MK11 new mechanic was meant to bring players from other fighting games?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Derico, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Your meter will regen by itself. You won't want to save it. If you open someone up and you will have access to 2 bars, trust me you will use it all to cash all the damage you can.
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  2. Derico

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    Scrub? Max is a super nice guy, if you hate him, its your problem man.

    Even with games he loves, he point the issues. About mvci, he clearly said he liked only the gameplay, the rest is garbage.

    I never see him being dishonest.
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    I'm not so sure there is less combo potential in MK11. Maybe combos will be shorter than let's say Kitana Royal Storm but have the potential to be longer than Mournful.
    What we have seen so far shows only a tiny bit of a partial version of the game that is not complete. The High-Level gameplay was far from optimal and none of them had any real lab time. I'm 4+ years into MKX and I'm still discovering combos and tek just like I've herd many pros say including Reo on his stream.

    There is nothing to indicate zoning is absurd. The little gameplay we have seen was without proper lab time. This players where falling on zoning because it's the easiest to pick up in a short amount of time. I honestly don't think we have anything to worry about here since there are multiple tools built in to deal with it. Flawless Block and long range mids to name a few.

    I wouldn't say anything was overly drastic as you put it. I feel most of the changes are welcome but I need actual time in the full version of the game before I develop an informed opinion about it.

    I do however think even though MK9 & MKX are great games but they had overwhelming flaws that ruined character balance.
    MK9 had a giant balance issue.
    MKX heavily favored rushdown while punishing defense and lacked footsie as it's core, when rushdown attacker was attacking opponent with guess game tactics the agressor was gaining meter for the defender making good reads and blocking successfully and the defender got zero from that exchange, while zoners could build meter with projectiles the meter system greatly favored rushdown over zoning because you got almost double the meter gain from hitting opponent on block. That's not all that was wrong with MKX
    There was absurd pressure, run cancels that was extremely plus on block, HTBs and more pressure and when it wasn't your turn you had armor to steal it back. So much for it being only a defensive tool.

    But ultimately in MK11 I see a pretty good game with great ideas that may need polishing: the focus on neutral, wiff punishing, reads, mind games, back and forth and the encouragement to allow more turns from both sides to outplay your opponent looks like a good thing to me. The fact the meter system is not encouraging rushdown but instead is spaced out over time and has defensive and offinsive meter should give balance to all styles of play but we may need actual experience to know what will play out from this.

    • Flawless Block sounds awesome to me, it will help counter zoning and rushdown at the cost of execution.
    • Crushing blows encourage practice and game knowledge and reward damage to characters that may otherwise never combo above 30%.
    • Fatal Blow can be a game changer and is actually viable unlike x-ray from mkx.

    Mechanics aside the visuals are absolutely stunning, the fatalities, the fluid movement and the characters couldn't look better graphic wise I'm, it looks world's better than MKX.

    We have yet to see any characters full potential but we have a few examples like: Kano, Johnny and Scorpion on top of that K&M put a combo video together which shows not the capability but potential of what can be done combo wise.

    I think we need to give the game a chance before judging it. Many features are placeholder and we haven't seen every character, game mode. basically 80% of the game is absent to us with all of it's hidden gems
    . I'm hype to try MK11
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  4. Derico

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    The game looks fine, my only complain is the shorter combos, all the rest looks fine.

    Let's see how it goes, but in my view, the combos will be as we see now, limited and large damage.
  5. Umm hyperbole much?

    Lowest combo there was 13 hits, now call me crazy, but i never saw any combo in MKX that was 130hits?

    At worst they're ~50% shorter than the longest MKX combos.

    But we still haven't seen all characters and it's still early days.
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  6. He's only a good source if you are a casual player. He's hella biased to games that "explode on screen" as people here have eloquently put it. So of course he won't like mk11. Watch the games he plays the most it's normally anime fighters or some other over the top games. Mk, tekken, and other games he doesn't play very long anyway so he's not a good source for all information
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  7. LaidbackOne

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    You can be a nice guy and a scrub. These words don't contradict each other.
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  8. xenogorgeous

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    Max was never a high expert combo master in MK games .... he is cool and so, but, he's not the ultimate authority analyst on MK francise gameplay mechanics to be followed .... REO has much more credibility on this area and his argument is perfect, so ....
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  9. Juggs

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    Sounds like you should play some DBFZ. Very long and cool looking combos.
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  10. Vslayer

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    He legit made videos on every freaking game leak that ever was and all of a sudden he gets to tour NRS studios and he changes his tune to 'Leaks suck'. Right. Then the day after Tyler retweets a post to get him to 1M followers. He lost integrity that day and I'm afraid he can't get it back.

