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Ok guys, I have one serious problem and a question about this character. I have a VERY HARD TIME canceling special moves and FB from her b2, 11 string after the last hit. A little background. I am not super experienced in MK11, but I know how to do combos, cancels etc. havent played the game in a while, but I can literally do anything else with Sheeva even the bf 3, bb Mean Queen death march cancel combos with relative consistency. However the cancel on the last hist of this particular string is something that I don't understand. It doesnt seem or feel like a cancel from any of her other cancelable attacks. I have this rear moment of clarity in which I can pull of a fb 4/bf4 and FB, but when I do, I am not really doing anything special in terms of timing...and then I just start dropping it again. When I tried watching Sheeva matches I didn't really seen anyone do it(I understand that it's probably not super crucial part of her gameplan) and I have seen couple of ppl drop the cancel(u never know of course, but I got the feeling that they wanted to do a cancel in that situations).

Does anyone else have or had any problems with this. Is it something different or special about the timing that I just don't know about. I probably was able to pull it of 10 times in 1 hour...I had an easier time learning kara throws, buffered walking double 360's in SF4 back in the day....
Canceling it is very possible. I don't play her much at this point, but actually did lean heavy on b2, 11 as an alternative to 21 as long as I had the frame advantage to cover the extra 7f startup( So on knockdown or after pokes, etc).

The cancel timing actually seems super forgiving, even letting you cut off the last hit. Meaning it's 4 hits, but you can cancel after the 3 or 4th hits. The only time it gets weird is if you are accidentally hitting a stray button. So if you think you are doing b2, 11 and actually doing something like b21, 11 it won't cancel. I guess look at your input history and make sure it's what you think it is.

One thing I would recommend trying is you can hit confirm the string to make it safe by splitting up the 11. So what you actually input is b21 -> hit confirm -> 1 -> delay for the 2 mid gut punches-> cancel into special. One, this lets put out an overhead that leads to decent damage but is only -4 on block, Two is it will force you to make sure your inputs are happening the way you think they are.

Most people go right for 21 since they get lucky a lot with the overhead into her max damage. B2 doesn't lead to quite as much damage, and takes longer to start up, but when you have frame advantage you still get to go mid, overhead into combo while risking nothing, vs 21 which risks s1 punishes which still lead to massive damage against many characters/variations. 21 becomes more about having a 10f punish string than just put it out there and praying the overhead hits. I think it's worth practicing and figuring out your problem. IDK how much full Sheeva mains would agree with me, but there it is.