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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by KingKhrystopher, Jan 17, 2019.

By KingKhrystopher on Jan 17, 2019 at 12:41 PM
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    For everything that happened onstream, visit here

    Today at 10:30 AM PST the official Mortal Kombat 11 Livestream will begin. Here's all the information you may want to know!


    First Look at MK11


    Obviously the biggest thing to note, Mortal Kombat will get its first official ingame gameplay reveal today. It will be hosted by Mr. Joshua Gray, who has hosted previous events for MKX, including tournaments and character reveals. In addition, a few of our own staff will be in attendance, whom you can see here.
    (They are both quite gorgeous.)

    Celebrity Face-Offs and Exhibition Matches

    This is another thing you may have heard of, but MK Day will be packed with famous and familiar faces, including but not limited to Zelina Vega, Ronda Rousey, and Geoff Keighley, just to name a few.
    There will also be a series of 4 Exhibition Matches played by some of your favorite Pro Players, including SonicFox, Rewind, Honeybee, and Tweedy!
    (Source: Brian Tong Twitter)​

    For a comprehensive breakdown of when exactly ever event is to take place, please visit this thread:

    Aftera long break, the player exhibition matches were streamed that you are able to see above. Here are the results!

    Rewind vs. SonicFox
    vs. Dragon
    Grr vs. Scar
    Hayatei vs. Honeybee

    And after these sets were run, Tweedy came out to fight against SonicFox, and SonicFox crushed Tweedy, beating him with a 3-0 Victory.

    For all info
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by KingKhrystopher, Jan 17, 2019.

    1. Pizza
      I don't really like Kano's militaristic designs. I'm still hoping to something closer to bald Kano from MK3.
    2. scrillantro
      Yeah I wonder how hard some of them are to remember. Like in one of the fights today, Ultra Dave asked 16bit how something was a krushing blow, and 16bit said something like "ummm I think this one is if you perfect block the first hit, but fail at perfect blocking the second hit, it becomes a krushing blow." No way will I remember that kind of shit for every character.
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    3. kevkopdx
      Yes, exactly. I guarantee there will be characters that have easier executions than others... seems too complicated, not only will we inevitably face nerfs/buffs to moves, now we may see nerfs/buffs to execution on crushing blows for these moves. Granted, this is all conjecture but I’m just not into the concept. At all. We’ll see how it goes!
    4. CrimsonShadow
      This game feel is definitely very, very different from MK9. If anything it reminds me of MK2.
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      The back piece says "CAGE", so if Cassie wasn't already confirmed, this oughta be the last push.

      I'm actually REALLY intrigued how a Cassie that doesn't live or die by running and stamina is going to play...
    6. Marinjuana
      If you take the time to learn how to block crazy ass mixups in MKX then you can take a few for krushing blows
    7. Marinjuana
      You don't it much here but one of the most common complaints I've seen about MKX is that it passed on klassic characters for new blood, particularly with issue to the Kombat Kids
    8. kevkopdx
      Blocking mixups is a visual process, how the fuck are you going to know if the requirement for a crushing blow is block 4 uppercuts then do it? You can’t, you’re gonna have to be looking this shit up. That’s my problem with this.
    9. Marinjuana
      Blocking and punishing correctly still isn't something you just learn without practice or just getting hit by it a million times. I really think you are overblowing how hard it is to learn of a couple situations with each character which you'll probably only see one or two per character in casual play. Most of the requirements will likely be intuitive such as whiff punishing and whanot.

      It's going to add depth to the game for the better, I don't see why the game needs to be dumbed down so much when it already panders to casual play so heavily
    10. kevkopdx
      I’m not trying to overblow anything, I said it was conjecture and we’ll see how it plays out. What I’m saying is I don’t like the concept, it’s not some game breaker for me or anything. In concept it seems like it can be annoying especially if some characters are granted full combo punishes and some don’t and whether or not some characters will have easy execution ones and others don’t or if you have to keep track of how many times your opponent has done something or if they performed a flawless block, it’s just another layer of balance that seems over complicated. That being said, it could be totally fine, this is just initial opinions and observations based on watching a pre release build.
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    11. Bucketfeet
      Ok what is up with sub zero's neutral stance? He's holding his hands parallel to each other like he's holding a melon. And he even walks like that..... c'mon nrs... the other characters all look great
    12. HeavyNorse
      It's Kung Fu.
    13. NothingPersonal
      Idk, Subs looks great.
      Looks like they're going with post-apokalyptic look of the game.
    14. Bucketfeet
      How do you guys feel about the color scheme of the gold health and meters?
      I kinda wish the two separate meters had different colors for better differentiation.

      Oh and remaining health shown as ×/1000 and combo damage not being in %?
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    15. kevkopdx
      I don’t mind the UI color scheme and will probably just get used to the health system.. I do however think the font and design of Finish Him is ugly af lol
    16. Apex Kano
      Apex Kano
      Watch your tone, or I have to cut it out. (In my Kano Voice)
    17. theotherguy
      I don't think it's as nice as the MKX design. Seems too busy by comparison. Colours are nice though, a good change from the stark white previously.

      And i'm not sure why they went with the horizontal/vertical meter. Surely one on top of the other? Or circular one would have worked? I don't know, just looks a little off.
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    18. Clutch8
      and here it is. The gif I've been waiting for.
    19. legion666
      You are confusing krushing blows with fatal blow. Krushing blows, you have like 6 of them with their own activation requirements and you can do as many of them as you want as long as you meet these requirements. Fatal blow is what you can do only once per game and you can only do it when you are below 30% health.
    20. Rearawt
      Both Krushing Blows and Fatal Blows are limited to once per game
    21. projectzero00
      Honestly I wasn't a fan. Seems too bright and busy for MK. I absolutely loved MKX in terms of design and was hoping they would keep the darker, toned down colours for future games. It will get some time getting used to.
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    22. Clutch8
      The crowd was hype as fuck. Unfortunately the crowd mic mix was sometimes flat on the stream. The 'are you ready' and introducing Ed Boon was deafening in the venue.
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    23. Clutch8
      ... I can't wait for Kombat Kast.
    24. legion666
      Are you sure about that?) was it stated?
    25. Rearawt
      Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was, but I can't remember whether 16bit or K&M said it

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