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NRS reports current netcode is "Running Normally" amid Instability spike reports

*UPDATE: This seems to have been addressed with the latest update to the game. If you are on current patch and having issues, fix your internet

Since the newest patch to hit Mk11 has come out users have been taking to twitter and other platforms stating they are having
issues with the netcode in its current state..but NRS begs to differ..
According the an r/mortalkombat reddit post Nrs staff user WB_Will stated that everything is "running normally"


The past few days users via twitter AND TYM have been reporting instances of lag spikes and the net code being off:

It remains to be seen if there will be further testing to be done but at the moment NRS says things are fine..

Are you also having issues with the net code post patch? Share with us below and will have more info if things change!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/
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haven't played in a while since the last patch but I played one match recently and it ran well. that probably wouldn't speak for the other matches I could've played though. the lag spike icon appears before and after matches a lot more than it did before the patch even though it doesn't affect the match itself.
It might just be PlayStation. Mine has been doing all sorts of weird shit since the update. My external hdd crashed and it keeps kicking me off psn. Are you Xbox guys going through the same shit?
Xbox One X here:
I've been having ungodly lag random spikes and constant delay on 80% of my Kasual/Ranked matches ever since the last patch. Before it was better than KI netcode.
I doubt that is the official response from WB/NRS and probably a rogue moderator/employee.

Competitive Fundamentals are nonexistent online after patch. Roll back is supposed to fix the input delay and make it even or static 4f lag but I'm experiencing more than 8f lag on 80ms connections Wired.

This removes, counter poking, reactions, anti airs, air to airs, combos, tight links, all of jaxs Kombows, dash cancels, staggers, punishers and in some cases even -14 on block moves Are Not punishable by 7f starters which is beyond absurd. Day and night difference between online vs local sets.
Its not just random online players I'm experiencing this with, its teams I practice with daily since launch. Before the patch it was very solid 2-4f lag on average now its 6-12f visual lag or more.

XB1 latest patch
Only play wired connections 100ms or better.
My router is always Wired
80MBps Upload/Download High Speed Internet
No other game lags like this for me.
Yeah I'm on Xbox too...

It's not every match for me, it's about every 3 it seems like. Lag spikes or just consistent bad delay. Often against the same person where the previous couple matches were fine.

I did play a few longer sets recently that were fairly lag free, so that was good at least. I'm from the Midwest, maybe they lived closer?
Its pretty bad for me on Xbox and I hate being forced to accept WiFi connections on ranked or kasual for that matter. Am I just running into every idiot with a toaster for modem or what cuz mine is close to 80% every 4/5 games have delay. Even vs friends I did sets with before patch with crystal clear connection.

I'm starting to think the last patch may have had an error downloading properly on some of our systems and that's why some have no issue and others hate online.
I don't get it, they say everything is okay but they discovered that there was a problem with the disconnect icon ? So not everything is okay... right ?

Oh nevermind, I now understand the choice of the words "everything is running normally". In NRS language, it means "No, the game was fucked up like that since the beginning, it's normal".
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It's been better the last several days, but spikes still appear here and there. Not nearly as bad as right after the patch though. Maybe they did do something.
They're out of touch...the online is terrible. Even fights supposedly below 100 MS you can feel problems. It only encourages all the more using the best, most abusable characters.

The game needs a massive balance patch, and a better online...I dunno if either will happen tho.
It might just be PlayStation. Mine has been doing all sorts of weird shit since the update. My external hdd crashed and it keeps kicking me off psn. Are you Xbox guys going through the same shit?
I'm on Xbox right now. I have not had any of the issues you listed. Any one else on Xbox having issues?
At least fix the damn ping indicators. I just love it when I'm automatically paired up with someone without ever getting to see the stats firsthand because the game was so confident the ping was sub 100.. but then 10 seconds later it's 200. Or when the game does show you the stats, says the ping is 100 but then it's actually 150.
From my experience, the ping shown when paired is at least 50ms lower, sometimes even more. It's ridiculous.
Alwaaaays nice to join a wifi game with 36 ping just to see it jump to 500km^3990 during matches.
"Running Normaly" soon on your best cinema.
I had 2 long online sessions with 2 different people Friday night, back to back, and not only that there was no lag or delay at all during either session, but the orange disconnect icon appeared only during the post-match option menu, and didn't appear during the actual matches at all. I'm on PS4 and all matches were on weird connection. So I had 0 issues at all. And considering that other people, even on here, saying that they had no issues as well, I guess that further proves that the problem is with them, not NRS. Because even if it appears to huge group of people, that doesn't mean it can't come from them. So yeah, it probably is the player's fault.

It might just be PlayStation. Mine has been doing all sorts of weird shit since the update. My external hdd crashed and it keeps kicking me off psn. Are you Xbox guys going through the same shit?
I also play on PS4 and like I said, I have no issues with lag or delay.