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Discussion in 'Batman' started by ForeverKing, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Unfistable

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    This helps quite a bit. In the Bane matchup I normally just zone most of the time. I'll have to make sure to watch his trait and go in when he's on debuff. I've definitely been hit by that super a couple times, so I'll watch out for it.

    I try to push block when dexstarr is out pretty consistently, but I def have problems in the neutral of this match up. Maybe running some sets will help me get better at it, as well as making sure I punish low puddle from a distance with my grapple.
  2. Unfistable

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    Oh! So that is how I can get around the full screen charge. I didn't realize I could punish it when I dodge it. That will help a lot!!!
  3. ForeverKing

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    To punish charge easily, you just jump over Bane on reaction and grappling hook to full screen punish Bane anywhere on the screen
  4. SeeJWolf

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    Hey King how do you approach the catwoman matchup, and green arrow. I always get blown up once CW gets in on my zoning, and on the opposite side I have trouble dealing with savage blast from GA. Is there a reliable punish?
  5. ForeverKing

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    Vs Green Arrow you can make a read on savage black and try to grapple for a full combo. Sucks if he doesn't end up doing savage blast because he's probably going to punish your grapple with a low fire arrow and knock you and make you lose trait. But at least that option is there. Definitely a tough matchup.

    Vs Catwoman if you block a J2, release trait and it will beat any normal she does. Or you can backdash after blocking J2. Also doing let her J1 on you for free, you D2 that shit
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  6. SeeJWolf

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    I played a Bane today and all the advice you have received is solid. Zone Bane until he is in debuff then rush that shit down. Try to keep a bat when you zone, especially when you don't have meter. Like King said if he charges you can jump over and grapple for an easy punish. Im pretty sure you can jump back for a meterless punish but you might want to practice that. Having a bat would make it easier. You can also parry charge( I think) so there's that too. Like I said when you knock him down a bad Bane will wakeup uppercut. Punish it and make him respect you. Once he does you can go in and its your advantage. Back off when he has Venom. (B23 is awesome since Bane doesn't have much of an answer for this)
  7. SaucyD0ge

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    Or you can punish charge with batarang+bat+grapple mb to break armor and start you combo if Bane wants to armor charge.
  8. SeeJWolf

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    One last thing I'll say about the bane matchup is to do your longest combos when he's on debuff. Since he takes more damage when in debuff your longest combos end up doing more damage when they normally wouldn't. At least thats what it seemed to do in Inj1
  9. TheGangstaFace

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    Lol I tried to tell people that Batman has to resort sometimes to making a read on savage blast with a grapple and GA players told me I’m wrong. I think this is a harder matchup than Red Hood tbh. At least once Red Hood is down Batman will make him keep blocking. GA? Ggs
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    Seriously though! Did you forget that Brainiac is in the game?!?
  11. seakaybe

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    Hi guys,

    I need help with Blue Beetle. I play against a very good BB and he understands the Batman matchup very well. How should I approach this and can I react to his blade barrage (low spike special)? I always block his first hits high to cover the overhead but for whatever reason I can’t get down to block the low attack, and then starts rape city. His d3 is a pain in the ass but dashing forward as he goes for the cross up seems the only way to get out of trouble.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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