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NRS reports current netcode is "Running Normally" amid Instability spike reports

*UPDATE: This seems to have been addressed with the latest update to the game. If you are on current patch and having issues, fix your internet

Since the newest patch to hit Mk11 has come out users have been taking to twitter and other platforms stating they are having
issues with the netcode in its current state..but NRS begs to differ..
According the an r/mortalkombat reddit post Nrs staff user WB_Will stated that everything is "running normally"


The past few days users via twitter AND TYM have been reporting instances of lag spikes and the net code being off:

It remains to be seen if there will be further testing to be done but at the moment NRS says things are fine..

Are you also having issues with the net code post patch? Share with us below and will have more info if things change!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/
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I've been having problems since the last update. I literally just tried to play two different ranked sets and got disconnected before the set even started.

W/L doesnt mean shit but it's very irritating taking L's in ranked over connection issues. Aaaggghhhh
I have a question. Why does it sometimes seem like you run into the same two or three names over and over again in queue? Is this a related issue?
This happens with me as well. I am playing on PS4 in Europe and sometimes I get the same opponent twice in a row which is annoying if they play on wifi. I can't believe that the playerbase is not big enough to avoid this.
Of course....I mean, it's not like we can prove that they're lying, and they know it. Welp, they got my $60 but unless my man buys me any DLC, I won't be. Damn sure not paying to travel and compete in this game if I can not properly train a variety of match ups online.
It might just be PlayStation. Mine has been doing all sorts of weird shit since the update. My external hdd crashed and it keeps kicking me off psn. Are you Xbox guys going through the same shit?
I saw more teleporting characters yesterday than in the entirety of the game's life. I'm talking Cassies and Johnnys that appear in front of you with their hitbox out, instead of having any actual startup animations. Geras is terrifying enough when he's not moving like the ghosts in House on Haunted Hill...
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Yeah I'm on Xbox too...

It's not every match for me, it's about every 3 it seems like. Lag spikes or just consistent bad delay. Often against the same person where the previous couple matches were fine.

I did play a few longer sets recently that were fairly lag free, so that was good at least. I'm from the Midwest, maybe they lived closer?
I've maybe seen one instance of serious lag. But 90% of my online games are totally fine tbh. Playing on xbox. Though I do have a stupidly fast fiber optic connection.