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Discussion in 'Tier Lists' started by Hero101, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Hero101

    Hero101 Noob

    Hi Guys

    new to the board, been playing mk sine the first one in arcade but only ever relied on specials... Recently me and my mates cracked out MKT on psx and I wanted to know who the best chracters where?

  2. dreemernj

    dreemernj Ambassador

    We pretty much ignore the bosses because they are barely even playable characters they were hacked in so poorly.

    So, not counting them, the 2 best characters are Noob Saibot then Rain.
  3. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Approximate tier list for now will talk with ded_ about it later, I don't have time at the moment to go over the finer points of the characters in my head. I'll edit it later.

    1. Noob Saibot
    2. Rain
    3. Kabal
    4. Human Smoke
    5. MK2 Kung Lao
    6. Baraka
    7. Kung Lao (1 spin per combo limit brings him down out of relative UMK3 placement amongst the new characters but movement during spin keeps him high)
    8. Kano
    9. Reptile
    10. Ermac
    11. Nightwolf
    12. MK2 Jax
    13. Robot smoke
    14. Scorpion (forward teleport punch brings him up)
    15. Sindel
    16. Jax
    17. Raiden
    18. Sonya
    19. Kitana
    20. MK1 Raiden
    21. Stryker
    22. Sektor
    23. Unmasked Sub-zero
    24. Jade
    25. Liu Kang
    26. Classic Sub-zero
    27. Cyrax
    28. Shang Tsung
    29. Mileena
    30. MK1 Kano
    31. Johnny Cage
    32. Sheeva
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  4. ded

    ded Elder God

    nice job, i have some suggestions, but i will post only t10 and will talk with shock later about it:

    1. noob
    2. rain
    3. kabal
    4. hsmoke
    5. mk2kl
    6. baraka (or 7)
    7. mk3kl (or 6)
    8. kano
    9. reptile
    10. ermac
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  5. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    It is possible that the tiering becomes an issue due to the closeness and effectiveness. Essentially when dealing with H Smoke, both Kung Laos and Baraka, they are all 2 mistakes and you're done. Tactically the matches can go either way with them. Both Baraka and Kung have incredibly broken moving fully controlled special launches. Baraka's requires less effort to get enough damage needed to completely run away, catch up or turn around a match. MK2 Kung's rj pressure, chip damage, and huge combos are always a threat, plus his teleport with a SUJK into combo is ownage. MK3 Kung is still dangerous though because of just how broken the spin is.

    Ded_ and I also talked more about MKII Jax, as he is quite powerful and I threw him in the top tier but didn't completely rank him. Eventually I'll make a run down of all the MKT characters but that won't be until after we make UMK3 video tutorials.

    MKII Jax has the air sonic wave which can be mixed with the ground one for ultimate lockdown potential. The waves can almost literally trail eachother in varying or exact height making a projectile half the width of the screen. It's super stupid and wrong. He has MKII damage, meaning, his standing HK does 18 or 19% vs 15%, his uppercut is 24% vs 21.5%, and his RH is 20% vs 18%. SUJK does more as well as rjs, chip damage. 45% punisher, his HK - groundpound strats can work to an extent, backbreakers, etc. He is almost a complete character if he had a containment. He is probably ranked closer to 11.
  6. Hero101

    Hero101 Noob

    cool thanks guys... I usually only play as cyber smoke and noob so I wanted to learn a few other characters... Based on the list I want to learn Kabal and human smoke since I casually use scorpion aswell though I only do the 4 hitter with him :cry: and I read the guide for hsmoke and he sounds better :lol:

    btw what makes rain and noob top as opposed to kabal? did they tone him down from umk3 or these to just all round better?

  7. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    Noob and Rain have easy infinites.
  8. DAVE101

    DAVE101 Noob

    Rain has an easy infinite. Noob saibot is number one for many different reasons. Even if he didn't have infinites, which is nowhere as easy as rain's. I think noob's infinites still pose a large amount of difficutly.
  9. Hero101

    Hero101 Noob

    Cool.... So Is anyone going to create a noob and rain character guide?
  10. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    After the UMK3 video tutorials are finished.
  11. Hero101

    Hero101 Noob

    What is the best counter to noob? besides a noob mirror match?
  12. ded

    ded Elder God

    sub-zero's ice clone in mk3 is one of the most broken moves ever
  13. Hero101

    Hero101 Noob

    lol ded you where so quick in your reply, I looked at the sub zero chracter guide and I got my question answered so I edited the post. Thanks!
  14. ded

    ded Elder God

    yeah, i notice you edited it lol

    i havent played mkt much competetively but seems there is just no noob counter character, he is really few level more than any other characters including rain.

    after all you need one disabler to win, retalation, tak, aahp counter, rj counter and so on...
  15. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    Doesn't he still have his close HP stun move?

    Can you imagine if they included MKII kit/mil? :confused:
  16. Mr Wiggl3s

    Mr Wiggl3s Noob

    how is noob ranked #1?
  17. dreemernj

    dreemernj Ambassador

    He moves very fast, and his disabler comes out almost instantly and travels extremely fast and guarantees enormous damage. Once you hit someone with it you can restun them pretty easily too with correct timing.
  18. RoGE

    RoGE Noob

    johnny cage would be listed too low, he gots one of the easiest 50% combos,
    punch starter then do his popup combo, JK, shadow kick, I think that was around 50% (in N64 version though, they weakend that combo to like 34% but the list you got is PSX) and for a few more percent, in corner add a HP after the JK and thats like 54%

    all he has to do is that easy 50% combo twice and he gots the game won.
  19. Kaiba

    Kaiba Noob

    Johnny Cage pointer-
    If your near the corner its better to start with a SUJK then his pop-up, jumpkick, roundhouse, shadow kick. Its 66% on the PSX and 40% on the N64.
  20. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Connecting a JP starter to pop up for 50% would not be considered as easy as running in and starting a low hitting combo which leads to 50%.
  21. RayRokka

    RayRokka Noob

    I thought Shao Khan was the best in Trilogy?
  22. Hero101

    Hero101 Noob

    lol ^^
  23. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Shao Kahn is the best if you include bosses into the scheme of things, but we don't.
  24. x099x

    x099x Noob

    MKII Milleena would have been insane.. but personally I think the UMK3 Milleena should be replaced with her so she will actually get some use.
  25. dreemernj

    dreemernj Ambassador

    I think Kitana with no damage protection could be interesting. I don't think MK2 Mileena would be much of a threat. In UMK3 she has the fast projectile still, she has the drop kick. The roll is there its just got limited damage because of damage protection. Not a lot has changed character-wise. It's more a case of her dropping in ranks because the gameplay of UMK3 is more complete than MK2. Spamming projectiles just isn't enough to dominate the game anymore ;-)

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