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Sheeva Discussion Thread


XBL tag: South of Zero
Holy Jesus sweet beautiful baby NRS Jesus you guys are right. Dragon Stance is OP as fuck. No way this move survives, enjoy it while it lasts.

I do dragon stance, snag as base. Then I use enhanced drop for scrubs or queens punishment for simple mix up mind games if they're good at avoiding stomp.

Found a crazy OS oki:

After a B 4 sweep, if you enter b2 and immediate cancel into queens punishment, you will hit them with normal or delay wakeup. It's weird bc it will do mid low on normal wakeup and mid OH low on delay. With the same input. Weird OS but it works.

Sheeva is OP lmao
Yeah, I'm glad there's a 'real' tournament with kustoms now. Maybe stuff like this will force NRS to finally adjust some abilities, which they couldn't be bothered to do before making everything kustom.


Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.
Sheeva looks incredibly fun to use, she seems to be very underrated as well. I really want to learn how to use her, but it’s best to learn how to play MK in general.


XBL tag: South of Zero
Yup, Foxy just went 6-0 in the round robin stage of the invitational. Nobody really had an answer to Sheeva dragon stance + low grab.
Every time I tune in he's not playing SMH.

That's funny bc stance, air grab, and low grab seem like the best Sheeva to me it gives you up close options.

Foxy was saying when kustoms came out that V1 was still the best version lol guess he was wrong


XBL tag: South of Zero
Anyone wanna share any anti dragon stance tech not shown in the new azeez and raptor videos?

Noobs up shadow can trade outta the stance and push her away. Loses the trade tho I think. Works for b122 stance not f4 stance


"Challenging Goro eh?"
So I'm at the point where I pretty much don't give a shit what anybody has to say about Sheeva I enjoy playing her as a mix up heavy character, so if somebody wants to pick her because I picked her and they assume I'm going to spam stomp well more power to ya because after a total of over 5000 online matches with her I can tell you for a fact 9 times of the 10 they don't know what the hell they're doing with her so I appreciate the free wins
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