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More MKX DLC Konfirmed; Koming First Half of 2016


Salty Mashers Krew
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I can live with not playing new characters until 2016, I like what that implies for the game's overall lifespan, but I really just want to KNOW who the new characters will be. If I was a cat, curiosity would have killed my ass by now.


King of Edenia.
RAIN is the second one you can clearly see that there is no gap between the arm and the body because of a cape. Rain has a cape.

#fuq guest characters

Doctor Future

Baraka Lives!
Watch the announcement be..

"Hey MK fans, 4 new characters will join the kast! _____, ______, _____, _____! Koming early 2016!!
Also, we'll give you some skins and the pit stage too!
Please wait for it!"

LOL :(


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It's clear that they did not plan further DLC after the KP1, and i'm okay with them taking more time to make them actual full complete characters. I just wish there could be a stage pack rather than just one stage, but i'm okay with that too. I'm kinda ticked I still have to wait 4+ months to be able to play as Fujin but I think it'll be better for the game in the long run.


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Seems likes a long time--I figured at least Q4 of this year.

Guess we shall see. I'm just happy they FINALLY acknowledged a second Kombat Pack.


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I play on PC, no local scene, so I'm restricted to online which is atrocious.
80 usd I'll never get back.

I will not be spending a penny more and I encourage you, who's reading this, not to do so either, UNTIL we see proof about mkx netplay reaching the quality of today's average online game.