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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Chuckyscookie, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. SubZeroIce

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    Clone characters like Kira, Kobra, Jarek, Sheeva, Kai & Mavado don’t deserve retribution. There’s a reason they only appeared in one game with little to no fan base.
  2. Zaccel

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    How are these characters "clones" compared to palette swaps? Reused special moves? Mavado's hookswords? Do you consider Kintaro a clone if Sheeva is?
  3. Marinjuana

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    An interesting opinion but I'm not sure why you responded with this
  4. Lokheit

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    I guess all of them could always be reworked to become interesting (ok, most of them would need to be completely different characters using those names lol). Btw, Mavado didn't really play like Kabal with his rope tricks.

    Kira could always become a young BD rival for Cassie. FWIW During the MKX comic days, I tweeted the writter Shawn Kittelsen (currently MK11 writter) that if the little redhead girl whose terrorist mom is killed by Sonya could end up being Kira, with a deep motive to hate the Special Forces and he replied back saying that was a very interesting theory.
  5. That would be really cool for Kira. An actually interesting story.

    On a different note, it doesn't suit her I think, but what if Frost is redesigned as more of an ice sorceress? I always wanted a female magician in the saga, Sindel being the closest but not quite.
  6. AcCooper20

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    What's with people wanting Frost to become the good little pupil? I think she needs to stay the egotistical, hot-headed, little turd-ball she has always been. It makes a much more interesting dynamic between her and the cool, calm, collected Sub Zero.
  7. Lokheit

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    Well, FWIW I said I still want her to be stubborn, probably even try to rival Cassie (they have a past after all), but redirect that to mislead everyone into thinking she's going to be bad only to finally help, but on her own terms. That would give her some personality, original timeline Frost was completely unlikeable and I hope we don't see that again or the character spot would be wasted.
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  8. SubZeroIce

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    I think a palette swap was used primarily because of memory shortages at the time to score a bigger roster. Plus the ninjas are all extremely popular and essential to MK's popularity. All of them have developed and advanced into their own unique characters independent of each other. You can say they started out with a similar look, but you can't say they're the same in moveset.

    Mavado was uninspired because of his look more than just the Hookswords. Same problem I had with Darrius & Dairou. They essentially had no purpose and were filler characters with a completely basic moveset. I think Kintaro is a clone to a certain extent but he was a boss character given a unique storyline... unlike female Goro with a fireball from her hands. Sheeva was uninspired, Kintaro was too, but he's been a boss character from the jump.

    You brought up ninjas who were pallette swaps with physical differences, I mentioned basic characters with no originality both physically but more importantly in their moveset.

    They definitely could be reworked I agree, but some of those kind of characters deserve to be left in the bin. They were only included for a gimmicky reason (Darrius/Dairou because of Jax, Jarek cause of Kano, Kira cause of Sonya/Kano). I'm a huge supporter of the 3D era (MK4-MKA) characters but there's definitely a bunch they should just scrap. Jacqui & Frost are definitely two they should've.

    I mean come on. EVERYTHING Frost does, Sub-Zero can as well...
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  9. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    It's lazy to label some of these characters as gimmicky clones(some of whom simply are not btw) while defending the ninjas just because they are popular
  10. KuralKing

    KuralKing Never forget The Great Ferra/Torr Scare!

    That's the whole Frost shabang! She gets frozen by sub-zero in every game shes in!
  11. SubZeroIce

    SubZeroIce Runway

    I have my bias but the ninjas weren't uninspired that's for sure. They were all based on something that worked and is essential to MK.

    It's not lazy to label some characters gimmicky or clones simply because it's true. A character that was inspired but also a gimmick was Nitara. Vampire gimmick but they gave her a really cool backstory, an interesting moveset and great look. She's a character they can salvage along with Li Mei, but they choose a character like Frost instead...
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  12. ImperatrixSindel

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    Sheeva is a Trilogy-era character and has been in several games lol

    Historically Tanya is really the female magician, but it looks like Skarlet is taking on that role in MK11.
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  13. Evil Canadian

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    Frost should be the Pichu to Sub-Zero's pikachu

    she's inexperienced and bad so she hurts herself doing moves

    however there is no upside to balance her out, she's just trash. As it should be.
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  14. More versatile than fire. God knows we have a lot of kharacters who shoot fire.
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  15. Lokheit

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    Hey, in SSBU Pichu is considered higher tier than Pikachu because he can kill earlier (he can be killed earlier too, but experienced hands can get advantage from a glass canon like him).
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  16. Wetdoba

    Wetdoba Have I humbled you yet?

    I was thinking more like Dan. Her iceball melts after 1/3 screen, if she whiffs slide she falls on her face, she tries to make an ice clone but freezes herself for a full combo etc

    Just go all out on making this character a training dummy
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  17. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Crouch walk hater.

    Just to make it clear to all the grandmaster fanboys out there:

    Even if frost is in the game, you're still NOT getting the clone back.

    Looks like it's time to learn to actually play the game, tough luck.
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  18. STB Sgt Reed

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    "Grandmaster fanboys". lmao

    As if Sub Zero wasn't popular before MKX.
  19. BurdaA

    BurdaA Tong Bae

    Watch her be top tier while I harvest salt from y’alls frosty (but not quite frozen!?!) tears.

    One of her Fatalitys is a full length air guitar rendition of Adema’s Deadly Alliance theme, and everyone (myself included) will perform it every time.

    Now get this hate outta here or imma get real nasty:DOGE

    Srsly tho, I’m not worried about design, NRS is looking on point in 11. I’m just hoping they give her character a bit more depth.
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  20. Skarlet still feels a bit stabby to me. She doesn't look like a full fledged mage if I make myself clear. Like Shang , Quan Chi, Ermac, Shinnok. Neither does Tanya, she just has some fireballs and purple mist. If anything, Kwen Sindel uses more 'magical' techniques imo.
  21. Saboteur-6

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    Yup exactly! Her greedy heel turn also was pivotal in Sub-Zeros" failure as a grandmaster" arc. I'd like her to not be so one note though. She's easily my favorite 3d Era character so hopefully her motivations and personality are more fleshed out.

    She's a day one main for me provided her gameplay isn't shit tier dumpster fire
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  22. RothVI

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    I will be especially salty if she has mist/blizzard based moves. That would be a slap in the face to Smoke fans.
  23. DDustiNN

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    Superman and Supergirl...? Batman and Batgirl? Black Adam and Shazam?

    Just saying... if anyone can do it, NRS can.
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  24. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
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    This is a reach lmao

    I don't think it's an affront to Sindel fans that they let Ermac hover.
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  25. Saboteur-6

    Saboteur-6 Filthy Casual

    Yeah I mean Captain Cold, Sub-Zero, and Killer Frost play significantly different from one another despite having "cold based" powersets in INJ. @Jynks your breath must smell terrible from talking out your ass like that.

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