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I didn’t know it was that bad lol. I did some further testing and you can legit get full combo punished for REACTING TO A PROJECTILE.

For example, if you do it against Kabal’s straight saws, he can nomad dash during the recovery of the protection and get a full combo. Sub can slide in certain ranges. Same with Liu and his flying kick.

Obviously you can just walk and duck but that defeats the whole entire purpose of a “projectile parry”. This is so bad lmao
That happen to me in match long ago that what make me switch to HB lol


Your circumstances are dire!
I really hope they rework her variations and how her fans work in general. The closest we can get to getting a real kitana is with Upwards fan. It's just so sad. :(


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If kitana isn't revealed this upcoming week, I'm gonna jump out of the window.:(
Does anyone know how to unlock Fiery Demon skin for Kitana? That one and her Kombat League skins are the last ones I have to unlock. It says 'Found In Towers of Time' but I hit them pretty hard over the holiday and it only gives augments for her. Any guidance?


Sometimes when I go for a S12D2 punish, S1 comes out then D2 comes out. If not that then a S2 comes out. Is it something to do with my control settings?


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Sometimes I get S4 instead of B14 and I get d2'd Krushing blowed :) . I don't think it's a YOU fault.

Someone does something negative and it should be my turn, but no, here I am flailing about with my leg in the air like a cheap hooker. I hate the random ass blockstun in this game.


Your circumstances are dire!
Kitana has literally gone from the title of "combo queen" to "whiff queen". Why?
You try to do b231 in the neurtal just as your opponent jumps..You get fcked.
You whiff the first hit of f234. You get fcked.
12 whiffs many times when you try to link strings.
B14 whiffs during the kick animation just because it wants to.
edit: I did find a rather reliable highborn combo! note: you need to do regular razors and all three must hit

jik 4 db2 12 df2 ~ 45%
32 is a bit more consistent then 4 especially on a sitting opponent. And you could also launch with b34 instead of jik 4 or finish with razors.
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I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying Highborn. I know the negative perception the community has on the variation, but I enjoy it. It isn't automatic wins for me, but as a Noob main I've found the Geras, Johnny, Sonya, and JADE match ups to be much less difficult using HB than using any Noob variation.
Kitana's D4 is so great for spacing, especially against Johnny.
And IDK if its just me but I've had decent success against Geras as well.

Definitely solid to have as a counter pick character


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hell yeah, so damn weird it was a high.
Luckily on my end, not many of my opponents knew it was mid high.
Funny how they buffed her U2 but not her U3. Her U3 with stubby reach that moves back setting up a perfect whiff punish opportunity for a nearby opponent lol.


Highborn might actually become real top tier. Like before you could complain that B14 can be blocked in patter to make her B14 razors punishable. But now from what I tested on some chars you would just have to eat B14 into 3 razors into guess frame data all the time. That + U2 being able to flawless block punish basically everything makes her really really good.


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Yeah, I can't wait to try her U2 to see if it's actually useful on wake up and flawless blocks. It makes her pressure way more scary up close even if she's slow, B14 was always my go-to when in doubt. And he if you catch them pressing buttons it's a free KB.