SF’s 30th Anniversary Collection: Will NRS follow suit?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by Juggs, Dec 11, 2017.


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    yeah i fully support juggs on this one!
    classic mk were definitely competitive fighters!
    why? because of the arcades itselfs!
    mk2 for instance was an extremely popular game. i was back then an acade player and i tell u guys, the competition was super hard!! mk games were THE MOST PLAYED GAMES, a lot of competition, u has to be very strong to survive, otherwise u lose your money and u has to wait a long time to be able to play again haha (man i miss those magical times)
    the "casual fighting gamer" was born when fighting games come out for consoles. arcade games like mk1, mk2 and umk3 were definitely competitive fighters!! dont let nobody fool u guys, dont let anybody tell u, classic mk games were/are not "serious" fighters!
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  2. Tanno

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    If only the moneyshark WB thought of this. As long as NRS is within WB, they will NEVER ever do it.
  3. Roy Arkon

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    Well thanks for the clarification @Juggs , but I wanna point out a few more things.

    Firstly, I never said MK2 or UMK3 were never competitive games, their were competitive and they were legit ones just like the newer games. Even MKDA was competitive, and even MK VS. DC had tournaments and that was the prototype of MK9. And as for games with infinites and broken stuff like MK1, there were a lot competitive fighters with infinites and broken stuff, so I won't rule that game and other games out because of this alone. And yes, it is truly impressive that these games have stand out the test times despite not getting the level of patches the newer games got. But at the end of the day, these old games got more problems then the newer ones, not less then them. Even with the many patches they got, they were less broken, and once again, MKX is the most balanced, and thus the least broken, MK game to date. That's the only thing I think you're wrong at. If anything, there are some aspects that the new games are better then the older games and vice versa.

    And yes the older games would be for both casuals and competitive players, but mainly casuals, if they would come back in current gen systems, and it can only be good for all types of players in he community, no question about it.
  4. trufenix

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    They did think of it. There's also a ton of market research that says its a bad idea.
  5. Roy Arkon

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    How and why this is a bad idea? What the market research says?

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    @Roy Arkon
    why did u quote me?
    i did not talk to you so please stop to annoy me!
    thank you
  7. Roy Arkon

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    I quoted you because it seemed that just like Juggs, you misunderstood what I said regarding the older games. I should've clear this better, didn't mean to annoy you for no reason.
  8. Tanno

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    How is it a bad idea? Almost all the games have celebration stuff, including artbook, OST, figures, etc. Even SFV and Tekken 7 got them. IMO, if it was me, it'd be a good idea to celebrate my game with all those stuff either as an Anniversary CE (including the game), or the simple Anniversary Edition (without the game). Have seen that in the Final Fantasy series as of late with the Crystal Edition.

    Market-wise, this is a highly requested thing from every MK fan. I don't think that it's expensive to create one, such as Kombatpedia, the very book. The graphic designer does his thing, and that's all. The creator of the book has the responsibility to mass produce the book that was created along with the gr. designer. It's just a matter of how you spend the money with how much time the workers do their things.

    Based of what I know, I don't think that WB does the right thing to decline such stuff. They only think of the money rather than the anniversary itself.
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  9. Juggs

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    Exactly, not sure what @trufenix is talking about.

    This would be an easy sale, aka an easy money maker. Not sure what market he’s referring to honestly.
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  10. TAKUMA

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    what do you guys think of an umk3 hd remake?
    a new game from scratch with ggpo netcode and everything?

    capcom did it with sf2 st HD remix (that game was pure trash tho) :D
  11. Linkuei82

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    I will say this, I would love the classic MK and Mk9 to come to the current platforms with a GGPO netcode. Yes its 20+ years old but there some of us that grew up playing the games. Balance doesn't matter with that generation it was the fun factor is the point we are all trying to say and would love to play again just like SF collection.
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  12. Roy Arkon

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    That could work, but they should also add the option to revert the sprites back to their original version, like Capcom did for SF2 HDR.
  13. Mikemetroid

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    nah they can't port those older games for shit lol
  14. MKF30

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    If the demand is there and if WB sees $$ in it, yes.
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  15. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    UMK3 on XBLA aka 06 UMK3 wasn’t bad at all. The online just sucked.

    I love the classics but I want to play fresh new players. I also want to train new players and even train the current NRS kings like SonicFox, Dragon, etc to see if they like the older games competitively. I know SF was getting into UMK3 just before MKX came out. I also know players like Slayer claim they’re a god in UMk3 and I wanna show him he’s just another pleb.

    Speaking of kings, I remember Forever King complaining and saying King Lao’s infinite was hard in UMk3. Kinda irrelevant just felt it was worth mentioning.

    You know, the standard stuff.
  16. Absolutely the truth. No labbing at home for 1,000,000,000 hrs. No repeating the same combo a million times. At the arcade you either learned fast or go back to the end of the line lol.
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  17. Juggs

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    That’s another thing, if they re-released these classics, specifically MK2, UMK3, MKT and MK4 with a proper training mode, it would be a game changer.

    Personally this is what I think these games deserve.

    - Proper port to consoles
    - Either GGPO netcode or as solid of a netcode as possible for these games
    - A legitimate training mode (ex. Inj2 training mode)

    Just as important, but not AS important as the above:

    - 4 player lobbies. KoTH style.
    - Ranking and Player matches
    - In UMk3/Mkt able to play 2v2 and 3v3 online. Also an additional mode for 2v2 and 3v3 where it can essentially be 4 players for 2v2 and 6 players for 3v3. That would be dope as bell
    - Proper ranking mode, system, and leaderboards

    There’s so many other features that could be great, but don’t wanna get too greedy. If this ever even remotely becomes a possibility, I’ll add on to these.
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  18. nwo

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    I know you don't like MAME much but check this out. It's coming soon.

    (this video isn't to show off gameplay, but to show off the game I was rusty as hell)
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  19. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

    You guys are really over selling the strength of your rose tint. Just cause you say "easy money maker" doesn't make it easy, or a guaranteed money maker.
  20. Juggs

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    Nothing is ever absolute, and very few things in life are guaranteed. But the cost in production, development and the entire process VS how many people are likely to buy this = profitable. You wouldn’t even really need that many buys, it really depends on how much $$ you put into it, how much you charge for it, timing, promotion and a bunch of other factors.
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  21. Roy Arkon

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    Very true.
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  22. Tanno

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    It'd require the original creators to help with the porting, which makes it hard to do, because some of them, including John Tobias, retired from Game Development. The retro games are hard to do HD remake, unless they have the original creators to do their stuff. Even the programmers can't do shit, unless they know their own code. :/
  23. RyuKazuya

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    Well I am actually glad that there does seem to be some people, who are interested to play the classic games. I know this point has been brought up several times but I need to just point out that the brand MK itself is capable to attract a good amount of new players.
    I cannot agree more with Jugg's statement regarding the accessibility of the classic games. Especially with today's standard we need ports of the classics, which offer newer players the opportunity to use some sort of practice mode and a stable netcode in order to improve and actually put their skills to test.

    I am sure that we are about to see some interesting MK-related Kontent Komming our way!

    Hopefully we, but more importantly the MK veterans, who have been insanely loyal to the franchise, get a polished and amazing port of the old classic MK-games.
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  24. TAKUMA

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    nice words, son :)
    btw when will u visit your father again to play with him some classic mk? ;)
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  25. TAKUMA

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    we should ask ed noon via twitter regarding classic mk new gen release?
    why not?
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