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MK11 Story Discussion Thread (obvious spoilers)


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hey, not looking to be spoiled but i want to know if sindel appears in story mode at all?? can anyopne that knows just reply with a yes or no?? thanks !!!!!!!


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I think I might apply for a job at NRS as a writer. I haven't played the story yet or extensively read about it but based on the little spoilers I have come across...just what? We got a true (non-fallen) Elder God getting beat up by Jax with a crown on? Another possible universe reboot/reset? :confused:

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I'm not going to read 28 pages to find if this was discussed or not but I think this could be interesting. I never picked up on this before until I saw the trailer for the Switch edition.

Young Johnny says "he shot OUR face"
Old Johnny says "he's going to get US killed"

Here you can see both Cages are fine.

No mark on Old Cage's left cheek:

Young Cage gets shot on the left Cheek:

As a result, Old Cage receives a mark on his left Cheek:

This is going to make for some interesting humour during the story mode I think. Yet at the same time I think it means the people in the story really have to learn to rely on and protect each other. I predict that the story will start off with people hating there younger selves and then they soon realise they have to get on the same page really quickly since if one dies the other most likely will, too. That's what I predict anyway. Not a very bold or surprising prediction but hey it's something lol.


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This guy is going thru story mode in high quality, anyone know how to restart a live stream? I'm trying to watch story from the beginning


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Weird thought

But that feeling when alot of people are gonna make Fanfictions after this story mode, be it AU, or a continuation of sort


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I know

But, with the release of this game, and how the story mode ends

I expect a large income of new fan fiction on the series

Just a fridge thought.
I'm willing to bet many of these fanfictions will be a lot better than the actual story mode.
NRS could use this as some scouting grounds of sorts to replace their story team for the next game :^)

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I need to say this after seeing the Main Trailer today: this story is the Star Wars Prequel of MK stories, but I will NOT let it keep me from recommending it to literally every human being I know.

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BUT, I have not lost hope.
I sat through Destiny 2 being Supa Hot Garbage for most of a year before Forsaken happened and things started getting better. I will look past this literally depressing wasted opportunity (and the damned variations debacle) and focus on everything they've done right, because there is a LOT they have done right.

And I mean, the story LOOKED amazing. And do you know how fucking through the roof I'll be if Cyrax gets in in any capacity and he doesn't just get reskinned with his Triborg moveset? Do you know the things I would do to have B121 back? NO. YOU PROBABLY DON'T. Sheeva looks amazing. Sektor has what looks like his MK9 face back. Kitana with all the Outworld forces behind her like in Deadly Alliance is a fucking great scene. It's just...the ending. It's like The Happening and the finale of How I Met Your Mother had a baby that knew how to time travel, and it will make me ache forever.
Not only to read but to watch as well - reddit helps.
It makes more sense now after seeing these video clips. So you don't need to imagine anything and think that these are all plot holes, in fact everything so far was explained.


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It’s so funny that there were so many so called important moments in the game like:
Jade and Kotal being a couple
Kitana becoming an Epress of Outworld
Baraka becoming “good”
Kano dying
Scorpion dying so that his past self knows what path to choose
And a lot things and then everything gets thrown in a window when Liu Kang and Kitana rewrite everything. Again.
I didn’t even include this to my rant but you gotta agree all that was irrelevant as serve as way of prolonging the story mode


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I'm curious, for those of you who already have the game, does story mode have Chapter Select after you beat it for the first time?


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Guys! It seems like Story Mode has multiple endings:
  1. God Liu beats Kronica. Raiden stays mortal and together with God Liu they start creating new timeline (you can found this ending on youtube right now);
  2. Same thing but God Liu starts creating new timeline with Kitana (we saw it on Reddit leak);
  3. Let Kronika win final fight against God Liu. She starts creating new timeline herself (0:30 in Official Launch trailer - "Let the new era begin")