Frost moveset in MK11

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Chuckyscookie, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Eddy Wang

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    Superman and Supergirl
    Batman and Batgirl
    Sub-Zero and Frost

    I see nothing wrong with this and frost was among one of my favorite 3D characters, kinda curious to see what she is given if she is really in as the achievements leaks says.
    I don't like much how Sub-Zero plays in these recent games since MK9, so if Frosts deviates and does something way different from him i might actually pick her up often.
  2. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    I hope they make her more like Killer Frost than her 3D era self, both in gameplay and looks. Though maybe without the slide kick. Replace that with some other move.

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  3. Law Hero

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    I wouldn't mind Killer Frost's slide, but I hope she doesn't play like KF. Not a big fan of vortex characters.
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  4. projectzero00

    projectzero00 nomnomnom

    I always thought Sub should play a more defensive game with his clones and all, and Frost a more offensive rushdown one, not the other way round. If she's a bit like MK9 Skarlet with ice daggers, Killer Frost's slide and really fast ice shard projectiles (think Sareena MKA) instead of freezing the opponent (again more Sub's thing), I think she could work.
  5. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    That doesn't sound like a great plan for the Lin Kuei lol
  6. Spinky


    Very curious about her moveset, because Sub-Zero doesn't have the medallion in any of his skins. And, well...

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  7. Second Saint

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    I was thinking more the result of her fucking up everything all the time and causing more conflict, but yeah, it's not exactly an uncommon trope.
  8. Scyther

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    I'd actually like to see her as a competent if aggressive leader of the Lin Kuei. Make them militant and ruthless. But that's just me :)
  9. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan savagery is no match for skill

    Dumb hoe is gonna betray my boy again
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  10. Vslayer

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    You can't call her a hoe, she ain't bald. @xXRagingFlameXx

    I am excited for Frost. They've shown that they can rework characters and give them move sets that really fit them. That coupled with the pretty graphics is going to be freakin' great. But, I am far more excited for Jade. Staff combos boiiiiis (and ladies).
  11. Bald bitchez only!! :cool:

    I trust NRS when it comes to Frost's design and moveset. I know they'll make her different and make her unique from Sub-Zero. They're good at that and they're some of the most creative fuckers in the industry. Everyone looking at the 3D era characters and judging how they played from the 3D era and applying here just doesn't work.

    They've obviously evolved as a company since then and they can do so much more and aren't just making 'clones' of other characters.

    Even characters from MKX to MK11 have changed drastically.

    At least wait until you see the character's look and see how they play before judging them so harshly.

    Also, Jade's gonna be the baddest bitch in the game I can FEEL it. I can sense itttttttt
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  12. Scyther

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    I wish I could give you 10k likes lol
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  13. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    She could have a more agressive style of ice powers. She's ruthless but not as powerful as Sub-Zero, so rather than freezing moves (I think only Subbie should meterlessly freeze) she could use ice shards and movility specials:

    - Dagger strings, maybe even rekkas.

    - Close/Mid/Far ice shards shower.

    - Cyber Sub divekick.

    - Sub MKX slide that crouches under Mids (MK11 Sub doesn't).

    I think the frosty hair could be customizable (and please give her a frozen option lol).

    Story-wise she could be the Lin Kuei Takeda, maybe Sub-Zero puts her on the team so she gets open minded and matures a bit this time.

    I hope they don't go full circle to her being a treacherous spoiled brat, I hope this time she shows stubbornness but ends up showing she can be a contributor of the good guys, maybe after hinting at her going mad but finally doing the right thing so the character can mature and evolve.

    PS: Oh and please give her a main costume that isn't just female Subbie. Maybe something like MKLegacy Sub-Zero which looks like what someone from special forces would wear.
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  14. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    And what do you propose happen to Sub Zero in order to make her the leader of the Lin Kuei?

    Probably. And thus, I will never play her. And I will fatality every Frost player that I happen to beat. lol

    He froze the fuck out of her in MKX's story so... she's likely not gonna wanna be on any team for the lin kuei and she's gonna be pissed. I could see her trying to be a usurper again.
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  15. Scyther

    Scyther Mortal Kombat-phile
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    He dies. :p
  16. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    You know, I used to like you cause we were Jade fans together, but...

    you're dead to me now.
  17. Scyther

    Scyther Mortal Kombat-phile
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    *Sad face*

    Awww, don't be that way. Can't Frost and Subby co-exist in peace??? O.O
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  18. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Not if Sub has to die!

    Or if she tryna usurp his mantle!
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  19. Scyther

    Scyther Mortal Kombat-phile
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    Tell ya what, if you add me on PSN, when MK 11 comes out we can duke it out as Frost and Sub. Feel free to fatality or brutality me any time you beat her. I reserve the right to do the same to subby ^^
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  20. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Best Sheeva player in MKX

    Why is her moveset even a worry?

    Not hard to make an ice character with different moves.
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  21. xenogorgeous

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    when you have ice powers in fighting games, we can go with ice freeze effects that do frostbite, or ice forms effect that crush on impact .... kinda what they do in injustice franchise series, trying to make Killer Frost, Captain Cold and Sub-Zero more or less different each other .... the same they did in IGAU between Batman and Batgirl, so , if Frost is in, I'm sure NRS will make effort to make her and Subby both differ, regarding gameplay wise
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  22. Lokheit

    Lokheit Noob

    Or, alternatively, he helps mentoring her to stop focusing on her hate and integrates her in the SForces youth movement so she sees the world and matures. Would be a nice twist to make her mature for once, otherwise the character will be the terrible unlikeable spoiled brat she always was.
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  23. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    I-I'm a Jade fan and I don't want Subbie to die... *rubs halo clean*
  24. I've never liked Frost, but I'm looking at this as an opportunity for the character to win me over. She'll more than likely play differently than Sub and have her own moves, so there's no worry there. But what I think would go a long way in fostering an identity specially for her is to have the color blue be an accent in her visual design and not the primary feature. Would help to making her less derivative of Sub, and look aesthetically separate from Kitana. Lots of blacks would work since she's ninja (also black ice pun), but white would be another good direction, obviously because of snow/ice but additionally it would contrast with her unscrupulous nature.
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  25. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Yeah where's all the non gimmicky characters like Reptile, Smoke, Noob, Ermac, Chameleon, Tremor and Rain? What happened to originality?
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