Net Neutrality: What is all the talk about?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by kabelfritz, Nov 21, 2017.

By kabelfritz on Nov 21, 2017 at 6:42 PM
  1. kabelfritz

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    There has been an enormous amount of discussion on the internet no matter where you're visiting, about Net Neutrality. What is it exactly? Imagine your internet service provider (ISP, i.e. Comcast, Verizon, etc) starting new pricing packages where accessing websites like Facebook now cost $8.99 /per month. Without net neutrality, ISP's will potentially have the power to split rates... see this image below for an example:

    Source: RoKhanna

    This affects us all as gamers and forum goers because if Net Neutrality goes away, ISP's will be able to charge what they want for the individual sites, plans, etc.

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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by kabelfritz, Nov 21, 2017.

    1. MidTierHarley
      Didnt ever say that, i said exactly why lol, and this all started because someone asked why is America great i replied why, and then a bunch of people were like no.
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    3. Juggs
      I used to work 70 hour weeks. It was the best time of my life. I didn’t have a lot of free time but I sure did have a lot of money. I could basically get anything I needed or wanted when I needed or wanted it. I only had Sunday’s off, but if we were allowed to work Sunday’s I woulda worked Sunday’s as well. Working those hours isn’t bad when you like your job and co-workers.
    4. Eldriken
      It's especially not bad when you get that paycheck. I'm a big fan of over time. I love my job and co-workers, which makes it much easier to do. It may suck at times (being tired, sore, etc), but it's worth it on payday.
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    5. kabelfritz
      about that study: does it also consider that things like healthcare and university are basically free in almost all of europe and rent is way cheaper? but im also not saying that europe is perfect, actually i blame massive cuts in social security since 2005 for a downfall thats going on. income inequality is on the rise in europe big time.

      About the fire starter thing: america is basically responsible for the whole middle east and terrorism situation, beginning at destabilizing the iranian secular democracy (yes you read that right) ín the 1950s which the CIA admitted as you can even read in the guardian.
      its up to yourself to research the whole chain of events this got going, cumulating in the rise of the islamic state. and also, plese dont tell me vietnam was a legit military intervention.

      and communsim, yeah, stalins ill-advised communistic dictature was surely stopped for good. that does not mean that any form of regulation for the good of the political community of a country needs to be abandoned.
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    6. Esruck Cype
      Esruck Cype
      This post and Tony at Home are some of the shining examples in this thread of arguing socioeconomic and geopolitical issues with people that aren't even old enough to vote.

      There is one clear side against net neutrality, and ISPs have been going after new media for years as cord-cutting keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you are actually old enough to vote (or not, even), contact your Congress-critter and threaten their term if they don't stop this, especially if you live in a red state
    7. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
      I've had shitty experience that would legit require counciling if I had to work 80 hrs, I just want a decent 40 hour job, nthx on working that much
    8. Swindle
      Do you think Carrie Fisher and Charles Manson are dancing to a Leonard Cohen song in the afterlife right now?
      Asking for a friend.
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    9. Eldriken
      If you dislike your job and/or your co-workers, you're definitely -not- going to want to put that much time in.

      You'd be surprised what a job that you really enjoy will do to change your mind.
      The study, which based on what you said and how you responded you did not read. Second of all that has nothing to do with how much poor people in the U.S make/live, im also not trying to start an argument on healthcare, or university, all i said was poor people in the u.s make almost as much as the middle class of Europe which is a fact. Also about the whole firestarter stuff, sure the U.S has messed up before sure, but again as far as foreign aide and diplomatic relations go the U.S has helped the world immensely, so no through history they are not the fire starters.
    11. Esruck Cype
      Esruck Cype
      Never worked a 60+ week job, but did have to work almost 72 hours straight as a semi-underpayed independent contractor for a tech startup to help build the company with people I liked for a project I enjoyed. Still one of my best experiences in the American workforce. YMMV
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    12. kabelfritz
      i have read the mises link but still have those questions.
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    13. Esruck Cype
      Esruck Cype
      I think you guys are indeed on both sides, but I'd like to offer an olive-branch additive. Even if net neutrality controls were recent, history has usually shown that laws can be reactive rather than proactive. Anti-trust protections were put in place when companies started trying to corner markets when new resources/tech were discovered. Even if they weren't in place before because no issues never came up before, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be now.

