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So this is probably known but I just realized you can special cancel off 3,4,4
I think you mean 443.
So sad that thellast 3 only comes out on hit...
A teleport after a 443 left you down +13!
This is one of the best situation for a Kollector Player.
Even if you want going for dmg after the 443 db3, it whiffs on males, so it's your best option often.
So after about a hundred games with kollector on each variation here is what I have. I know it's not many but I wanted to give each variation a fair shake. First though, his base kit is strong. Mostly going into variation moves on this one though.


This variation is very well rounded, strike throw game is possibly best in game. It resets into itself on any option you take and leaves them in front of you +19. So the timing bus identical to set up. I figured it was just on paper, but after getting a grasp of mk11 this was a really strong point for me. Being able to remove options is great and backpack does that removing neutral duck from the equation.

I tried using up mace some but ultimately it felt way more effective to just use the regular one at range and react with cancel. The faster start up is nice, but I typically have to hold it anyways so it doesn't feels as much a loss without using it.

The teleport is quite amazing for him in general. It allows hesitation on some zoning and the far teleport can be used to catch people reacting with throw or pokes. Also a free out of corner is always nice. Especially since he can also side swap at will on hit as well with amp db3. Raw teleports are really good and he has some other set ups to teleport to give variance so that the opponent has to digest more information.

Spare change

Bombs are pretty good. Definitely an upgrade to up mace in my opinion. It allows you to contest some zoning options so it fills in for the lack of teleport. The hit boxes are very specific but in the air they are pretty wide and can deter jumps pretty well. They do average damage so you can't outright trade all the time. It is better to do in response to zoning rather than raw zoning as the landing frames are a problem. Combined with straight mace it gives him good screen control against a few of the cast. Also let's you keep players standing with advantage of you want to end with it.


This is honestly the reason I even considered using this. Essentially I use it as a double block damage projectile. So when mixed in with his buttons and zoning you get some nice ticks since they are increment 20. Block stringing to this is a pretty massive buff for ending rounds. As soon as you see them at 50 it's over on block.

The combo
The explosion combo is a really neat mechanic. Unfortunately it is extremely fickle when it comes to the conditions needed to apply the set ups. Similar to erron black it takes advantage of panic. However where it differs is they have to panic with a specific option of moving forward into you b1. It's nice but again very specific.

Overall success rate was definitely higher with backpack so far, but spare change is definitely not bad. I think with the offensive nature of backpack and the extra kb it let me pull out some crazy wins. The problem I had with spare change was after achieving them coming to get you, your throw would send them out away. Which sounds great, but it didn't allow for any crazy comebacks that backpack offered. Also being able to store a bad throw tech was really clutch too in addition so it felt like a lot of spike damage was removed from Spare change. Speaking of kb, spare change also inadvertently deters jumping too, so I got less s2 kbs from anti air and had to use it more aggressively on whiff punishes or frame traps. Reversal command grab was a boon up close as well.

Character is good, not sure how good yet. Main roadblocks I had were dealing with frame trap and stagger characters as they can be more powerful against him.


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imo this characters only saving grace is his oki. Only about 3-4 characters in the whole game can completely negate it with their u3s
@Evil Canadian

So after a couple hundred more matches I am finally enjoying spare change more. But it is match up specific now. Also, I think I use his tools differently from you as I value vial infinitely more than bomb. For now I would say default is spare change. On stagger and pressure characters I still much prefer backpack because reversal command grab changes match ups extremely.

Any neutral or offensive match up I prefer spare change now but I'll try and elaborate.

I think for anyone that plays a lot of kollector understands he is a monster at striking range. Especially so once he gets a hit of any kind since he is one of the few characters that gets such consistent oki scenarios from multiple options and angles. Since his db3 is a static animation it's great. With backpack this is amplified because his grab sets up an exact copy of db3 soon. The problem typically is getting in without taking the damage.

So @Evil Canadian mentioned forcing them to come to you and winning the full screen war with bombing. I tried this extensively and did not enjoy it nor did I have much success personally except vs outclassed players. The root of the problem is bombs speed is too slow to punish on reaction and the trajectory is not ideal for dealing with forward momentum. It also loses to fast high projectiles typically. When they are good though they are oppressive. Also, they help open up vial a lot more so you can't just not use it at all.

So I play around using vial more. It does a near unavoidable 20 damage ore more. Which is approximately double a bomb block. Doing enough math you realize that you have to land every bomb to keep pace with just every 20 tick vial. This assumes they get hit on every 6th bomb. Sounds easy, but honestly it's really hard to do. In addition, vial usually ticks more than once it pulls ahead a lot. What's great is they synergize a lot, because vial will force movement which makes it more predictable, which let's you land more bombs and loop back to more vials etc.

So for me it is more that you counter zone rather than zone with kollector, ultimately you still want to go in on them. So I typically evade projectiles and fire back a vial. It's been pretty great except against shang tsung zoning so far as he can do a lot of damage if you slip at range and you cannot. This typically promotes forward movement which let's them eat your normals more. The vials also let you change your gameplay a lot more by backing off and threatening damage. So if you are outplaying heavily at range you can just reset to that when you want.

He loses a lot of value from bola trades, but it's still worth using every now and then. His base kit is just very good in my opinion. I know most everyone has him at the bottom, but I think he is a solid mid or high tier not top. Hope this h pls a little but.