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Tech "I'm Gonna Enjoy This!" -Official Nightwing BnB thread

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Dead Kings Rise

Shoutouts to GuamoKun for not being a failure turtle and letting me make the thread instead. :)

This thread will be updated with Nightwing's most practical BnB's to assure that Dick dominance will prevail during Injustice's lifespan. There will also be 2 OP's- One with BnB's using Stage Interactions, and one without. This will be BnB's without Stage Interactions.

Special notes from GuamoKun: xx means cancel into. notation is written in MK style. Special moves are referred to by name. MB means meter burn. Many combos can be ended with any special to fit any situation you want.

Escrima Fury=df2
Flying Grayson=bf3
Ground Spark=db2
Flip Kick=db3
Staff Spin=db3
Wing Dings= db1 in air

Starter=any string before its cancelled into a special, AKA the starting combo. Use different strings for different occasionsf213/114/b11/
Oki=short for okizeme aka knockdown game. You are standing the opponent is not.
AA=anti air. You hit your opponent out of the air
Air to air=you hit your opponent out of the air while you are in the air. some air to airs can be anti airs
xx=cancel the string into the next input
~Midscreen Meterless~

starterxxdf2 f3 j2 223
NOTES: Causes splat that lasts forever, allowing a multiple array of options.

Starterxxdf2 f3 j2 f213xxSpecial of Choice (variable damage, ~30+%)
Notes: you can cancel the first hit of the 3 in f213 into df2 for easy reliable damage, db3 for knockdown games as suggested by Saitsu, Ground Spark for oki games, or 4 into stance change and cancelled into db3 for a stance switch combo.

b2xxdf2 b2xxdb2 (19% Base Damage/27% if Ground Spark hits/21% if Ground Spark is blocked)
NOTES: The ground spark will not hit but sets up a good oki game. Somewhat gimmicky.

b2 3xxdf2 j3xxdb1 (31%)
NOTES: Extremely easy hit confirm combo. Its good brah. Max Damage off of b2.

b2 3xxdf2 b2xxdb2 (23%) + 8% from meaty ground spark.

f213df2, (f)b3, j3, f213db3/4db3 ~35%

f213df2, (f)b3, j2, j2, f213db3/4db3 ~35%

f213df2, (f)b3, j3, 3df2, j3db1 ~38%

f213df2, (f)b3, j3, 3bounce, j2, j3db1 ~40%

NOTES: Tap forward right after the fury ends for the b3 to connect.

1f1xxSPECIAL OF CHOICE (17% with Staff Spin/12% with Ground Spark/20% with Flying Grayson)

2 3 1xxbf3 (28%)
NOTES: Use this if you manage to catch the opponent with the overhead.

2 b3 j2 3 1 bf3- 36%

1f1~4 xx df2, f3, j2, f213~4 xx db3 = 31%
End in Staff

1f1~4 xx df2, f3, j2, f213 xx db3 = 32%
End in Escrima

d2~4 xx df2, f3, j2, f213~4 xx db3 = 26%
End in Staff

d2~4 xx df2, f3, j2, f213 xx db3 = 27%
End in Escrima

2, b3, j2, 3, 1 xx bf3 = 36%
End in Staff

b3, 3, 3, 1 xx bf3 = 31%
End in Staff

f3, 3, 3, 1 xx bf3 = 31%
End in Staff

~Midscreen with Meter~

STAFF: 1f1xxdb2 MB b3 j2 3 1xxbf3 (39%)
NOTES: use this for his BNB in staff stance.

1f1~4 xx MB df2, b3, j3, j3 xx j.db1 = 40%
End in Escrima 1 Meter Burned

~Corner Meterless~

ESCRIMA: b2 112 112 df2 j3 wingdings (36%)

112 112 112 4 (27%)

STAFF: 2 1 1 1 1f1xxSPECIAL OF CHOICE (33% with Staff Spin/35% Flying Grayson)
NOTES: Ground Spark doesn't combo but can be delayed for oki

J3 d12 112 df2 j3 db1 (37%)

~Corner with Meter~

STAFF: 1f1xxStaff Spin MB d1 1f1xxSPECIAL OF CHOICE (35% with Staff Spin/36% with Flying Grayson)

NOTES: the d1 into 1 is tricky but can be done. If you're not sure, follow up with d1 instead of 1. Ground Spark does not combo but can be delayed for oki

1f1xx MB Ground Spark j2 1 1 1f1 Flying Grayson (39%)
NOTES: Use this if you manage to hit confirm a 1f1.

1f1 MB Ground Spark J3 11 D2 MB Staff Spin D2 Staff Spin (48%, 50% with j2)
NOTES: 2 Bars, ends with a hard knockdown.

MB Staff Spin d1 d2 Staff Spin (29%)
NOTES: Go to combo if a MB Staff Spin actually hits someone.

~Unclashable Damage~
- F2, Flipkick MB, F3, F3 = 28%(kinda resets them standing)
- F2, Flipkick MB, B3, Ground Spark MB = 29%
- F2 ~ Super = 36%(with B2 = 37%)

- Ground Blast MB, B3, F3 = 25%
- 2, B3, Ground Blast MB(let the first whiff), F3 = 27%
- 1~Super = 36%
- 2, B3, Super = 39%


CORNER STAFF: 2 1 1 1 1 f1xxSUPER (51%)
NOTES: his super scales really badly so it isn't recommended outside of interactable resets.

~Air to Air~

J2 22 xxfury j3 db1- 30%

J3 d12xx fury- 21%

J2 J2 1 BF3- 27%

~Anti Air~

D2 b2 df2 j3 wingdings- Around 22%
Notes: D2 has a 12 frame startup, but it can be done.

D2 1 BF3 (21%)

D2xx4xx df2 b2 db2 (17% + 8% from meaty ground blast)

~Misc Combos #swaggie #dickpuns #nevergetsold~

Corner with Staff: MB Staff Spin d1 MB Staff Spin d1 MB Staff Spin (35%)

good stuff HMD, although they are pretty self explanatory, do you mind posting the notations for the combos pls? Sometimes I can't really see every hit since the video trips because my crappy internet/pc lol

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I hatelove this game
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I love staff canceling with him. he is so fun.

I cant get te game till tonight but what is his standing 1 in staff on block?
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