      I'm sure early developing societies didn't have a "don't kill people" until a few malcontents decided to kill people with impunity and ruin things for everybody until enough people decided "hey, don't kill people; it's bad for society"
    14. Da Tac0
      Da Tac0
      I'm just glad I don't gotta pay 42% of annual income in taxes since I make over 52k like some countries. Specifically Germany. It's hilarious to think you're considered wealthy when you don't even make 6 figures.
    15. Esruck Cype
      Esruck Cype
      I was top of the food chain when I still lived in Mississippi and made 70K. Yet, teachers in Silicon Valley make 6 figures are considered lower middle class. This is the same country. Not every place is the same.
    16. Da Tac0
      Da Tac0
      Yeah but also the US is also a lot bigger so state taxes are gonna play a part here my post was in reference to federal government tax
    17. Juggs
      Let’s all just move to Florida where they don’t have an income tax. I mean my Sister and Brother-in-law make like $300k a year combined and I have to pay more taxes than they do and I don’t even make half of that.
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    18. trufenix
      The reason net neutrality is going to fail is because y'all couldn't go 2 pages without turning reasonable political discourse into OMG COUNTRY WARZ and now we're on page seven of arguing wether or not you can get a job in america. I look forward to paying for google cause people would rather do this than vote.
    19. TopTierBarry
      yeh but then you have to interact with people from florida
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    20. kabelfritz
      oh and about that forbes article: its apparently based on widely accepted numbers, but its conclusions are so far-fetched that i have to doubt the way they were calculated. the article literally claims that this guy:


      is actually equally wealthy as this guy:


      The exact Quote is: "Even if you're stuck in the bottom 5% of the US income distribution your standard of living is about equal to that of the top 5% of Indians"
      considering this, the numbers really have to be rechecked.
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    21. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home

      What the fuck TYM.
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    22. A F0xy Grampa
      A F0xy Grampa

      You don't need to link me to studies lol.

      You don't have to be particularly well informed to notice the difference in lifestyles in America in comparison to other countries, especially if you've been to all of these countries.

      A good way to open your eyes would be see how well you fare surviving in your own country on your own for x amount of time, then try it again in another country. A study won't show you truth of living it.

      America doesn't even have a minimum wage do you?

      Also to deny the fact America was built on the backs of slaves is actually insane, and to think your countries wealth is legitimate or on your own backs, it's not. It's through war and slavery. But since slavery isn't American anymore, war will have to do.

      There's plenty of reasons why America isn't great, and isn't a top tier 1st world country. But I only have this opinion based on experience with America and plenty of other countries first hand.

      America is good, but overhyped, not the safest country by a long shot, designed to milk you dry/kill you. But at least it's not an existence like living in Mexico being beheaded for just knowing the wrong people
      built on slaves? so was rome, SO WAS ENGLAND, so was Egypt, so was Russia so is north korea so is pretty much every developed country in the world. unfortunately.

      there is something in which there is no cure and there never will be. its called the human condition.

      I have been to almost every major country in the world. America is the best place to live and provides the most opportunity despite what propaganda says. yes there are major issues in this country just like every other one.

      question our freedom? go to Saudi Arabia and kiss your girl friend on the street or make a post on facebook about being gay. we live in a country were you can say f u to the president right on twitter using your real name and nothing happens. try that in Russia. et cetera et cetera et cetera

      to be clear I am not saying yeah murica and everywhere else sucks. there are many many places in this world that are safe and just fine to live.
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      poverty in the united states still means a place to live, cable, cell phone and free money from the government to buy alcohol if you want. strange
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    25. CrimsonShadow
      Google would have solved that for you (but yes, we do) :D

      It's not high enough across the board imo -- but it does exist.

      Agreed on not being very safe for a first-world country.
      Agreed on the general standard of living being lower, with the caveat that the standard of living can become amazing if you're willing to do what's necessary to put yourself in a higher-income bracket.

      I think the best part about the USA is the Opportunity -- but opportunity by definition isn't something that's automatically paid out for everyone; you have to take advantage of it in order to get the benefits. We are quite possibly #1 for opportunity in the world, though not for general standard of living.
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