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Discussion in 'Tier Lists' started by Hero101, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Load times to me are something you can't really even consider as a factor in quality since there's nothing they can do about it. They only have enough ram to load a handful of characters and even then they have alternate sounds as well. If you adjust some of the settings the load times are more than tolerable.

    I remember when Sega CD came out, they advertised the hell out of Sewer Shark and one of the things they said was "You can grab a Gatorade between levels."
  2. RoGE

    RoGE Noob

    Well, if its loading times you hate then the PC version is the way to go, almost no loading at all.
  3. Hecatomb

    Hecatomb Noob

    werent the boss characters god tier?
  4. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    I'd have to disagree with ya there because if it happens in mid gameplay(which although rare, has happened to me on the MKT PSX and MK4 version) is very annoying when I'm in midcombo.....that's not supposed to happen man lol.

    The loadingf for 30-40 seconds in between matches I can adjust to but during fatalities or mid gameplay that's when it starts to get a little bit irritating...

    MK4 especially on PSX, god it's aweful IMO. :evil:
  5. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    I've never seen loading time in the middle of gameplay on MKT for PSX. Fatality load time happens when you have more than 2 different characters playing. The between round loading can be shortened significantly with the options. Aside from that, now if you play it on an emulator, you can adjust the game frame rate to 53fps and use throttle to skip load times entirely.
  6. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Yeah, I know dude, I'm just telling you some of my bad experiences lol.

    Also, I'm sure you know and I remember reading about it a while ago but what's the deal with Shang and his morphs man on the PSX version? :? the load times you can't morph like you could on the N64 or arcade version.
  7. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Yeah that's the only time there's loading mid game and if you limit morphs to 3 in the options you can be all the male female and robot ninjas resulting in 12 morphs if your opponent picks one of them, but even still all male and female ninjas and another character is still plenty of morphs. I thought you meant something similar to the MKII PSX game where it would have load times for things like special moves or some random errors which could only be linked to your copy.
  8. ButtManV3

    ButtManV3 Noob

    so when are the MKT guides coming out?
  9. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Ohh no, no I was referring just on his morphs...personally the characters I use a lot he can't morph into due to the number amount so I don't use him at all in the PSX version, I mean I hardly use him period but like to here and there since he can morph the loading-limit morph thing turns me off a little bit.

    Cool, MKT guides? That's right, forgot about them. Probably take lots of time.

    Noob>Rain>>everyone else lol
  10. Kaiba

    Kaiba Noob

    Does this same list apply to the buggy Saturn port as well?
  11. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    I haven't really sat down and examined the specific wording needed to write guides for the MKT exclusives and some of the notes for existing characters. There's so much we want to do for the site still.
  12. mrkasumi

    mrkasumi Noob

    As it seems. Since so much hasnt been done, and I understand it takes time so done take it the wrong way!
  13. ded

    ded Elder God

    i played mkt saturn about few weeks ago and i didnt noticed any difference between psx and pc ports btw
  14. Kaiba

    Kaiba Noob

    I think Dreemer told me in another topic that the Saturn port is just like buggy PSX.

    I have been trying to get a copy, but not willing to pay $150 on ebay just yet.

    OMGTOASTY Banned

    I think Kabal is #2 even though Rain has an easy infinite. And where's the Trilogy for N64 tier list? Classic Sub-Zero should be in top 10.
  16. Derek

    Derek Noob

    Kabal is not better than rain. Rain has the same EXCELLENT normals as the other ninjas. Rain's infinite isn't just easy to do, it's easy to setup. If they jump in...anti-air roundhouse and they're done for. Not to mention the raindrop, you can control them and move them to setup the infinite. The lightening bolt isn't as useful, but it can lead to big damage combos. His auto-combo starts the infinite. Pretty much any situation can start the infinite. One mistake and they're done for. Where as Kabal has a hard time against Noob Saibot, H. Smoke, Scorpion, Ermac and Rain. Kabal has a hard time with all of the ninjas in MKT(PSX) except C. Sub(because he's garbage in PSX MKT).
  17. HAHAHAHAHA what the hell for?
  18. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

    For the N64 he's definatly #5 material. He's a beast in MKT N64
  19. well yeah the ice shower but NOT psx

    Edit: oops, didn't see the rest of his post cuz im (soap bar in my mouth)

    OMGTOASTY Banned

    Yeah, I see what you're saying but I still feel a amazing Kabal would be able to avoid all of that.

    *Hooks N64 back up and boots MKT*
  21. Derek

    Derek Noob

    I don't see how. You could just sit in the corner with Rain spamming the raindrop. If Kabal rushes you it might be hard to get away but other than that, he's pretty much fucked. He jumps in, infinite. He jumps back, raindrop, infinite. Rain and Noob are untouchable as far as tier seed goes.
  22. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

    Exactly. Playing against Noob, or Rain with Kabal (in most cases {99.9%}) Kabal will get butt raped. He cannot compete with them. Yes in MKT his spin is SUPER FAST, but can be blocked and if its blocked by noob...INF, Rain...INF!! Nuff said.
  23. DarkMoon

    DarkMoon Noob

    I was thinking since shang tsung can't do a morph untill 3rd hit after GE. Should this be taken into consideration of him being maybe lower then Mileena.
  24. Motaro is the #1 tier in the game though :) I don't know about the PS version but in the N64 version his kick does 33% damage and his Fire Balls can be shot almost like a stream becasue it takes a second for the ball to go off and once it gets blocked or hits the opponent you can shoot another one plus his teleport is nice.
  25. Derek

    Derek Noob

    Bosses aren't considered in the tier list and even so it's stated on like the third page that Shao Kahn is better than Noob Saibot and Rain. Thus making him better than Motaro.

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