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Discussion in 'Batman' started by Mr__PancakeZ, Oct 18, 2017.

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    i think it is i also think 50/50's in general are disgusting doesn't mean it needs to be toned down
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    Anyone else play online? If so how do you perform? I lose a lot online but I don't necessarily feel that my opponents are better than me... I know that lag and shit messes up your inputs, certain things are way harder to block (Darkseid teleport shit) but still.

    Guess I just needed to vent .
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    I'm surprised more people don't complain about his 223.
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    The most frustrating thing about this is that you'd think pro players would be the non-biased voices of reason in this regard, i.e. because they have labbed every character they can speak honestly and accurately about each character's strengths and weaknesses. The reality is that so many of them seem to either have hidden agendas or haven't shaken their biases even after labbing everything.
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    His j2 was op in first game why wouldn’t it be in this game.
    Honestly all they really need to do is buff D2’s anti airs. Oh and nerf is trait a little.
  6. At this point I don't think it's really his J2 that's the issue here. It's the combination of J2 with bats and his other shenanigans. J2 hitting on one side, then landing on the other is absurd. I wish I could say that this was a Batman only problem. But this is a universal problem that other characters are guilty of as well and need to be addressed asap.
    • J2 now lands on the same side it hits on
    • Bats no longer charge while a bat is out
    • A couple strings are made less safe.
    Do this and anyone left complaining about Batman needs to level up.
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    His j2 always been the issue. He gets more jump ins than anyone else in the game freely, anything after the j2 is just icing on the cake. Only ways to bypass it is doing a mb b3/f3 at right time or blocking or dashing forward on a read. You screw up the timing for the forward dash you’re fucked by the j2. You should add buff D2 anti airs to that list.
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    God!!!! people bitching about batman is getting really old guys.

    Just to ad you can nerf batmans j2 you can even nerf his vortex also. But if they nerf his trait even slightly thats it batman is dead his trait is what makes him viable not his j2 not his vortex not his plus frames. please paulo leave trait alone
  9. Illmatix

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    I swear it's like people don't know there's no block stun on bats!
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    idk, it just seems like batman as he is right now is ALWAYS in control of the match against EVERY character outside of deadshot. full screen or up close the opponent is always playing a reactionary game and its just an uphill battle.
  11. M.D.

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    If you mean he's been like that since inj1 and nobody cared, yes.
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  12. Jugghead321

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    Please enlighten me on how Batman controls the match against Supregirl, Harley, Green Arrow, Red Hood, Starfire, and Darkseid, and how those characters are always playing a reactionary game?
  13. So you're saying Batman can't jail a j2 with his bats? Was pretty sure you had to hold it, but I didn't spend much time on the game.
  14. Invincible Salads

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    nope, they don't jail a j2 at all.
  15. Interesting. I'm just not seeing how a dash-in or string into trait (3 bats) doesn't guarantee him a j2. I see Forever King doing it all the time.
  16. Toonstrack

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    Rosters different and this game is far more zoning based. Most chars in this game are either really good full screen and ok to crap up close, or vice versa. Batman can do both better than most.

    First off, if you can only name 6 characters in a roster of nearly 40 that are not controlled by batman, thats still a problem.

    Second, for Starfire, RH, Darkseid once you get in on them its your playing field the entire time. These characters only control the screen mid to full screen and even then a skilled Batman can make life hard for them. Supergirl is always a chore but with the right reads and not getting cornered its an even match. Trait checks air shenanigans leaving her with port and heat vision, which a skilled batman can handle. Green Arrow has alot of the same tools Batman has, but not as good, plain and simple. As a GA main I know just tossing out combos or even arrows is gonna get you rekt, while Bruce with a bat out can do it all day. GAs stuff his just not fast enough to beat out Batmans. Only time Green Arrow is advantaged is full screen and no good batman will stay full screen against arrow. Harley does check batman pretty well, Ill give you that. abut once he gets to cqc its an uphill battle.

    Im not saying he needs straight up nerfed but some adjustments to trait and j2 would be welcome.
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    I only mentioned 6 because if I mentioned EVEN ONE that is borderline debatable then the conversation goes in a completely different direction. I've had it happen to me before. You also said that his applies to EVER character outside of Deadshot, so all I needed to do was mention one:
    Then your last post you go on to explain how the characters I mentioned CAN have control of the match :confused:
  18. Toonstrack

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    I said batman controls the match, i didnt specify screen placements, i intended it to mean that any good batman can get themselves in a position where they control the match. a good batman will position themselves correctly, then they already have advantage.
  19. Jugghead321

    Jugghead321 I'm not wearing hockey pads

    I don't want to get into a back and forth about this, but that goes against what you said in your original post. You did specify screen position, and instead of suggesting that Batman can get himself in an advantageous position, you said full screen or up close the opponent is always in an uphill battle:
  20. Invincible Salads

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    people let batman players get away with too much shit
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    Dick (Grayson) pics
  23. Tfw over half this thread could pick up batman and still go 0-2 at majors
  24. M.D.

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    Doesn't make Batman less broken though.
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    I disagree, it makes sense to respect the offensive options following up the bats usually. Because Batman stands to gain much more from your mistake than you do from your success.

    The potential LOSS for missing a block on one of the bats and accidentally d2ing or something a bit early is almost always significantly less than the potential GAIN one gets for landing a d2 into whatever conversion they can manage. If the defensive player messes up then they're in the vortex and can potentially get mixed to death, whereas if Batman messes up then he eats a scaled down combo and *maybe* a setup. It's just not an even risk.

    I think broad d2 buffs would better correct situations like this though, I would like to see a lot of characters with a stronger AA option in d2.
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