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MK11 Kano Discussion

So with the back 1 restand I did in the corner jinkick, 4, d1, d1 , b1, knife and standing 4 jails. Might be able to get 3 d1s but its to tight for me. Is there a more optimal corner combo for dirtbag ending in restand for pressure?


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Is there any way to interrupt D1~acid toss or do I just have to guess right and try to punish the toss.


Nothing personal mate!
I got it from the shrine. 1K, 2K and 3K will give you icons and backgrounds. I'm sure other amounts will give some as well but I'm pretty sure I got if from dumping 1K in.

Love that icon, lol.
Dude thank u so much!
Now i know what i do the next 10h plskillme

edit: Ok just half an hour and i got it xD
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