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Mortal Kombat 11 Livestream - MK Day Official Thread

I don't think it's as nice as the MKX design. Seems too busy by comparison. Colours are nice though, a good change from the stark white previously.

And i'm not sure why they went with the horizontal/vertical meter. Surely one on top of the other? Or circular one would have worked? I don't know, just looks a little off.
Agree. Now it looks like a good frame around the entire screen. A circle meter for one of them would def make it better.

Also loved that mkx showed the 50% and 25% marks of the health bar


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The crowd was hype as fuck. Unfortunately the crowd mic mix was sometimes flat on the stream. The 'are you ready' and introducing Ed Boon was deafening in the venue.
My man. Well you did an excellent job of keeping everything moving and energetic through the morning, so kudos to you. Also, the stage/set production was really amazing.. Beyond even what I expected.

Also we heard the pop for Ed and that made me really happy. It was great to see all the love flowing around, and it seemed like that made Ed briefly emotional too. Warm fuzzies all around.


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"main game has TONS of classics"



Tanya and Fujin are considered klassics too, right?
When you take clickbaits a little too far.

Anyway unfortunately I wouldn't consider Fujin and Tanya classics. Fujin was asked for a lot though, so he might have a chance, not so much Tanya unfortunately.

That said D'Vorah was one of the last characters I expected to make the MK11 roaster, so you never know.