MK11 new mechanic was meant to bring players from other fighting games?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Derico, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Well I hope every game creator has the intent to pull players from everywhere. It's good business practice and just common sense to make your games appeal to not only all skill levels but all types of players in the FGC.

    If it was only made with competitive players in mind the game would die shortly after. There has to be a balance, somewhere in the middle us what you want for a truly awesome game that lasts the tests of time (like Geras's billionth life cycle)
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    LawAbidingCitizen "I will bring you nothing but death" - Noob Saibot

    Umm what game are you talking about, mkx he was top tier there where better characters but he was absolutely tournament viable. No character is able to have advantage over the entire cast. You will always see character swaps because that's part of the counter pick meta.
  3. They balance it by giving you very simple zoning options and no easy way in for that meterless damage. Sonya is a perfect example. I think her launches aren't safe either. She has a lot of drawbacks to all that meterless damage
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    One thing I'm seeing a lot is people aren't piecing together what NRS may want players to do to get their damage and longer combos. Meter regen will be huge in that regard...2-bar combos are gonna be frequent because there isn't as much of a worry as to how to get that meter back, your defensive options are designated to an entirely separate meter, and traditional breakers no longer exist. Krushing Blow is also a big element to those lengthy combos.

    As for the simplification of the game, that's not true at all. 2 separate meters, the revamped wakeup mechanics tied to the defense meter or both meters, Flawless Blocking, etc. And who knows how offense will be...we haven't seen anything develop yet since the game isn't out. This game could end up very heavy on offense.
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    Watching the Online Stress Test Beta live and I guess it's settled:
    I watched Scarlet pull off a 46% combo (16hits) from a normal string launcher midscreen. Combos have not been taken away at all! We will see after a few days from footage.

    I'll post a video of longer combos when I get them
    Video goes here:
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    Couldn’t have said it better, they should at least admit they are toning the game difficulty down for slower players. That’s why I never liked SF compared to other fighters, just too slow and boring throwing pokes.
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    Every fighting game has that mechanic...they slowed the game down so less skilled people can play now
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    I think he means they changed the overall game speed to appease SF players and slower players.
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    Good thing they did, at least I know what it’s all about now...unfortunately
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    Jack of all trades and master of none...

    That all seemed pretty self righteous...why take out things that were difficult to pull off like run cancles. Why is running gone? Because slower players complained and got dominated. Now we have a dumbed down mk
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    Not really, literally like 2-3 hits bounce 2-3 hits again or more with a meter. they just give massive damage to the new blow...that’s it
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    Somebody needs to learn how to multiquote
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    Not really I just watched a 46% 16hit combo by a Scarlet player that was started from no meter and used no fatal blow.
    I also seen a Baraka combo that did 49% damage and involved 3x Krushing blows and no fatal blow.

    What I'm getting at is these combos where long but require knowledge of the character and game to pull off. Instead of having someone get 50% from a Braindead ermac/Tekeda combo started from HTBs (That was MKX) MK 11 focuses on meeting higher requirements to get that kind of damage and the characters are not 50/50monsters and no more Hard To Blockables.

    You will have to have some people to see the combos you are wanting since players don't have practice mode in the OST build right now. It will take players longer to figure out every Krushing Blow and how to utilize things like Flawless Block which will facilitate more combo punishers.
    They are playing on the fly without time to lab it up.
    But I promise if you keep an eye on the Scarlet, Baraka and Scorpion threads in the next 3 days you will see some beautiful combos and much more on Open BETA on 28th.

    Speed of game:
    This game according to every pro in the OST closedbeta says it's fast but just seems slow. Some moves are semi-reactable but not fully reactable meaning it requires a soft read to block most of them.this encourages players to think about what they throw out more and play better and use fundamentals like neutral.

    They all say it's more akin to MK9 than MKX. You should not be comparing the game to MKX in any way because it's not that game.
    It has taken good things from MK9 and X.

    • Has better neutral than MKX
    • Combos take more knowledge to pull off.
    • Customization at it's finest.
    • Characters are more balanced than they ever have been so far.
    • Allows all types of players to have a fighting chance if they understand fundies.

    MK9 was a balance nightmare and had only 5-7 characters at majors through it's later days. Broken stuff like Kabals IAGBs, NDC pressure, Cyrax Resets.

    The good things about MK9 was Anti-Airs and a more neutral based style St least compared to MKX.

    MKX was a 50/50 nightmare with Hard2Blockables on top of Cancel pressure on top of tick throws on top of you guessed it 50/50s that turn into 50/50s. This game was not without Resets and Vortex's. Another problem about that was certain characters got to keep it while others got nerfed.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved both those games but they where far from perfect. MKX focused on rewarding rushdown and punished other playstyles.

    My suggestion is to not compare MK11 to either of them because they are going into a new direction and it looks like a good one. Most of your concerns will be laid to rest after game drops and we get full access to the final version of the game.
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    @Eddy Wang says it perfectly here. By slowing it down it will force you to think about your approach insted of the run and mix style of mkx. As for the zoning I haven't seen anything that looks OP or unreactable. Zoning characters are a very important archetype in 2d games as long as there is an answer to their zoning. A zoner is designed to frustrate you into making mistakes.To answer the last question no. I think mk11 is the style of game a majority of the community wants. You are not going to see top Japanese or Korean players coming over from Tekken or Street Fighter because as far as im aware mk is still banned there so I dont think that would be the motivation behind the change.

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