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    I.HATE.NOEL! lol
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    Is it wrong that Mika might be my second or third favorite character right now?

    Ive fallen away from running Rachel sadly.. I still really like her, and shes super strong IMO, but Ive found myself less and less able to play her successfully in the way that makes her fun. It's more throwing as few Lobelias then running pressure/mix up close, and shes great at that, but her lobelia zoning is what makes her so damn fun. The *very* scrambly nature of the game, with HUGE hitboxes on moves, rapid assist calls and very fast rounds all make her zoning feel too frantic. I dont mean to say shes not good, nor do I mean to say that her zoning isnt strong, just that the 'reality' of playing her isnt as fun as I had hoped.

    Pre-DLC Ive been running Az/Wald or Az/Orie or Az/Es or Az/Carmine or.. yeah. Azrael is a blast to play. The DLC has monkeyfucked everything though. I CANNOT play this game and not play Yuzu.. so I need to make decisions once again. Leaning towards Yuzu/Az, but I want to try out Mika a little more and learn what she's really about. I dont know anything about her from UNIST.. She's a grappler I think? Fuck if I know.
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    No doubt Ruby is one of the best characters. I finally have recovered from the crazy EVO weekend, so i will really get in the lab with the new DLC. Getting a lil taste of each of em, I'd say Merkava and Akihiho is speaking to me right now, but i LOOOOOVE the look of Nine right now. I loves me a pimped out Witch, but she does seem it will take some time to get used to her as she's so different from the cast movement wise.
  4. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    Yeah her movement is gonna get her killed 9 times outa 10, but the 10th guy who knows how to use it is gonna shit on kids.

    Gonna come back and edit this post with dumb shit I find tinkering with DLC characters. Pls note none of this is meant to be Evo winning tech. Most wont even be tech at all. Just observations or interesting things I find.

    Mai can jump cancel her 4A and 4AA. She can also use her j.C almost like a grounded command normal for a very low j.attack. You can cancel the 4A and 4AA into j.C on block and with slight timing changes and using superjump instead of reg. jump, she gets a little crossup hop. Silly, but add an assist into the mix and she can probably make use it.

    Mai's 236, 214 and j.214 command dashes are back. You can do j.214 twice once in the air. You cannot dash or double jump after using the move (even once) though. If you superjump and air jump, then j.214 x2, you get some serious height. Her 236 grounded dash looks to recover a lot slower than her BB counterpart sadly. Empty 236 into buttons or jumps is slow and doesnt look very useful.

    Mai's j.A is an insane crossup button. her j.214.A 'spike' still looks like a batshit ambiguous crossup. LAnding the 'just frame' version is still very + OB. Do this by jumping and inputting 214, then hitting A at the height of the command dash, she will hesitate a moment then dive down, her landing has more visual impact as well, making it easy to identify when you got the timing right.

    She has her just framde 236.A and B as well. Not sure what the benefit to the tip hit it yet. Probably combo possibilities.

    Mika stuffs

    -BB - 214.L is a tic grab on characters with slower moves. It works on Ragna for instance, but not Jin.

    -236.B into 1B is a somewhat cheeky (and super scrubby dont do this ever seriously) way to bait a DP and force the whiff into punish (some dps)

    -instant j.B with Mika can hit front or crossup and if careful you can jump cancel it into another ambiguous jumping normal. This can be reacted to however. Just a tidbit.

    -mika's BBB autocombo ends with a possible safe jump? havent tested with but a couple dps. The last hit is also airborne. You can cancel it into a jump, but NOT an air dash. Additionally, on hit this autocombo allows a meaty command grab. The safe jump allows her to get behind DP's that angle forwards as well. She can get behind Ragna's, but not Jins. This is actuallty interesting, and could make ending combos with this atleast somewhat viable as you net a possible reset/dp/bait dp scenario. I AM CHECKING TECH OPTIONS

    ok tech options are weird. Lots of silly shit. If you tech forward she can sort of react by using her 2A to let you cross over her, or stay same side.. but since this game has no motions for DPs, thats of dubious use. Ultimately though, looks like if they back-tech it fucks everything up midscreen, though you can pursue them with her rocket special (which also combos off the BBB). Meh. i got excited. I was wrong.
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  5. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    -BBB is very interesting on block. After the last B you can keep the blocstring going by rolling in to your A auto combo, you can leave gaps, or go for a command grab, the window is reasonably small here and I can see that grab being tricky to avoid on reaction.

    ABACABB End Of Humanity

    hey someone who have dlcs , how this merkava guy plays ? He looks cool af but what is his style ? He seems good or low tierish ?
  7. JBeezYBabY

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    Mai is the only one I haven't touched Tactics yet, but I will today. So far kinda feeling Akihiko because his damage is INSANE by himself!

    Merkava - I just love a long range character with craziness! But I still need to find somebody who goes well with his craziness.

    Izoyoi is a mixup machine but she needs assists. By herself, she is not that strong.
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    Uncle JBeezY's very 1st Astral finish! So proud of myself!!!

  9. JBeezYBabY

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    Merkava is kinda weak but his back dash is really fast, probably the fastest thus far. His air air dash is actually an attack which can cause some mix ups. He seems ok from what i gathered.

    Btw...check out MY recent gameplay ;)

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    I know I know....but i refuse to let this awesome game discussion die damnit!

    With the new DLC out, which characters you like the best and who do you see the most online ?Question mark?
  11. Sazbak

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    I'm from Europe and I think Hyde is the most popular here but I only have 2 weeks experience. From the new dlcs Izayoi and Yuzuhira are used the most.
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    Hyde is a very good character with one of the best assists in the game, no doubt! Yuzu is the most used online from what Ive experienced out here in the US
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    Because I can HAAAAAAAAAAA! ;)

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  15. JBeezYBabY

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    AGREED! So you will LOOOOOOVE this video ;)


    ABACABB End Of Humanity

    Im trying out hyde with jin now , played only hyde and vatista but wanted to try out someone else and jin works well with hyde .
  17. Sazbak

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    Just based on the last 7 seconds if you ever have job problems, sign up for english dubbing anime villains. :D
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    MAAAAAN! I would fucking LOVE that job! Hell, where do i even sign up for something like that ?Question mark? Im super serial!

    ABACABB End Of Humanity

    started to play hyde with Jin instead if vatista . Really like the comeback factor with jin ^^ Boys with swords team :D
  20. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Resonance Jin is the cheapest in the game, for sure. So of course you're having fun with him lol. Id super jump like crazy against you. I aint getting hit with that damn Touga!
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    I wish Weiss was better....might use Orie instead..
  22. JBeezYBabY

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    Weiss has a ton of issues. But im pretty sure they will patch her soon.

    Did you guys hear that they will release a patch in mid September? Its coming guys. Who do you guys feel they will nerf/buff/fix ?
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    If anybody needs a buff, its poor Yukiko. Like i really wanna play her because she has a unique style, but she just fucking sucks. They need to fix her combos, something, i dunno. Just buff the poor girl.
  25. HellblazerHawkman

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    As somebody who co-mained Yuzu in UNIST and was waiting for her to drop in Tag, I agree. WAY too easy to do super well with, I'd almost argue she's in the same class as Ruby.

    I'd say her biggest problem is her frames. Everything she has takes forever to start-up, so if you are in the corner, you can't really do anything beyond hope for a DP that doesn't get blocked. And I want to say her only safe string is her AAA one (the one with her persona), everything else she does can be punished easy. If you whiff a fan at midscreen against anyone with range? GGs. She might also be the first character in a fighting game I've seen with a move that is unsafe on hit, how the fuck does that happen?
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