...some were actually pretty good skill level wise etc. so I thought I should just upload them in 4 parts (3 matches & different chars per part) so maybe some new nightwing players can learn....TO ABUSE WING DINGS lol check this shit

But for real, the other parts will actually feature some nice gameplay against chars like Bane, I know newer players have problems against the BIG dudes.

Part 2 up now:

Part 3:

Part 4: