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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by br8kz, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. br8kz

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    I'm trying to improve my game play and take it to the next level and for that I figured I needed to work on my match up knowledge on a deeper level. Is there any reliable tier list or places where I can see the match up's of certain characters so I can learn from that? I've been to EventHub but I'm not too sure if it's reliable, looks kinda funny to me. I'm basically just looking for a tierlist and the match ups, the reasons why the match ups are a certain way would definitely be useful information as well.
  2. x TeeJay o

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    You are very smart to not trust eventhubs. Someone send this guy some Scooby snacks for that. But real talk it's still pretty early, u can buzz around these forums and get a good sense of how certain MUs and current tier standings feel right now though.
  3. tier list-

    aquaman, batman, black adam, superman, catwoman are too good

    swamp thing, brainiac, cpt cold, gorilla grodd, are too bad

    everyone in between are making buff wishlists even though their characters are fine
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  4. OmGxBdON

    OmGxBdON I'm going to make Fate top ten

    Almost entirely agree but cmon catwoman is broke. Possible top 1
  5. Redk9

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    Imo personal opinion I think Black Adam, Aquaman, And Catwoman have the best match ups and are the three strongest. I'd say batman, deadshot, atrocitus, and superman round out the super tournament viable characters.
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  6. i see legit catwomans in tourn footage but i guess batman deals with her well? havent seen her victory pose enough to relate but i believe you
  7. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    Adam Aquaman Catwoman Batman Superman and Atrocitus are the best

    Swamp thing Grodd Captain Cold and Brainiac should be ignored.

    Everyone else is good
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  8. EMPRESS_SunFire

    EMPRESS_SunFire Regina George of discord

    The strongest characters right now are Black Adam, Aquaman and Catwoman followed by Batman, Atrocitus, Superman, Deadshot, Darkseid, Scarecrow, Harley, Green Arrow.

    The worst are Brainiac, Swamp Thing, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold...

    Everyone else inbetween is good but some have some small/big weaknesses.

    Also for match-up knowledge I would sugest you pick the character you use/like/are interested in and go to the character forum. Every character has a match-up discussion thread where you will get more knowledge on the match-ups.
    Except for the Black Adam discussion thread, don't trust that one lul.
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  9. RiBBz22

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    It is so sad that Captain Cold is so bad and he has a 78% inescapable corner reset. I really hope they give him some life down the road.
  10. Bruno-NeoSpace

    Bruno-NeoSpace They see me zonin', they hatin'

    Catwoman definitely is top 1. She defeats even Aquaman and Black Adam.
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  11. HanSolo

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    Some of the best NRS players can't even make top 16 with Catwoman. Foxy dropped her to finally make a top 16 performance. In the first 3 majors Catwoman has made one top 8 appearance. She's good, great even but her being ahead of BA and Aqua is currently the biggest bill in this community.
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  12. Bruno-NeoSpace

    Bruno-NeoSpace They see me zonin', they hatin'

    Needing major top 8 placements to recognise a character's ability is for starters dense, and deliberately not using the power of critical thinking that we've been blessed with.

    You remember Cutthroat Kano? Yeah...
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  13. HanSolo

    HanSolo Noob

    Critically think about this friend. Since Saturday this forum has been a battleground over the subject of pros using top tiers to get to the $$$$. Pros play what they need to win. No one is denying CW is a great character, I literally just "recognised" it. But you're trying to tell me there is 0 correlation between top tiers and top 8s? There's a reason half the top 8 pulls out their pocket BA/Aquaman, not Catwoman.

    But by all means, go on telling everyone that Catwoman is "Definitely top 1" without any evidence. Yeah, I'm the dense one.
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    Everyone in here is pretty spot on and are arguing on minor details.

    Pick Aqua, Black Adam, Bats, Catwoman, Supes, Atrocitus, or hell even Deadshot if you want little-to-no bad MUs.

    Pick Swamp Thing or Grodd if you want a serious uphill battle.

