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Fatal Blows Are Not Needed In This Game (Proposed Changes)

I'd love it if there were Krushing Blows that only triggered if you're in danger of losing but also require you to actually land a combo prior and not just mash the fucking buttons and pray the armor works.

I despise Fatal Blows so much. They're so imbalanced and inconsistent across the roster (just like Krushing Blows). Why does Geras have so many tools AND a Fatal Blow that completely stops the game from being played?
Geras is really really good, but his fatal blow isn't even close to being the most ridiculous in the game. Jax, Kabal and Erron all have much better fatal blows.


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So it doesn't matter at all that NRS has said repeatedly fatal blows are working exactly how they wanted them to?


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I've been preaching my personal fix to the KRUSHING BLOWS.

  1. All characters should have the universal D2 KB
  2. Each character should only have access to 2 KB, 1 causes a hard knockdown that knocks the players far away from each other. The other causes a bounce.
  3. Yes it needs to take some type of meter!
No reason that a character like Kabal should have like... 6 KB or some shit. It's madness. Some of the KB requirement is to get a counter hit, I like the idea of the counter hit. However, when it's "get a counter hit with this super fast mid or whatever easy ass safe move" no, just no.

Jade shadowkick could cause KB on her second counter hit with it, that makes sense. Do it right you're rewarded. Do it wrong, you eat a punish.
In my opinion, the quickest and most reasonable fixes would be to:

  1. Make FB's cost both defensive bars (and, therefore, link their coming back to the regeneration of the 2 bars);
  2. Give all FB's massive recovery/on block frames to allow consistent punishes;
  3. Make FB's susceptible to counters; and
  4. Make FB's not bypass another FB's armor.
Johnny would not lose his bars if he cancels the FB, but he would still be subject to the current, short cooldown (or maybe not and this would be Johnny main's reward for having to deal with his hitbox issues for so long...).

This way, when you use your FB and the opponent makes the right read, they get to punish with their best punish and you can't break away. These changes preserve the comeback mechanic, but make it risky, and reward the opponent for making the proper read with a chance to close out the match due to you already being below 30%.


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I fucking hate fb‘s and that‘s coming from a kabal main. I could probably fill a 1 hour video of me loosing games by last breath fatal blows. It‘s so annoying how a really good match just get‘s completely lamed out when someone get‘s under 30%


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Tying fatal blows to any other mechanic would be the end of their use competitively. They aren't worth sacrificing anything else, not KBs, not damage, not breakaway.


Simply, because of krushing blows!

Now I know, y'all Johnny players gonna tell me his are ass, and they are, but what I'm proposing is that if NRS gives every character useful KBs and fix some of the ridiculous triggers off of some of them, would we really need fatal blows? I feel like if we would center our gameplan around getting KBs in combos, or out of them, then that would be the only comeback mechanic we would really need. Especially if you cash in on the throw KBs, which every character should have, but I also would propose that they should do less damage.

What do you all think about this?
Not a fan of them either but they are not going anywhere sadly. Best thing we can hope for is that they get reworked.

In my oppinion they should be tied to offensive meter and require two full offensive bars. Bars are depleted on hit/whiff/block with slow recovery. They also should scale a lot harder in combos. Oh, and all those full screen, ultra fast FBs need to go completely.

I disagree on throw KBs though. I would remove some of them and leave it for select characters. D2 as universal KB is enough.

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Comebacks shouldnt be tied to a mechanic. I loathe the phrase. I think they should cost all bars, have no armor, and most of them need their properties tweaked. This game really holds bad players hands with Fatal Blows, Krushing Blows, and lowest required execution of any fg Ive played.

Worst case scenario, at least make everyones stupid good like Erron and Jax.
Tying fatal blows to any other mechanic would be the end of their use competitively. They aren't worth sacrificing anything else, not KBs, not damage, not breakaway.
Good, they aren’t a competitive mechanic. They’re a reward for losing.
Firstly, i'm not sure why people bother with the "delete the FB's" posts.... it's not going to happen, no point wasting your time posting that. They want FB's used in the game, which is why it was implemented the way it is.

-One time per match.
Pretty sure you could get up to 2 Xrays/match in previous games depending on how you managed your meter. Sure you lose it all, but it's still ~60% damage over three life bars. This time you might get multiple chances to use it, but the max damage you'll get is ~35% raw. The risk comes into play in when you use it, 1st round, or wait till the final, and if you don't then you might not get a chance.

What they need to do is force you to make sure that when you do use it it does hit. Anything that will use up meter is a viable solution. I posted a while ago that you should lose a bar (like last breath) on every failed attempt. So your first go is free, but if you miss you'll have less def/off meter to play with. If you whiff too many times you'll be playing with no meter whatsoever. So you might get the 35% on your 5th go, but you've got no options for amplifies or wake-ups.

Still allows NRS's FB's to be thrown out, but people might think twice before using them if it's going to change their game due to lack of meter.

Option B is meter gets used but still regens, but because of that people will still throw them out if they can turtle long enough without dying.
Option C is that the max damage of the FB lowers on each attempt. 33% > 25 > 15. If you've tried 3 times and all you're going to get is 15% you probably won't bother, so you just go for a BnB.

When 1 guy gets it let then it should open ip for both characters. Can finish him off or he can make a comeback le a st its fair
That's as dumb as saying "they should delete them from the game". So one person is 100% the other is 30%, but the 100% guy gets the option to FB the 30% guy just because he's almost dead? It's a comeback mechanic, the 100% guy doesn't need to comeback.

Tying fatal blows to any other mechanic would be the end of their use competitively.
That's the problem. They aren't going to do anything that might stop them from being used too much.

Realistically the best that might happen is some changes in startup frames/hitboxes. And maybe with a slight chance tying it to meter somehow.


Every time I see Jax's or Erron's FB I roll my eyes. :rolleyes: Win buttons heh. Geras is much like that too...and yeah, Kabal's makes you scared of doing stuff too.

For most FB's they aren't easy to stuff either. In say Tekken 7 or Soul Calibur 6 doing raw supers, well, that can get stuffed a lot.

In MK11 when I've played I'd probably say I've seen Kano's get stuffed the most. Shang Tsung's is another you gotta be particular with using...someone expecting a win button with his, like doing it raw, will probably be disappointed.


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Make them like sf4 ultras. Super unsafe on block and whiff. Once per match is fine