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My Black Canary Tech Thread


gotta take it to make it
isnt that some day 1 stuff? reseting by delaying the overhead/low option?
The concept is old stuff that was corner only and 4 bars to kill iirc, so I took the concept and made it tons better by making it doable midscreen and only 2 bars, which was done by adding my own tech.


Just did this in a match, if youre in the Metropolis Bar in the corner with the kegs and have lvl 3 scream stocked, you can throw a keg and confirm into lvl 3 trait for full punish. The keg is unblockable and travels low so most people will jump it and get caught by the scream if they avoid it.
Any standing resets you guys use? I like to try and find work-arounds for people who do nothing but air tech and delay wakeups against Canary.


If you end up your combo with 112 1+3, you get a jump 2/3 (cross up) (depending on the character your fight against)... If they delay their wake up you follow up your empty jump by a standing 2 and hold up, and they're fucked by the mixup while they get up.
For the standing reset, 11 on hit gives you a guaranteed 2. For example: Whatever combo into level 3 scream, dash, jump 2, 11 and then you have your 2.
Hi I did not find "tech" to side switch in corner after BnB ending combos with 33xxDF3. No matter what I try the 21/23 always face to the corner. I can only side switch (and wake up side switch) if I FJ after the ender.

I saw few matches where there was a side switch so I am curious how to do it.
I tried the same matchup (Flash/Robin) and same stage to reproduce it but failed.

Thanks. :)