MK11 new mechanic was meant to bring players from other fighting games?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Derico, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Derico

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    Unfortunately TYM forum is a toxic place, i tried, but it's not only on my threads...

    Just a few replies was based on the thread proposal.

    My last post here.
    Cya guys!
  2. gitblame

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    Have a good one
  3. xQUANTUMx

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    people disagreed with you, that's toxic?
  4. xenogorgeous

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    c'mon dude, handle this like a man ! ;)


    don't forget to close the door behind you when you leave !! :p
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  5. Eddy Wang

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    So you are going to quit because basically no one agrees with your opinion? that's kinda childish, anyway i hope to see you around specially when the game comes out.

    Combos aren't everything and the game shouldn't really be judged until its release day.
  6. pure.Wasted

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    Learn to handle being disagreed with.

    You assumed that everyone would agree that MKX gameplay is better than MK11 gameplay. You were wrong. If you actually cared about "the satisfaction of long age mk fans" as you said in the OP, then you should be very happy to see that long age MK fans seem very satisfied.

    Sounds like you only cared about yourself though.
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  7. Blizer

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    I For one, welcome the return of Footsies and the Neutral game

    I was just playing mk9 again (Trying to pick up Kabal again), and MKX/XL is so much more rush down and combo paced to mk9 (MK9 had its combo`s, but it feels more toned down), while still maintaining a good zoning, footsie, and neutral game.

    The biggest thing about this stress test and beta is too see how well the netcode is, and how the meta will shape up come launch in 5 weeks.

    Im super excited for this game, even more so than MKX.
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  8. Blizer

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    Also, again if we want to talk about combo MK games, look no further than MKD

    just disgusting how easy it was to combo in that game.

    SHAOLIN 内部冲突

    As someone said before; When did disagreement become bullying/toxic?
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  10. C-Sword

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    They should've made a fighter that was tag based and have air combos. That would've brought players from Arc System and MVC.

    MK11 is too slow for you? Go get the new Power Rangers!
  11. Vslayer

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    And that's why they shouldn't hand out participation trophies to kids.
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  12. VSC_Supreme

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    Ah the classic, "You guys are a hivemind that doesn't agree with me and your whole community is toxic." response.

    I too, yearn for a place where people echo my same ideas and always agree with me.
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  13. trufenix


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  14. Shark Tank

    Shark Tank Revert the Sektor Nerfs

    There's plenty of fast-paced 2D fighters on the market. It's not like MK11 becoming more neutral focused is stagnating your options.
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  15. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    So many sensitive souls on here these days lol ITS A FUCKING FIGHTING GAME place in a tournament then people on here will respect you
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  16. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous Talk to the hand.
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    priceless genius ! loved this ! ;)

    the eternal humankind refrain :"I want everyone to agree with me, my opinion it's the certain right one etc" .... later : "What the hell, everyone think and do the same, what fucking boring stuff, I wanna variation here, different opinions and viewpoints, god damn it!" .... and so, we keep going carry on this vicious shit cycle, hehehe :cool:
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  17. I don't understand the affinity towards long combos. To me they're incredibly boring especially in NRS games where most can be dialed with little regard to frame specific timing. What it results in might as well be an in match cut-scene where one character is doing damage to another. The person taking the damage might as well put the controller down as their is very little interaction to be had while eating a long combo with the exception of breaker or air roll. As a spectator this cycle is pretty boring to watch especially if it's centered around a vortex or something.

    So bring on shorter combos and more two way interaction. I prefer to play the game and have input options rather than snoozing through one way long combos/block strings.
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  18. haketh

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    No one even hit dude with Donkey pics lmao
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  19. I don't mind Kombos, but for the love of God make them simple. I can't be bothered with overly long combinations that require concentration.
  20. Derico

    Derico Noob

    I'm not asking nobody to agree with me.
    That's not even the point of this thread...

    Looks like you guys didn't read the thread.

    I said BILLION TIMES that i prefer more combos and etc. And I also said TONS of time that i play different games, and its a taste thing.

    Im just leaving, cose people judge you, insult you behind lovely words and something like that.

    I ask you to read the thread again and see if i wanted someone to agree with me, please do that.

    I was civil the whole time, and man, tons of supporters users are arrogant, don't make good criticism and go on.

    That's my point, i expected a forum when we diverge ideas in a good vibe, but no.

    And again, looks my threads, or any other thread and look the behavior of some users here... Are extremely toxic. And, no NO WAY im a cry baby that wants to people agree with me, just read the thread.

    A place with lots of mk fans sharing experiences and ideas, and respect each others. Thats what i thought this place was.
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  21. VSC_Supreme

    VSC_Supreme TYM's No. One L taker.

    You should come back to try it when MK11 actually releases, that's when the real forum fun will start.
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  22. Nulak


    I don't think MK11 is here to please "pro gamer" and even less SFV players. Now you can be sure that WB send a memo to Edboon and his team. And the subject was [even more money]

    So after the huge success of mkX and inj2, how do you manage to sell even more ?

    The answer: You do a great game

    Marketing answer : Simplify the game, everyone should buy the game, even Jimmy and Penelope.

    And it's a mistake, other company like Blizzard followed this path too, and begin pay the high price for it...
    Sadly, sometimes you can't do whatever you want, even EdBoon with mk. Not anymore.

    Now even if i'm wrong, there maybe one thing we can all agree here, let's wait for the release, play the game and judge after, my statement will hopefully change for the good after release.
  23. Derico

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    Yeah, you have a point! Maybe i will!
  24. Bloodfang

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    I like combos alot. I love Killer Instinct which is pure combo porn, lol. I'm also a pretty rushdown/psych warfare kinda dude. Even if the combos are somewhat shorter they seem to be doing decent damage SO FAR. The only thing I'm not 100% sold on is requiring meter just to do combos which seems to be the case for most but not ALL of the cast. This may create an imbalance. Even my boy Scorpion got changed to meet this new design philosophy by losing his traditional spear move's meterless stun but now he's supposed to be better at neutral/footsies than he's ever been. Kabal meanwhile still has meterless stun on Nomad Dash. This advantage of being able to actually do combos without meter could make him kinda broken tier BUT we don't have enough data and gameplay to go saying that just yet. I'm hoping that they will prove my unease about the changes to Scorpion in particular to be unfounded and that for once he will actually be a viable character. I would love to see him be top tier or hell just even USED successfully in tournaments, lol. Everyone that did play him usually ended up having to switch to a better character near the end. We shall see. I love crazy combos but I also love strategy and mindgames so I look forward to what we can actually do in this game once we see some gameplay from people that KNOW HOW to play or aren't deliberately NOT showing us great gameplay for some odd reasons.
  25. haketh

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    You are on some goofy juice
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