Injustice 2: Execution Difficulty- Rate the Characters

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  1. Wam-Zlay

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    Dont worry man i also play him ans my execution sucks
  2. tafka Djinn

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    Grodd, Ivy, and Brainiac.

    Grodd stampede cancels are silly, I would like to see the reward go up to match execution on that.
    Ivy is a full package here, she ticks about every box other than cancels.
    Brainiac is probably the third hardest character I have tried in this game, and he's the only character in this game I refuse to touch on a pad instead of stick thanks to his trait.
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  3. FL Rushdown

    Brolylegs beats legit players with that basic setup in SF games and uses one of the harder characters in chun li.
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  4. Espio

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    Blue Beetle is middle of the road on the execution totem. Flight cancels for zoning, pressure and combos aren't mind numbingly hard but you're not gonna have it down in a five minute lab affair.

    Beetle has a weird play style that varies a lot depending on the match ups from trait heavy to footsie heavy to zoning almost entirely. He has no flow chart play style that applies to most match ups.

    Cheetah isn't high on the execution list but she also I don't think is super low. She requires a lot of conditioning and hard reads to get to a lot of her big command grab damage. Her back 3 after command grabs isn't hard, but I found Supergirl and Starfire's among others back 3's to continue the combo much easier than hers in terms of consistency and timing it took me to get them down.
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  5. 4x4lo8o

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    Cyborg is on the higher end of execution in this game. His instant air fireballs are hard and are pretty integral to have down in some match ups, his grapple has a strange input and can be awkward to use both in neutral and canceling off of string, plus target acquired has that annoying dd input with changing directions.
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  6. Wyntword

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    I never tried Grodd, but I heard from everyone (including here on TYM) that his execution is extremely difficult. Ivy on the other hand I played a bit and I don't get what's so difficult about her? Command grab? Well, yeah it requires 3 direction input, but so as Bane, Sub and Cheetah (I'm not so sure though), so she's probably somewhere near them then?

    I don't think they are difficult, even though my execution is definitely below average, I think swamp thing is more difficult to play, links are tighter + spacing of his grabs and projectile. And I agree with the guys above, that basic Batman stuff is easy, but you have to know how to manage his trait, and certain strategy with 1,2 or 3 bats and always different combos and conversions to actually be able to play him properly. I would really want to call myself Batman main, but at this point he has so much stuff in his arsenal, that it's just looks like potato mash sometimes)))
  7. KingKhrystopher

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    You honestly need to define easy. Do you mean skill floor or skill ceiling? Because if we're talking skill floor, Starfire is easy, but Deadshot EASILY takes the cake. If we're talking skill ceiling, then Starfire.
  8. KingKhrystopher

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    It's due to the awkward directions in her combos, like sudden direction movements and special moves that are similar to each other in input, plus db2 MB into f3 is weird to land, and Ivy kinda lives and dies on you being able to land that and her command grab.
  9. Wyntword

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    Ah, I see then, yeah she has some weird directional inputs, like B2D2 or 121U3 and weird timing on 121213 string, considering her DD1 cancels... Never labed her that much, still she seems more doable, than Grodd with his leaps and stampede shenanigans
  10. T-box88

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    Superman hands down easiest. Unlike what other people are saying id put aquaman and batman towards the middle. Their combos are easy to do no doubt, but at least with those characters you have to learn to manage your trait really well to optimise them. ESPECIALLY batman.

    Grodd for hardest. Stampede cancels are a joke.
  11. yea ive never been good at execution in any fighting game, period. the mental side of them ive been prettty good at but it doesnt mean shit when you keep dropping combos. even with scorpion in MKX, ninjutsu was fairly easy for me, and i was like "let me try hellfire" and i realized very quickly he was too hard lol.

    mainly skill floor. basically, if most of their bnbs are easy and there general gameplan is easy, then i consider that easy. most characters (i put emphasis on most) are hard if taken to the absolute max level with optimal combos and stategies. i was going to put this in the OP but instead just said to use your own rating system if you want.
  12. Saturn_

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    I play Supergirl and Robin. I also have a fraud Batman. I have entered a few weeklies in my area. I have experimented with other characters extensively, especially Cheetah. It seems very, very obvious to me that Robin is one of the easiest characters to play in the whole cast, if not #1.

    He has gigantic hitboxes on all of his buttons, and these huge hitboxes are all part of combos that are safe on block (he has 8 combos that are safe, at my last memory. This includes his best BnB 212 as well as f21). He is extremely good at 'taking his turn' and then safely giving it back. He does very good damage, but more importantly he does 400+ off of one bar, so he never needs complicated 2-bar setups. He also has a very low technical difficult for his combos, but that's more of an opinion.

    Considering everyone agrees he is strong, and with elite representation in Hayatei, Robin seems like the biggest intersection of "good character" and "easy to play."
  13. Kunta

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    Like with anything the answer will vary person to person.

    I can't run cancel (I know how and I've done but it requires me to consintrate way too hard) so for me Grood is infinitely harder than the rest of the cast.

    I have a friend who plays mainly big body Characters and has for years. I guarantee he would say ivy or joker is hardest because it really is to him.

    Just keep this in mind before you get salty
  14. Any character with a down back forward commands sucks ass! I hate that input. What's the purpose of it???
  15. Tweedy

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    The idea that characters like Beetle and Lantern require more execution than Superman or Batman is just pure salt talking imo.
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