    Everyone else is decent, some just require more work (Brainiac, Capt Cold, Joker) than others to be really successful.
  15. Bruno-NeoSpace

    Bruno-NeoSpace They see me zonin', they hatin'

    What are her bad MUs?
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  16. kcd117

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    semiij won several wotg with catwoman and placed top 8 at evo. He is a great player but she is also a S tier character.
    Putting catwoman anywhere below top 3 is downplay tbh. Match-up wise she is probably the best character in the game, I can see black adam, aquaman, batman, superman and atrocitus having more bad matchups than catwoman. She is very dumb imo.
  17. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Semij just got top 4 with Catwoman at EVO so this point is hella moot. Starcharger and F0xy got 13th as well (not sure if f0xy plays CW still).

    When looking at tools its also easy to see why Catwoman is top 3. Her B3 low profiles everything and is very hard to whiff punish. Her damage is among some of the best in the game, with a lot of it being unclashable. She has a fullscreen advancing armored launcher that is pretty much safe on block. She has some of the best air control and footsies in the game. She has a great wakeup with trait(also unclashable). Her pressure is pretty much all safe and her strings have great range. She also most likely has very few bad MUs because of these things.

    I also think it is ironic that you criticize others for not giving reasons why she's top 3 and yet give no reasons why she isn't yourself.

    Edit: Her being top 3 is not a knock on the players mentioned above. She is still fairly complex and takes a lot of knowledge and fundamentals to win with, which is why most people would rather choose Aqua or Bladam as a secondary. But none of that changes how good she is.
  18. EMPRESS_SunFire

    EMPRESS_SunFire Regina George of discord

    Catwoman is definitely top 3 because her match up chart is amazing. I can see her being #1 but idk, we will have to wait and see.

    Honestly the only one who has made it to the top with just her is Semij, it's still early and that could change specially with Sonic picking her up now.
    But my actual question here is... If she is #1 and has the best MU chart why is everyone using pocket Adams and Aquamans instead of Catwoman? I mean, there's no excuse since she is a legacy character and is fairly easy to use
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  19. HanSolo

    HanSolo Noob

    Did you even read what I posted Zoid?

    I accounted for Semij's great performance, thus the one top 8 I mentioned. Foxy didn't play CW at Evo, he moved on to deadshot after not being able to get it done with Catwoman at the last 2 majors. And once again, I am not arguing that CW is bad, I'm arguing that she isn't "Definitely top 1" as Bruno and others have stated on this forum as if it's the gospel.
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  20. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    Even though she is not hard to pick up, I think adam/aqua/supes are characters with an easier gameplan to implement. She is the kinda character that requires a different approach for some matchups, and a bit more knowledge to use effectively, on the other hand, aquaman black adam and superman, the characters I see most people counterpicking with, have basically the same gameplan for every matchup.
    Not to knock on superman/aquaman players, but if I had to train an ape at this game, to have a shot at a tournament I would definetly choose to teach him either aqua or supes, and I bet 90% of this site would do the same.
  21. hasnt reo gotten far with cw too?

    and to the guy who said brainiac is fine, you hurt my feelings
  22. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    Maybe foxy just likes deadshot better. It doesn't mean she is an inferior character or that she ins't able to get it done. Honeybee also plays aquaman but went Flash the whole tournament, does that mean Flash is better than Aqua? hell no
  23. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    I don't think she's top 1 necessarily, but the answer to your second question is her gameplan is more complex. BA and Aqua are stupid easy to use and very simplistic in their game plan, Catwoman isn't. The reason Catwoman is so good is because she has so many good tools, but you have to be smart in how you use them to win. She also has to approach some matchups differently than others, while Aqua and BA can approach almost any MU in a relatively similar way.
  24. HanSolo

    HanSolo Noob

    Wait where did I say she is an inferior character or that she can't get it done? Catwoman absolutely can win a major.

    Reading comprehension itt.
  25. JTC

    JTC From the Depths

    God tier aka 10-0 the whole cast:
    -Black Adam

    High tier:

    Low Tier: EVERYONE
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