Injustice 2: Execution Difficulty- Rate the Characters

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  1. I made a thread about this in regards to MKX so i thought id ask a similar question for injustice 2. I am not a very good fighting game player, and in regards to fighting games, the hardest part for me always seems to be execution. For the sake of this thread, please dont respond by simply saying "nrs games dont require you to have high execution" as that doesnt really add anything here. My main question is, for any experienced player, could you list the characters in injustice 2 that have the easiest execution requirements, medium execution requirements, and the characters that have the hardest execution requirements? you can use your own rating system if youd like, or you can just simply list the characters.
  2. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 TYM's Confirmed Prophet/Time-Traveler
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    Darkseid I would rate around a LOL out of 10
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  3. because its just "pew pew pew"?? lol
  4. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    Swamp Thing and Grodd are probably the hardest.
  5. im too much of a noob to tell if this is sarcasm
  6. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    Grodd is very hard to play at the highest level due to how brutal his run cancels are. Swamp Thing's only way to get meterless damage is through very tight links. No sarcasm here at all.
  7. black canary used to seem tricky but now feels easy, brainiac was hard until i developed the new controller config
  8. Zyns

    Zyns Tries to run cancel - fireballs chest

    High: Grodd, Swamp Thing, Ivy
    Low: Superman, Deadshot

    Those are the only extreme cases I can think of. Everyone else is in the middle somewhere.

    EMPEROR_KNICKS Master of Kombat(frauds)

    Darkseids setups and coversions are kinda hard
  10. gam224

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    Robin is on the hard side
    Batman and supes are the easiest.
  11. no wonder i had a problem with robin. what do you guys think of wonderwoman, subzero, and dr. fate?
  12. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Grodd, Swamp, Ivy, Darkseid(not quite as much as those), are the hardest to me. Fate can be tricky because you need to be aware of a lot of nuances for his overall game plan and definitely for his conversions. Superman, Deadshot, and Batman are the easiest.
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  13. RyFern

    RyFern Noob

    I don't really think Robin is really that hard in terms of execution. Granted I only have limited experience, so I could be wrong.

    I think Blue Beetle and Grodd are the probably the hardest. Ivy, Wonder Woman, and Brainiac are definitely up there as well. Maybe Swamp Thing and Red Hood too, haven't tried them out yet.
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  14. also, if you guys dont mind, could you tell me whether the characters bottom skill ceiling or top skill ceiling is particularly hard? for example, some characters are easy pick up and play (this would mean a low bottom ceiling) but are hard to master (high top celing). im sure some of the characters you guys mentioned might be easy if you stick to bnb's but are much more difficult if you try harder combos, yes?
  15. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    Paulo admitted on the patch stream that Ivy is the hardest character to use.

    She sure has the execution package:

    - Strings requiring multiple buttons per step (121213 is her main fast punisher midscreen and you need to mash it on reaction)

    - Command grabs and their unnecessary use of 3 directions.

    - Main launcher requiring to hold up after hitting (or on block) or you're sitting there open for a full combo.

    - Strings requiring multiple directions.

    - DD special moves (combined with the above for very unnatural and anti intuitive commands).

    - Very tight links on some launchers (MBDrill into F3 is too unreliable).

    - Trait can't be manually timed to syncronize with your moves.

    B2D2,DD1,2,U,B2D2,DBF1 are a huge lot of direction buttons for what's basically her main neutral starter.
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  16. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Tier hero... lowest tier amazing player.

    All Sub Zero bnb require multiple use of command grab.... mid tier execution..
    Captain Cold requires God like strategy to charge His gun and do His setups and combos in His non favorable match-ups.. Highest/lowest execution?. (polar icing execution?:DOGE ). High mental stress to play This character to non favorable match ups... Then in His favorable match ups becomes brain-dead:p
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  17. TheHighArab

    TheHighArab Mortal Kombats Highest Arab

    Id put Bane in the middle, his buttons are nice, but you do have to at least get semi decent with command grabs to go anywhere with that character
  18. zerosebaz

    zerosebaz Noob

    Im suprised nobody mentioned aquaman for easy execution yet. The patch didn't make him harder to use, did it?
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  19. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    If anything, it made him some of the hardest characters lol. BnBs are too inconsistent now.
  20. Meep8345

    Meep8345 Noob

    Starfire easiest character in the game free. Literally no thought required to win.
  21. jmt

    jmt Noob

    lol not true at all

    ABACABB End Of Humanity

    Deadshot easiest ? try his optimal corner combos and master instant air guns ;)

    Or his mid screen bnb : b12u3 gun mb guns gun , not easy at all
  23. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage Day -10,000 Phenomenal Cody Masher
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    I feel like Cold's execution is difficult but probably only because I still find him so goddamn awkward to play.
  24. NHDR

    NHDR Noob

    I think Superman is fairly easy to execute and his game plan is also straight-forward and fairly simple.
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  25. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
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    All command grabs are the hardest of all due of their triple inputs, and especially the lefty side.

    Captain Cold is the hardest of all, because you need not only to set the traps, but, also, to dash away and avoid everyone every time they try a combo against you.

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