Injustice 2: Execution Difficulty- Rate the Characters

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by one1sh0t_onekill, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
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    GRODD. Hardest character I have ever used
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  2. damn i wasnt expecting so many people to say grodd. i was planning to pick him up too LOL. im assuming red hood is hard as well due to the nature of his game plan (traps/set ups)?
  3. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    Grodd is by far the hardest character to use in the game lol

    Ivy is pretty execution heavy too. Tons of buttons with her and links.

    Starfire is probably the easiest character I've ever played in a FG and definitely the easiest character I've played in a NRS game
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  4. Rizz091

    Rizz091 Noob

    I'd put him in middle tier. Execution I don't find particularly hard, although his trait combo has kind of awkward timing. Bomb set ups make his game plan a little more complicated but def not at the top.

    I wanted to throw green lantern in as an easier to execute character. And star fire is also pretty easy execution wise but her game plan isn't as simple as someone like superman.
  5. Temptress

    Temptress Tamaranean Princess

    Grodd and Ivy.

    Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Darkseid & Deadshot could be played by toddlers and yield good results.
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  6. TyCarter35

    TyCarter35 Carried by d1 trident rush and tentacles

    Starfire is so easy that u could hv no limbs and beat people
  7. Temptress

    Temptress Tamaranean Princess

    The mere fact that she possesses four different directional inputs for stardust makes the character too advanced and requires too much brain power for Aquaman players.
  8. DeftMonk

    DeftMonk Noob

    Bro ivy has some difficult areas but some of the stuff here pales in comparison to some chars. Dial a combo string has lots of buttons? Lol. Watch omega k do grodd run cancels on point off every string and then go attempt it.

    Swamp thing has some needlessly tight links (I.e. F233 f2) and joker's setups/bnbs do as well... for example try to get the teeth to launch after the overhead in the following: 212close teeth(on block) f21 (this hits and they fall into teeth to launch) or his bnb 32 mb low can f3 d2 far teeth 32 far teeth j1 b12. Robin has some tough stuff as well I won't list it here because it might get nerfed and that char needs the dirt just YouTube dark nephelum combo.

    As far as easy goes...we all know the culprits.
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  9. ChoseDeath

    ChoseDeath Bane, Grodd, Superman, Wonder Woman.
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    Grodd, no contest. Fucking Stampede Cancels bro.
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  10. Azreal_Truth92

    Azreal_Truth92 Constructive Critiscm

    How has no one. Not a single person said the flash
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  11. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Professional fighting game Jester

    normal star dust = down +back +1
    close stardust = down +back+1 + back
    far stardust = down +back+1+ forward
    farthest stardust = down +back+1+up

    The issue is... that down+ back is a infinitely easier input than down + forward in the neutral ... Take for Example at Captain Cold.. down+ forward +2+up....:confused: ......Down +back is a way too easy to throw in the neutral. People buffers down + back instinctively to block in this game... Try to do down + forward +2+ Up in neutral Like Cold does with people shooting projectiles at You. That is a real nightmare... Starfire is a piece of cake of a character.
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  12. TyCarter35

    TyCarter35 Carried by d1 trident rush and tentacles

    What are u talking abt Aquaman players actually hv to used their brains now and it's too much for us to comprehend :DOGE
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  13. Vengeance135

    Vengeance135 Saltiest Joker Player

    Only 1 person said joker, thats how you know he is barely used. Joker is in the top 5 of the hardest characters to use in ways of execution and playstyle.
  14. Undeadjim

    Undeadjim Green Lantern Corps.

    Brainiac has some of the hardest conversions I've come across, thankfully its only from midscreen DF1's into charge. The problem being each slight differentiation in spacing turns an already ridiculous time frame for comboing trait after charge, but it gives a big meterless buff to his DF1 damage midscreen.
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  15. Zerodegreez

    Zerodegreez Grandcryomaster Bat-Zero

    Batman: Easy to mid, he has some tight links. J3B23 can be a pain in the Ass till you get the timing down. His higher damage combos require a bit of execution.

    Sub-Zero: Easy to mid. His Command grab as a combo Ender takes a while to get used to. If you choose to leave it out of combos he's pretty easy but it's definitely worth getting down for more damage. Plus it looks cool as hell as an Ender.

    Starfire: Easiest character in the game. She will be Nerfed hard next patch. Her damage for the ease of execution is too rewarding. She's still fun as though.
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  16. Sulfur

    Sulfur Winning feels better when you take a little damage

    I keep hearing that grodd is hard, but ive never played him myself.

    Robin has some tight juggles, probably the hardest character I've tried execution wise, harley quinn is also pretty tough.
  17. AZ MotherBrain

    AZ MotherBrain Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

  18. i have to check out starfire now.

    and i dont know if this helps or hurts, but i play on an arcade stick
  19. Kooron Nation

    Kooron Nation CatWoman downplayer

    I'd say Flash is up there with super high execution.
    Firestorm can be a bit awkward too with his molten trap (main combo starter and restand) being a bd motion instead of the usual db motion for special moves.
  20. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    Why does everyone have so much issue with command grabs.

    Like sub players always complaining when they are only used in combos, that aint hard, only tricky to use in the neutral under pressure

    Also, isnt braniac up there at the highest level when its not just lol divekick.

    My votes grodd. After maining a RC character in mkx and trying that i felt like a fraud.
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  21. _smash_

    _smash_ Noob

    Bizarro is the hardest. I can never hit his laser combos in the corner. Tightest link in the game....
  22. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    Out of every character I've tried, Ivy has given me the most trouble. Just doing her basic stuff is extremely difficult and dropping it usually means you're toast. If she isn't the hardest in the game she's damn damn close. Grodd is enormously difficult too, but as far as his execution difficulty, it's mostly on one thing, his cancels. I know his restand loop stuff isn't easy, but outside his cancels I didn't find his combos terribly difficult.. so to me, Ivy is still the harder of the two, despite Grodd's cancels being harder than any individual thing Ivy has.

    Also, I don't find Batman that easy. Yeah, his basic stuff is def extremely easy, but learning to REALLY maximize his combo and conversion stuff with trait and everything requires pretty tight timing and such. Im not claiming Bats is "hard" exactly, just that he's not, to me, "easy" either.

    Starfire seems pretty easy so far.
    Darkseid too kind of. He has tricky timing on some setups though.
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  23. ChoseDeath

    ChoseDeath Bane, Grodd, Superman, Wonder Woman.
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    Damn you and your awesome post. I just picked up Grodd and now I have to try Ivy! She sounds like a fun challenge.
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  24. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    Ivy really seems like an awesome character, very satisfying to play and she has a lot of room for expression, in that she can be played in a lot of ways.. mix, zoning, pressure/rush, defensive/whiff punish/footsie, Batshit lick the controller and roll with what happens, reset heavy, damage heavy, etc. She's def a jack of all trades character imo. Not the most powerful character out there, but she can hold her own. I personally think, given her options, she's a slow-burn type.. as the Ivy community keeps kicking ass they will find more and more answers for various characters, making her all the stronger as MUs are sorted out.*

    *I am not saying Ivy has no bad MUs or that she's seekrit top 5 or something. Just that I think she's in a pretty good, but not perfect place that stands to grow stronger as time passes due to the width and breadth of her kit.

    Ivy for me is a character I really want to learn, but I swap characters like underwear, and learning her takes WORK and I just worry that after putting the work in, I won't like her that much and I'll fuck off into the air, as I do, and move on yo someone else, after bleeding 50hrs into her launchers and links.
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  25. Shaikhuzzaman

    Shaikhuzzaman magicmeerkatman

    For me poison ivy is the hardest I've tried so far

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