    His opinion is biased and will always be, but I only trust my own judgment and if you can't do that I suggest you start trying.
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  11. Scoot Magee

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    If it's a step toward neutral and a step away from plus frame city, turn stealing, fast advancing armor and etc I'll be happy.
  12. Eddy Wang

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    The neutral its the most important aspect to any fighting game, it ties all aspects and consequences from a fighting game together, how you lead a game, how you open someone and how you do extend your advantage when a mistake is made, play around the clock, anything.

    this is why this game is going to be so good, when two players with strong defense match, it will be one hell of a game. Combos are still in the game and i'm glad they don't run half of the clock.

    Besides NRS started to nerf long combos way before in MKX, remember Cyrax combos? Demo Sonya combos? those shit were way too long, and all MKX combos were all corner carry which bored the hell out of me after 3 weeks, every single character combo had the exact same goals all in one, carry someone in the corner gain life lead, and earn a mix.

    I think this is what bothered me the most in MKX

    Even tekken which is a much harder game, has a very solid neutral and whe you see two very good players going at it, its always breath taking because one is trying to maintain advantage while the other is trying to steal it, you won't see much combos in it until someone makes like a huge mistake which allows the punishing players to extend/close the gap between him or the other player which dramatically changes the game even more. This is where all the mechanics of it work pretty well, something i expect MK 11 achieves in the future.
  13. karaokelove

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    “This is not a rant.”
    *proceeds to rant*
    “Reminder: This was not a rant.”
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  14. Immortal

    Immortal Blind justice....

    Another gem - thread.

    MK X was a dissapoitment on many levels. Great for casuals not so much for everybody else. MK 11 is just right. Great looking with proper neutral play.

    For "not a rant" thread you seem to be hella negative in your "impressions" of the game.
  15. trufenix


    Can someone tell me how "long" combos are supposed to be?
  16. Bout tree-fitty
  17. Kindred

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    Listening to the interviews and kombat kasts, it becomes evident that they want to get more casual players if anything. Their strategy for MK11 is brilliant because by focusing more on footsies and less execution-heavy combos or meter management they capture the interest of casuals who just want to pick up the controller and see cool shit. At the same time, this decision to make it more footsie based appeals to more pro players. Their fatal blow mechanic is very reminiscent of Tekken so I think they want to get more pros interested as well.

    So to answer the original question:
    No. It was primarily made to appeal to casuals because they make up the most potential for monetary profit. However, they way they designed the gameplay, it's like a big net to attract as many ppl from other fighters as possible
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    76+ hits, 100% damage.
  19. Braindead

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    Personally the longer the combo the bigger my boner gets.

    I basically rip my underwear every time a lvl 3 Sun God grab lands
  20. VSC_Supreme

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    MK tends to sell really well without trying to win over other FG players, but I think the gameplay is just a result of wanting to constantly evolve and differentiate each MK game. MKX was really different from MK9, and MK11 will be really different from MKX.

    I think they also look at their games throughout history and use it decide the gameplay design. MK11 gives me MK2 vibes with its slower paced footsies, while MKX reminds me of MK3 with its run system and long combos.
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  21. CrimsonShadow

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    MK doesn’t need any additional sales, like ever. It sells head and shoulders above any other fighting game in existence, BOTH on console and mobile.

    Higher level mechanics appeal to only a small percentage of the playerbase, and won’t make a dent in the millions of people that will buy this game anyway.

    If you want to talk promotion and dollar signs, think Ronda Rousey, not this.
  22. GLoRToR

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    He's making fun of how you consistently misspell Ed Boon's name.
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  23. Exactly. They've made the ball rounder and the bat easier to hold. We just need to practice, think fast, and hit hard.
  24. damagedone13

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    Think about this:imagine for a second the characters were not in their MK outfits or just being generic ones-no fu*king way would you guess this is the new MK game.Clunky,slow paced gameplay,total lack of combos.Yes,the reason behind this is definitely to make it appeal to the general fighting games community.Yet,i don't see SF trying to make SF appeal more to the MK gamers.

    Will wait for the beta and so on,yet i can comment on what i see and this is what i see-one combo per character,thousands of projectiles,much slower gameplay compared to MK 9 and MKX,much easier mechanics,blows that slow down the game immensely.Graphics are great but come on,i prefer less appealing graphics but more intricate and deep gameplay.

    Respect to the NRS team for the efforts,obviously you can't satisfy everyone
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  25. Derico

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    I play dbfz every single day, and some tons of fighting games.
    You are talking to a long, LONG fan of fighting games, and i collect them. If you want to see some of my stuff, i can show you pictures.

    If i think and like more the mkx gameplay, because its more fast/rushdown, what's the deal? That will not make me not buy mk11.

    I play all kind of fighting games.

    Know the user first, them make conclusions.
    Just respect other people opinions and try not to be extremist.

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