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NRS reports current netcode is "Running Normally" amid Instability spike reports

*UPDATE: This seems to have been addressed with the latest update to the game. If you are on current patch and having issues, fix your internet

Since the newest patch to hit Mk11 has come out users have been taking to twitter and other platforms stating they are having
issues with the netcode in its current state..but NRS begs to differ..
According the an r/mortalkombat reddit post Nrs staff user WB_Will stated that everything is "running normally"


The past few days users via twitter AND TYM have been reporting instances of lag spikes and the net code being off:

It remains to be seen if there will be further testing to be done but at the moment NRS says things are fine..

Are you also having issues with the net code post patch? Share with us below and will have more info if things change!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/
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FIx this shit NRS/WB

In ranked I got the option to accept on a 1 bar Boost Mobile Hot Spot user and I hit decline as I should. 10 Secs later that same user came thru but without the wifi indicator and forced me into the match. This happens more frequently and it needs to be fixed. Nothing fun about playing in lag.
Maybe it's a location issue?
Having watched a lot of Mustard's stream lately, I will say that a lot of his opponents are people I get matched up with regularly. These are Europeans. I live on the US east coast, which would explain why Mustard gets low ping to these people and I experience stuff like 140 ms.
I've noticed some issues now but exclusively against WiFi
I agree.

Wired to wired feels great but wired to wifi is terrible, every game has flashing connection icon and random ping spikes. And I know wifi is bad but it wasn't like this before the update. I used to have very stable wifi matches but now every vs wifi match slows to a crawl at times.
Had some nice lag spikes in ranked last night. Dropped a would-be 42% corner combo with Sonya that would have clinched the set. That sucked.

Oh well. Connection hasn't been too bad here lately, not like it was.
Played 4 rank matched this morning. Worst connections I've ever played in a game since playing World Of Warcraft on dial up in 2006. Really a shame to see the online in this bad of shape and that WB seems to place the onerous on the player and not the servers.