match ups

  1. Gunnxr


    I want this to be a place to discuss anything related to Fujin's match-ups. Whether that means match-up scores, tech for certain matchups, annoying things about certain matchups, or anything else is completely up to you guys. Fujin is by far the character I have spent the most time with out of...
  2. newmoon

    Liu Kang question

    Hello, i haven't found here any new liu kang combo threads or some fresh thoughts about him. So there is my question as newbee who's gonna main this character. Any good combos/main strings on liu? And how to deal with bad match ups?
  3. P

    Enchantress Potential Glitch and Set Up Problems (Negative & Gravity?)

    Found some odd consistency with these set-ups. Odd thing that the demon seems to re stand opponent on its first hit. With this the opponent seems to be able to block Enchantress's b3 or a followup Batman seems to have different properties for this set up ( Please test because my execution...
  4. GJX7

    Enchantress Matchup Discussion

    Welcome! This is the official match up discussion thread, here we can talk about strategies, tech and MU numbers against specific characters.
  5. GJX7

    Scarecrow MU Chart

    Welcome! I believe that it is very important that every character has a good MU chart thread; this is useful for people that just want to see the MU numbers upfront. Please note is chart will be constantly changing as the game is updated and as opinions are shared! Scarecrow MU Chart Aquaman 5...
  6. I

    Captain Cold Matches (Post August 2017 Patch)

    The Captain Cold community seems less confident after the August patch. I wanted to make this thread in hopes to spread some positivity by sharing and encouraging other Captain Cold mains to share their gameplay. This would give us an insight on how to play our toughest or fairest match ups when...
  7. br8kz

    Injustice 2: Tierlist/Character Match Ups

    I'm trying to improve my game play and take it to the next level and for that I figured I needed to work on my match up knowledge on a deeper level. Is there any reliable tier list or places where I can see the match up's of certain characters so I can learn from that? I've been to EventHub but...