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    1. RoGE
    2. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Richter Belmoooooooooooont!!! Fuck yea, man....Did u like Aria of Sorrow too? fucking incredible game. Dude we gotta get some UMK3 in soon too man. How u been?
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      2. RoGE
        Yeah AoS was pretty gdlk, great storyline/gameplay. I've been good, haven't played umk3 in a while, we should definitely play some time.
        Mar 24, 2012
      3. AREZ God of War
        AREZ God of War
        I can do Mame and P2P or MKAK on PSN anytime
        Mar 24, 2012
      4. RoGE
        alright, I'll tell you whenever im in the mood for some umk3 games
        Mar 24, 2012
    3. RoGE
      SOTN ftw
    4. RoGE
      Now my avatar is 20% cooler =)
    5. G4S J360
      G4S J360
      Yes actually we are one and the same =)
    6. Urichinan
      It most certainly is! It's my favorite game of all time. :)
    7. Red
      do you like it?
    8. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      thank you....and i agree!! :D
    9. AREZ God of War
    10. Check
      I talked to Tom on the phone for a few hours yesterday and its all good. I don't want anyone thinking me and Tom etc arent cool with each other. This is why i hate talking about stuff on the internet cuz it eventually gets worse and worse. I dont want anything going past the point that it did. I've made my comments. Theres no hard feelings whatsoever. Thats it. Tom is actually like a brother to me nowadays. I'd never wanna lose him as a friend or anyone else here for that matter. Tired of the misconceptions about me that "Check has to be right or else he'll hold the place hostage" and shit like that. It bothers me. I stay away from drama. I don't dwell on it. I said what i said and im not looking for debate. Its over. You dont agree thats fine, but im just too sensitive of a person to be dealing with it now. I cant have any negative energy surrounding me, because then peoples interpretations of me start to become moderately true.

      Hope you had a good Christmas, Roge.
    11. Check
      I've said everything i wanted to say. I proved to everyone that no matter how much shit you talk about me its NOT "gonna make check hold the place hostage with a gun", or whatever peoples interpretation is of me. It's not worth risking my future. I've been the victim of a lot of abuse over the years by a lot of people, and i've had enough of it. No matter what im going to be excluded, so i'll just stick to my own beliefs. Its bad enough somebody went on my computer and deleted the matches of me and Tom. I've had ENOUGH. I don't care about reading the stuff on a internet forum anymore. I'm done with MK after my MKDA video with ded_, but thanks for letting me know. They have my number. They can call me anytime they want and talk about this properly.
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