Sonic Fox Wins Injustice 2 at Viennality 2017

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by CrimsonShadow, Aug 6, 2017.

By CrimsonShadow on Aug 6, 2017 at 6:12 PM
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    Of all the stories to come out of this weekend's event, none will be more prevalent or have more lasting impact than the recounting of Sonic Fox and his Captain Cold. Sonic is the type of player who seems as if he has to periodically find challenges for himself -- and after winning Defend the North last week, he took on the task of facing this bracket with one of the game's least-played characters.

    And face it he did. With a relentless committment to charge Cold's trait in the neutral, after freezes, and even in the middle of an existing Level 2 trait globe show, he demonstrated the character's potential against a varied cross-section of the cast.

    Aside from Sonic's adventures, there were several other items of note from this weekend:

    • Israel's Yammini provided a strong showing, beating a very notable player in Slayer and and playing an exciting set against Foxy Grampa in Top 8.
    • Florida's Whiteboi has continued to look strong week after week, and followed his 4th-place finish at Defend the North with a 2nd place Grand Finals appearance this weekend. Since winning CEO, Whiteboi has made a convincing case for being one of this game's strongest players.
    • Theo vs. Dragon was likely one of the most insane finishes to a set we've witnessed yet
    • The US in general made a very strong showing at this event, as neither the fresh competition nor the jet lag seemed to slow the majority of Stateside players down in Vienna.

    The meta is wide open at this point -- and it's a fascinating time to be a fan, with Summer Jam and VSFighting just around the corner.

    Meanwhile, Captain Cold players: we'll be watching you :) See you next week!

    TOP 8

    1) Echo Fox | Sonic Fox (Captain Cold, Red Hood)
    2) Renegades | Whiteboi (Scarecrow)
    3) Noble Dragon (Black Adam, Aquaman)
    4) Echo Fox | Theo (Superman)
    5) Forever King (Batman)
    5) PXP | A F0xy Grampa (Deadshot)
    7) Biohazard (Harley Quinn, Bane, Deadshot)
    7) Yammini (Green Arrow)


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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by CrimsonShadow, Aug 6, 2017.

    1. Tanno
      This is the fall of EU, officially. :/
    2. B. Shazzy
      B. Shazzy

      -just yesterday
      Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
    3. Tanno
      Someone kill @RibbzScrubbz22.
    4. Protagonist_1
      Just want to say congrats to Sonic fox, really entertaining play. Yammini was my MVP of the day, that green arrow play was fire. Top 16 also deserves credit, such an amazing tournament overall and I know next year it will be so much better.
      Jelan likes this.
    5. Shaka
      Dragon is a god no matter how hard they nerf his mains, he still does it.
      supernumian and Jelan like this.
    6. ABACABB
      how ? 2 guys from eu in top 8 ...
      Humongousfungus! likes this.
    7. Tanno
      Geographically, nope.
    8. doomfarmer
      Congrats to all those players, was a seriously entertaining stream.

      Sonic just blew up the entire Captain Cold community.
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    9. D. R.
      D. R.
      Swamp Thing is now legit the only character that can't get tourney representation at the highest level due to how trash he ACTUALLY is. All alone at the bottom...

      *cue broken Titanic theme

    10. neveradestroyer
      I'd like to SonicFox to play Swamp Thing... So He blows Your downplaying community too.:p:p:p:p
    11. D. R.
      D. R.
      He's smarter than that
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    12. DC King
      DC King
      Maybe the ST community needs someone like SonicFox to play Swamp Thing so he can show ya'll the ropes :)
    13. D. R.
      D. R.
      Read one comment up. Lol
      jackempty0 likes this.
    14. DisturbedSwan
      Damn impressive winning it with Captain Cold.

      That Theo v Dragon match was the game of the tournament for me though, bloody fantastic!
    15. DC King
      DC King
      But what if he did pick Swamp Thing and at least made it to top 16 what would be said then?
      I mean he picked Joker that one time against Forever King and beat his main and we all know how the Joker community feels about their character.
    16. Juggs
      The level 2 trait, into building trait, into zoning, and back into level 2 trait is actually awesome. Awesome zoning fortress you have to get around, very entertaining at least for me to watch.

      Congrats to all players, great top 16, probably the best yet. Even though the crowd actually there looked bored the entire time. Do people there not like Injustice 2 or something??
    17. DC King
      DC King
      They probably was coming down off of that red bull high lol
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    18. D. R.
      D. R.
      But he won't. That's the thing.

    19. Juggs
      Just drop Swampy man. Pick up Scarecrow or something.
      Kotal_Wannabe likes this.
    20. D. R.
      D. R.
      That's the unfortunate situation. Can't find a new character I actually enjoy.
      Kotal_Wannabe and Juggs like this.
    21. M.D.
      Obviously all morons will now think Cold is fine.
      Kotal_Wannabe likes this.
    22. Shaka
      Damn if it wasn't for Whiteboi's SC I honestly think Dragon would've won.
    23. DC King
      DC King
      So what do you think he is...broke?
      jackempty0, x TeeJay o and M.D. like this.
    24. Juggs
      Yeah I understand. I don't enjoy anyone but Supergirl. Luckily she's far better than Swamp Ass.

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