Do Monitors Make That Big Of A Difference?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by The Abbot, May 19, 2016.

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    Nice information, I have an LG tv, I found an LG monitor that is 27 inches, I have tried to find the input lag for the monitor the model is LG27UD68 it has high resolution, would you have the where about to know what the input lag in for that monitor.
  3. I bought an asus monitor six months ago, big difference, my hdtv is about ready to crap out, I am going to buy a Samsung un49ks8000 series 49 inch, I see on display it has 20 ms of lag, I assume that lag is not setting the tv to game mode, in other words, it is the lag of the tv not in game mode, am I correct
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    If you're going to buy a TV, just check the for lower lag/input response. And about the lag not being set to game mode, I'm not knowledgeable on this.
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    Nope. It says on the website it's testing with game mode enabled.
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    It's a massive difference yes. If you want to play competitively offline you need to train on a monitor.

    I still haven't bought one but I practice on my friend's frequently enough.
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    Already stated many times but a good monitor is key for fighting games yes.

    I have a tv for every other kind of game, and play fighting games on a monitor.

    Also my monitor had fucking justin wongs face on teh box what a blessed time that was.
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    I play on a monitor with 8ms response time and 9ish ms input lag, not very good, but I can't afford a better monitor right now.
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    TVs lag because of the post-processing that is used to improve the picture. Some TVs also lag more than others (even within a particular brand and type) so in order to be konsitent they would have to choose ONE TV model. It would probably still lag more than a monitor, but to answer your question, I guess people that are used to the extra lag would do better than those that aren't...
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  10. No it doesn't and if you disconnect your ps4 from your tv so you can play on a monitor, that doesn't make you a pro gamer,it just means you're a dork.
  11. Thanks for the reply, went back a read it slowly, ya, I see tv's are tested in game mode
  12. Well put
  13. Hi exist tenz, what you say your monitor is not very good, in what way ?, just out of coursity, I would think a 5ms response and 10 or under ms lag is good, what monitor do you suggest, iam looking at another it is an asus va32aq, 5 ms resp. And 10 lag, do you think this one is good
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    I bought myself a 27 inch asus monitor a few months ago and it made a huge difference in gameplay for all my games including Overwatch and For Honor.

    Now I am wondering where I can find a monitor of the same size with an even better response time and the least amount of input delay.
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  15. What model number do you have
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    Lmfao what

    @blue dragon Hey. Get a monitor my friend. They are 100% a must if you want to play competitively. I can recommend some monitors to you if you'd like and point you to some resources for further assistance with other deeper level questions you have.
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    It matters a great deal especially if you play online, online lag on top of monitor lag sucks. Especially if you play an execution strict character
  19. Nexallus

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    I have an ASUS VS278Q-P.
  20. I will, which do you suggest, what do you think of this monitor. Asus va32aq, it is 5/10 for response time/ lag input, is this suitable, and yes please point me in the direction of resources for further assistance, any help will be much appreciated and acted on, I love this game, picked it up when I came out, iam still in the infantile stages of the steep learning curve, I now realize to become a descent player will take years to master this hi paced and hi skill level game, i play hard CPU and do nicely, so iam starting to understand, but I need to adjust to a monitor, and begin to play online, just a little gun shy, I played a ranked sometime ago, against a player who only d1 constantly and X-ray, I won in two rounds and hit him with Kombos of 20 to 32 percent, happy with the results, but realize great players like you guys on this site will chew me up, spit me out and stomp on my chest as you walk away, funny but truthful
  21. I hear that is a good one, what is you opinion of the asus va32aq, it has 5 ms of response and 10 ms of lag and the sceen is just under 32 inches
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    This is demonstrably false haha.

    If you want to attend tournaments and compete at an ok level, you will 100% need a lag-free monitor with which to practice. Every time someone comes out to their first tournament they always end up dropping everything and playing terribly. They can put this down to "nerves" but more often than not it's simply not being used to the timing.
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    My monitor is pretty old (got it in 2011) and it's not a gaming monitor as you can tell by 8 ms response time. 5 ms or below is good enough for games.
  24. Zerodegreez

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    100% Truth here

    I still can't afford a monitor yet but everytime I do offline events I need to adjust in casuals first. Even then, the difference between monitors and my NEC TV is huge. I have to consciously control the pace of my inputs to the point I have to get used to two sets of timing. You can guess which one feels more natural. Hopefully once I get a monitor I won't need to constantly adjust each time I'm offline.

    Nerves can still get in the way but 'feeling natural' with inputs for monitors in competitive events is crucial.
  25. Nexallus

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    When I had a TV, I found practicing combos with my eyes closed helped alot with my overall performance. It was funny to kind of show off to my friends though, but that was the only way I could learn at the beginning.

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